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Created by dzr1995 on Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Ryder ^^ *drools* xD.

2 Days later, I had finally brought the courage to tell Ash how I felt about him.

Let me tell you, it was not easy.

I would have these little debates in my head, like thinking what his reply would be.

“Hey Ash, these past week I’m starting to like you. Do you like me back?”

He walks away.

So much for my happy ending.

Or even something like, me babbling on and saying things I’m not suppose to.

“Hey Ash, I like totally think you’re the cutest thing I have ever seen, even compared to the little cute dog at the pet store down the street, oh and not to mention what I would doto get you to kiss me, and the time you came to me when Ryder pissed me off, that was so sweet of you, not as sweet as your lips though.”

And again, he walks away.

I know I won’t do anything similar to blabbing on because when I’m nervous, I go mute.

I got uphalf an hourbefore I was suppose to.

This was the day I confessed my ‘likeness’ to Ash.

Maybe I could try to look good today.

It would add an extra point to it.

I groggily walked to my attached bathroom and got in the shower.

After a 15 minute shower I blow-dried my hair, then straightened it.

Yeah I may not be the most girlish ‘thing’ in the world, but when I need to look good, I know how to.

I had 45 minutes before I needed to leave for school.

I opened my wardrobe and looked through my clothes.

After 10 minutes I found a peach sleeveless shirt, which came up tot my thighs.

I picked a pair of blue skinny jeans with a pair of black vans.

I found a bronze necklace with a butterfly hanging at the end.

And matching butterfly earrings.

I was busy strapping my peach bag on.

“Alvii! Come here.” I heard Carter call out.

I quickly made my way to his room.

He was lying shirtless on his bed, while holding on to his head.

“what’s wrong?” I asked looking around his huge room.

“I have a fever, -cough- ride with Alex.-cough- please.”

I may totally despise Carter, but I cant stand him being in pain. He is my older brother after all.

“Ugh carter, you wont get any better.” I grabbed his shirt and threw it to him, turned off the air-condition and gave him a blanket.

Before I got into Alex’s car I gave Carter some medicines and grabbed a apple.

Without caring to what Alex would say, I got into the front seat.

He gave me a look and started driving.

We got to Ryder’s house.

“why cant he drive to school?” I glared at him as he was busy talking to someone inside his house.

“His car is being fixed.”

I let out a frustrated growl as Ryder made his way o Alex’s car and opened the passenger door.

“Sup Alex” he said smirking. He pushed me a bit inside.

Alex gave him a nod, acting like nothing was happening.

And then Ryder squeezed him self with me in the car seat.

“Ahh, Ryder are you blind? Cant you see this seat is taken.?”

He looked at my with a fake surprised face.


“wow, what are you doing here? You love to see me everyday so you ride with Alex now?”

I started kicking and pushing his, until he grabbed me and pulled me on to his lap.

“why the hell ar you all dressed up? Is it photo day?”

“No, its not.” I stated.

Before Alex could actually park, I pushed my self out the car, and went looking for Ash.

As soon as I spotted him, my heart beat went weird and I couldn’t move.

‘ I can do this, after all, I am the soccer captain.’

Before I could change my mind, I jogged up to Ash.

“Hey, Alvii.”

“Hey Ash, can I talk to you?” I said eyeing his friends.

“yeah, sure.” This was going to be easy. He looked nervous.

I started playing with my hands and re-thinking what I was going to say to him.

“Um, Ash I like you!”

Smooth Alvii, real smooth.

I was hundred percent sure my face was cherry red. I could feel the blood pumping around my body as if I was going to faint any minute.

“I like you to Alvii but just as a friend.”


“Alvii, I like Amy.” My eyes went wide.

“what does she have that I don’t?” now I was mad.

“It’s not that Alvii.” He took a deep breath.

“I had sex with her.”

This time I was sure I fainted.

Everything went black, and I heard Ash and I few more people calling my name, but I wasn’t bothered.

Ash’s words kept replaying in my mind.

“I had sex with her.”

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