I Wish Our Hearts Could Come Together As One ~ Justin Bieber ~ 25

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Created by KandySunshine94 on Thursday, April 15, 2010

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I told Lienna I was going out with a “friend” at 7 she agreed, since after I persuaded Gus to get out of the car before, it was 6:30, I had done my hair, which I just straightened and I threw on some casual clothes and put a bit of makeup on, powder, mascara and chap stick, by the time I was finished it was 6:50, so I sprayed a little bit of Chloe on and started texting Helena,

“Hey gorgeous, going on a date with Justin :) how is it goin with Ryan? x”

“Ohhhh sassy ;) where u goin? It is goin good, Ryan is such a sweetheart and we are also goin on a date tonight, he set us up a picnic :) so we are goin there x”

“Nice that is good :) u guys can get it on :P we are goin to the beach :) sweet really”

“Aw cute, u guys are a really sweet flirty couple :) match made in heaven :P”

“Well I don’t know about that but u guys are sweet :)” I was waiting for Helena to text back, I had texted Jade also, she was saying the same thing but she was with Andy going to the cinema, my phone beeped again, I looked at it

“I’m outside :) hopefully u didn’t forget x” It was from Justin, I looked out the window, there was a very expensive looking sliver Porsche outside, I texted Helena and Jade that I was going and they both wished me luck, I did also to them, I told Lienna I was going and I went outside, Justin was leaning against the passenger door, he lifted his head and looked at me, he smiled that heart melting smile, I smiled at him, I walked slowly towards him, he took my hand and entwined our fingers “You look” he looked down and up “amazing” he stuttered

“Really? I didn’t try I just threw clothes on, well you look handsome as always” I gave him a bashful look

“You look really cute when you are blushing”

“I am not blushing!” I disagreed

“Whatever you say” Justin smirked, I rolled my eyes

“Well are we going to the beach or not?” I asked “let’s go!” I exclaimed, he opened the passenger door “Really?” I asked

“I’m just being kind and chivalry isn’t dead you know”

“To me it is” I laughed, I got in and closed the door, he got into the driver’s side, and he sped off “Is this your car?” I asked

“No, Usher rented it for me so I could go around town”

“Nice” I nodded my head, he looked at me, I looked at him quickly then down to my lap, he turned to the road grinning teeth showing bright even though he was a bit like a silhouette against the drowning sun , “What?” I asked

“Nothing” He replied, I raised my eyebrow at him I just looked back towards the road, “You looking forward to the beach?” he asked

“No” I replied

“Why?” he asked suspiciously

“Cos I am with you and that just ruins it” I joked

“Such jokers aren’t you?” He replied

“Aw thank you, I take it in my stride” he just laughed at this. As soon as we arrived to the beach, it was deserted, the whole place was deserted, the road, the car park “I’ve never seen the beach like this” I said

“Well maybe cos there is I dunno this celebrity and people are waiting outside the hotel for him but it’s the wrong one” He replied

“Wow” I said

“I saw on my way to yours” he took my hand and entwined our fingers again! And he led me towards the beach, we just started walking down the water’s edge, hand in hand, “Justin, thank you” I said gratefully

“For what?” He asked looking at me, we were still walking very slowly

“For being the most amazing boyfriend in the world” I beamed at him

“And you call me cheesy?” He teased “No am joking but, thank you for being the most beautiful girl in the world”

“Touché” I replied, he chuckled lightly and we carried on walking

“Danny, will you come to my concert? It is the day after tomorrow, you can bring Helena and Jade, Helena told Ryan to tell me to tell you that she is coming back tomorrow, so will you come?” He asked sweetly, why didn’t she ask when I was texting her it would make life so much easier!

“I’ll think about it, and if you find me at the concert then I am obviously there” I replied

“You always leave me wanting more don’t you, yeah alright I will try and find the most beautiful girl in the building that will be hard” He said sarcastically

“Aw you’re so sweet” I walked swiftly in front of him and took both his hands, we stood still

“Well it’s the truth” He replied “You are the most amazing girl I’ve met”

“Hmmm what about Beyoncé and Rihanna?” I asked

“They are hot, but Beyoncé is married and Rihanna has a boyfriend and they are both older than me, but a boy could always wish” he laughed, I raised my eyebrow

“Justin you do know I am leaving in 5 days” I said

“I knew you were leaving not that early though” He replied

“Well what we gonna do? You are touring, I am in England doing my skating”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we coped without each other for a week, and I am going to the UK soon so I will see you there”

“You’re willing to do all that?” I asked

“Yeah” he nodded “I think I’m whipped” he said

“I don’t really know what that means” I replied

“It means I think I am in love with you” I was taken aback, he gave a sheepish look but then gave me a slight heart melting smile again! He looked so good doing that

“Really?” I asked

“Really” He replied,

“Well that came as a surprise” I said joking a little bit, he laughed slightly

“Well I would have to say it to you one day” He said, I looked at him, I kissed him softly

“I love you too” I replied, he grinned and kissed me passionately, the suns colourful rays reflecting on us making us both silhouettes , the breeze blowing my hair slightly, cooling me down from the surreal atmosphere around Justin and I and the gentle lapping of the water but all that couldn’t calm me.

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