A Slave to Love (Vampire Love Story) [Chap. 1]

Created by xXxBrokenXStringsxXx on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Chapter 1: Dark Alleys
“Alright, who’s ready to get down tonight?” the DJ called over the loud thumping music and teenagers and adults dancing in the club.

Cheers resounded from every corner of the heated club while the DJ changed song and put on some really sucky song that everyone immediately cheered and started to grind on their partners in a way which they call ‘dancing.’

Not even.

While everyone else was ‘getting their freak on’ I was sitting at the bar watching them all act like drunk idiots.

I don’t even know why I bothered to come tonight; it was a pointless effort to make my friends feel better but to put me in a nasty mood. I disliked clubbing and going out shopping and all those usual things girls are supposed to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of girl who dresses like a total guy, but I don’t exactly where skirts and dresses to school. I stick to my usual jeans, running shoes and a tee-shirt.

Of course, when we all went out clubbing I had to trade in my jeans and sneakers for skin-tight dresses and high heels.

I searched the dance floor and saw my friends getting it on with a few guys. I snorted at them before I thanked the bartender, who I knew quite well from all my trips here since I always stayed by the bar. He knew of my distaste for being here and he knew I didn’t like getting drunk so he always had water and stuff ready for me.

Of course, tonight I was having an even worse night than usual. My boyfriend of six months just dumped me because he was cheating on me. Yeah, he dumped me because he was unfaithful. Care to explain the logic to that? I guess he just wanted to do it himself since obviously I was going to kick his ass to the curb the next time I laid eyes on him.

So, since I was in a worse mood than usual Mickey, the burly bartender had given me a bit of alcohol, even those I was underaged. Considering this is the first time I’ve had any, I think I was doing quite well.

I stumbled awkwardly in my heels towards the dance floor, finally getting close enough to my friends to shout that I had a headache and was going home.

They simply rolled their eyes at me and nodded. I scowled as I walked away, feeling unstable in heels. I wasn’t used to wearing heels plus now I was slightly intoxicated so that didn’t really help me much.

It was kind of funny how there were so many underage teenagers at this club and they either didn’t notice or didn’t care that we were all here, getting drunk and hooking up with random guys.

It was disgusting.

I found our table, picked up my light jacket, examined it thoroughly before I headed outside.

A few guys on the street looked at me and whistled, “Hey, baby. You want to make a couple of hundred bucks?” one of them called.

I ignored them, zipping up my coat against the fresh June night. I walked down the sidewalk of the downtown part of town, feeling the fresh wind brush against my bare legs. I shivered as I hurried and stumbled down the street. My house was about an hour walk away from the club, but I would be lucky if I made it home without getting raped first by one of the freaks out at night.

Since it was a Friday night downtown, obviously there were a bunch of drunks and freaks out on the streets and I couldn’t help but wish I had stayed at the club where it was safe….most of the time.

I bowed my head against the wind, keeping my eyes down as I watched my feet move down the sidewalk.

It was better not to make eye-contact with people, eye-contact just made you stick out more. Of course, being me in my high heels and tight dress, which you could see came down to about the half-way point of my thigh; obviously I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I cursed my friends for making me wear this ridiculous outfit since now it looked like I was just asking someone to rape me now.

Since I had been looking at my feet, I hadn’t been paying attention to where I was going therefore when I looked up and I had no clue where I was but all I knew was that I was so not supposed to be here. Looking around, I heard throbbing music and saw a strip club ahead of me.

Definitely not supposed to be here.

I turned around quickly, hurrying back up the street the way I came hoping I could regain my path and get home where it was nice and safe.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember if I had turned or not, so when I arrived at an intersection I froze up. I looked down each street, each one looking worse than the last. I finally settled on picking the right hand path and made my way slowly down the street.

I walked for a few minutes before the street suddenly turned into an alley way.

This was definitely not where I came from.

I started to turn around but I heard a noise behind me. I froze, my eyes widening as I paused to listen, turning my head this way and that to see if I saw anyone in the alley.

Now, obviously since I heard the noise behind me I wasn’t going to walk towards it. No, I decided it’d be smarter to continue walking down the dark, dirty, trash filled alley way at one o’clock in the morning by myself.

As I hurried down the alley, I had the distinct feeling that someone was watching me and every few minutes I would hear a shuffling noise or the sound of something falling or some noise that would just freak me out and make me walk faster.

I was looking behind me as I walked and crashed into something I hard. My head whipped forward as I stumbled backwards. A wall. A brick freakin’ wall.

The alley was a dead end.

My heart was pounding so loudly now that I could hear it clearly in my head and my hands were shaking with fear.

I turned around slowly and started walking back up the alley, trying to keep my head held high and at least make it look like I wasn’t afraid although to be honest, I felt like I was ready to pee myself I was so scared.

A blur of white caught my attention my head jerked to the left. There was nothing. I took a shuddering breath and hurried forward.

All was silent besides my own raspy breathing and the clicking sound of my heels on the stone pavement.

I heard a hiss behind me and I whirled around, seeing nothing I turned around with a small growl and stomped further down the alley way. I barely made it ten steps before there was another blur out of the corner of my eye.

Before I could even turn my head to process anything, I was knocked sideways, something slamming hard into my right side and causing me to hit the dirty stone floor hard.

A yelp passed through my lips as I looked up and saw ruby red eyes staring down at me. I felt a knee being pressed into my stomach and one hand holding both of my arms above my head. I struggled, writing underneath the man with red eyes as I tried to get him let go.

He didn’t look the least bit fazed as his hand lifted up above his head before rushing down, blurring because he was moving so fast. I felt a sharp pain in my neck as if he had just stabbed me, and the distinct sensation like when you got a vaccine, as if I could feel a liquid seeping into my veins.

I tried to scream but all that came out was a whimper. Sharp pain flashed through my neck as I tried to scream again, feeling the body parts in my neck protest at having something stabbed in them while I tried to move them.

And then suddenly it just ended.

The man on top of me disappeared and the pain in my neck throbbed painfully but after a few moments of me lying on the ground gasping for air it lessened significantly until I couldn’t even feel it anymore.

I closed my eyes as I tried to steady my breathing. I pulled myself into a sitting position, feeling woozy. I put a hand to the back of my head, feeling the tenderness of my scalp when it hit the ground but thankfully it wasn’t bleeding or anything and nothing felt broken so I assumed that I had been lucky.

I hefted myself to my feet, eyes darting around the alley as I searched for the man with glowing red eyes. I struggled to remember what he looked like, but all I could recall was a dim face with ruby red eyes. I shook my head, wavering slightly on my feet like a drunk person.

Well, technically I kind of was a drunk person, but I digress.

I walked forward, trying to walk fast so I could get home and as far away from this creepy place as possible. But I couldn’t remember what had made this alley so creepy anymore. I knew there was a reason, but I couldn’t remember it.

My legs wobbled with each step before I finally stumbled sideways, the world spinning before my eyes as black and white spots clouded my vision, making my head spin in the most sickening way.

I walked, leaning all my weight against the wall. I couldn’t even see anymore; it was all black in front of me. It suddenly felt like someone had blocked my ears; all I could hear was a dull ringing and the pounding of my own heart as my breathing grew raspy.

I struggled to walk but my legs buckled beneath me and I fell forward, not even feeling any pain when I finally hit the ground.

Something cold wrapped around me and I had only enough energy to shudder once before my eyes slipped shut. My stomach twisted and I had the violent urge to throw up but I just didn’t have the energy.

I heard a vague thumping noise and then a humming sound and then nothing. Everything was silent as I passed out.
Hey guys! Okay, I seem to have an obsession with writing new stories all of a sudden.
For those reading Wicked Sisters/ Bad Luck with Love/ Beautiful Death I'm sorry for not updating as often.
It's just.....I love those stories, don't get me wrong, it's just they aren't as fun to write as Wolf Moon/Till Death Do Us Part/ A Slave to Love.
I will continue to update them when I can, so don't worry, it's just...they won't be as often.
Sometimes I lose motivation for one story and just need to put it aside for a while to think about what I need to do next.
Well, not in the case of BLWL. I just REALLY dread writing it because of what I have to make my characters do DX
Stupid Chad. Tricks are for kids.
Pardon my randomness.
Songs of the Chapter:
-Toxic ~ A Static Lullaby
-Smooth ~ Escape the Fate
Please message me what you think! I know this story chapter(hell, the next few ones) are going to be SO DAMN RANDOM but please bear with me XD
Love you guys!

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