The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Story #4 Part 1

SUPRISE!! THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by HIgHQueen1 on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Edmund and Lucy had to stay at thier cousine Eustace's house for a while.

They were allowed to bring a friend, so they brought Eva. They were very happy to bring Eva because thier cousine Eustace acted so beastly!

And they needed a friend to help them with Eustace.

Peter couldn't come because he was to study hard on school exams at the professors.

The proffessor would have let the other Pevensies stay, but now he was a bit poor and lived in a cottage instead of that mansion.

And there was only one room to spare in that cottage and that room was Eva's

Eva still lived with her uncle Digory but she decided scince Peter needed to stay there to study and she was to stay with Ed and Lu for the summer, she gave up her room for Peter to stay in.

Susan couldn't come because she was to stay home and do other things.



"Oh, I'm sure Eustace isn't THAT bad." Said Eva as we were riding the train.

Lucy and I both looked at her.

"Trust us, he's that bad." I said.

"How?" Asked Eva.

"Once, he put a cocroach in my hair!" Said Lucy.

"But, don't you think he changed? I mean, it's been 2 years scince you seen him." Said Eva.

I rolled my eyes.

"Trust us Eve." Said Lu.

"Alright Lu."

"You two are considerd lucky." I said.

"How do you mean?" Asked Lucy.

"You two get to share a room while I have to share one with cousine Eustace!" I said as we got off the train.

"In that case, good luck." Said Eva as Lucy giggled.

We took a cab with aunt Alberta (Eustace's Mum) to the house.

"Were's Eustace?" Asked Lucy.

"He's probrobly still at the swamp collecting bugs." Said Alberta.

"I'll let you kids know when he's here." She said as we went to our rooms.

"Dose Eustace have any friends besides bugs?" Asked Eva.

"Probrobly not." I said.

"His school chums call him Scrubb and his parents sometimes call him Clarence." I said.

"Clarence? Why?" Giggled Eva.

"That's his middle name." Explained Lu.

"And Scrubb is his last name." I added.

"Good to know." Said Eva.

"We should put a bug in his pillow tonight!" Said Lucy out of the blue.

"Yes, and when he finds it, I can put a spell on it so it grows huge and squishes Scrubb!" Said Eva rubbing her hands together.

Lucy and I looked at her in shock.

"What? You two can be beastly to him but not me?" Asked Eva.

"Not THAT beastly, and I never heard you like that." said Lucy.

"We have, remember in Narnia when Eva put a itching spell on Reep because he stabbed her hand with that little sword of his?" Eva asked laughing.

"Hey that hurt!" Said Eva.

"Ha ha! That spell lasted hours!" Laughed Lucy.

"Hmp! Talking about your imaginary place again?" We turned and seen Eustace standing at the door.

"And look, you brought your girlfriend?" He asked.

"Shut up Clarence!" Said Eva. Lu and I snikerd a bit.

"How dare you!" Said Scrubb.

Eva just smiled.

"Oh wow!" Said Lucy looking at a painting on the wall.

"It's so beutiful!" Said Eva.

"What that stupid picture?" Asked Eustace pointing to the picture of the lovely ship.

"Mum's friend painted that, it's horrid." Said Scrubb.

"The only thing horrid in here is you!" Said Eva.

"Shut up you little A-"

"Gasp! Look!" Said Lucy pointing to the painting.

The boat in the painting was moving!

"Eva, don't use your magic here." I pleaded.

"I'm not doing anything!" Said Eva.

Just then it seemed like the painting sucked us into it and before we knew it we were in water.

"Quick! Swim to the boat!" Called Eva.

We swam and roppes were droped down to pull us up.


We gasped on the deck and coughing.

"What have we here men?" Asked a fumiliar voice.

I looked up and seen Caspian!

"Caspian!" I said and Lu and I huged him.

"Ha ha! Why isn't it the royals of old!" Said Caspian.

We laughed.

"You grew!" Said Ed.

"Indeed! Who's your friend?" Asked Caspian prefuring to Eustace.

"That's Eustace, but you can call him Clerance." I said.

"No you can't!" He said.

"Get me off this boat, I don't like it here!" Said Scrubb.

"Shut up Scrubb, it isn't bad at all." I said.

"Easy for you to say!" Said Scrubb.

"Sorry, excuse our cousine." Said Ed.

"That is fine, I know how he must feel right now, but come, I will get you dry clothing." Said Caspian.

It was fine dry clothing aswell.

But Scrubb was still glum...

I was talking to Ed and then I heard.


I turned to see Eustace running around like mad!

"What's you problem now, Scrubb?" I asked.

"Your majesty! Help!" I seen Reepacheep (Reep)

Running towards me. "Reep! What is it?" I asked.

"He tried to step on me!!" He said pointing to Eustace. "Eustace!" I groaned.

"He's a big ugly rat!" Said Eustace. "How would you like it if a big giant decided to crush you?" I asked him. "There are no giants..." Said Eustace. "In Narnia there is!" I said. Eustace rolled his eyes. "Come! Luch shall be sereved." Said Caspian. "What are we having?" Edmund asked putting a hand on my shoulder. "Pork (Not talking of course) Salad and bread." said Caspian. "Ewww!" Eustace shrieked. "Something wrong son?" Caspian asked. "Oh, Scrubb here is a vegiterian." Said Lucy. I slapped Eustace on the stomach a little. "No wonder your so thin and pale!" I said. Eustace glared at me. "Sharps the word, that's what I say!" I said. " You remind me so much of cousin Peter." Eustace said to me. Caspian, Lucy and Edmund laughed. "That's probrobly cuz she's his girlfriend!" Said Ed. Eustace sneered. "Really? Why am I not suprised?" Scrubb said. I glared at him. "I don't feel good." Said Eustace finally. "Get some rest son, Reep, be a good fellow and give him a cabin." Said Caspian. Reep nodded and lead Eustace away. As we were eating...

"Well! We have much to talk about!" Said Caspian. "Yes! Indeed! First, how long has it been in Narnia? For us it was a year." Said Edmund. "Well, for us it was exactly three years." Said Caspian. "Wow!" Said Lucy. "Yes, are things with the Kingdom?" I asked. "Very fine, very fine." Caspian smiled. "Why are you on this voyage?" Ed asked. "Well, I am off to search the seven Lords! As I promised to Aslan!" Said Caspian. "How exciting!" Said Lucy. "And what about you?" Caspian asked. "Well, our parents are out on a trip...they brought Susan saying she'll be would you say it?" Lucy tried to explain. "More educated if she came than us, so we were sent here." Said Edmund glumly. "So, we were sent to our aunts and uncle's place. That's thier son cousin Eustace...such a pig he is." Said Lucy. I sneered. "The pigs in Narnia are more well behaved than him!" Lucy & Ed laughed. "Well, I'm sure this Voyage shall do him good." Said Caspian smilling. I rolled my eyes. "Doubt it..." After lunch, we had some hot wine. Then, Eustace came back out. " Good morning, Scrubb." I said. "Why...It isn't morning at all..." He said. "Fine then, I hope you have a horrid afternoon." I said. He rolled his eyes. "Ah, there you guys are." said Caspian walking towards the four of us. "I would like you to meet the captain of this ship, Drinian." Said Caspian pointing to a tall man with dark hair. "Pleasure to meet you." He said going down on his knees and kissing Lucy's hand. After a short silence Lucy asked. "And where are we now, Caspian?" "the capitan can tell you better than I." Said Caspian. Drinian took out a map. "We are right here." He said pointing to a spot. "Or was at noon today. we had a fair wind from Cair Paravel and stood a little north for Galma, which we made on the next day. We were in port fr a week, for the Duke of Galma made a great tournament for his Majesty and therehe unhorsed many knights -" Said Drinian but was cut off. "And got a few nasty falls there, Drinian, some of the briusesc are there still!" said Caspian. "and unhorsed many men," reapeted Drinian with a grin. "We thought the Due would have been pleased if the King's majesty have married his daughter, but nothing came of that - squints and freckles." He explained. "Oh, poor girl." said Lucy. "And we sailed from Galma, and ran into a calm for the best of two days and had to row, and then had wind again and did not make Terebinthia till the forth day from Glama, And there the King sent out a warning not to land for there was sickness Terebinthia, but we doubled the cape and put in at a little creek far from the city and watered. Then, we had to lieoff for three days before we gotv a southeast wind and stood out for Seven Isles. The third day, out a pirarte (Terebinthian by her rig) overhauled us, but when she saw us well armed, she stood off. Then in the five days more, we were in sight of Muil which, as you know, is the westernmost of the seve isles. Then we rowed through the straits and came about sundown into Redhiven on the isel of brenn. We left Redhiven six days ago and have made marvellously good speed, so that I hope to see the Lone Islands someday." Finished Drinian. "And after the Lone Islands?" Lucy asked. "No one knows, your majesty." answered Drinian. "Unless the Lone Islands themselves tell us." "They couldn't in our days." said Edmund. "Then, it shall be an adventure after the Lone islands." Said Reep. "Oh! I've completely forgotten!" I said suddenly smacking my forehead. Everyone turned to me. "And I can say I am really surised you haven't asked this, Ed!" I said. "Where is your dear sister, Elanor?" I asked. "Oh! Elanor! Yes! She's back at the castle, Cair Paravel you see, she is a Princess afterall and needs much practice on becoming Queen...very sorry Edmund." Said Caspian. Edmund nodded in understandment. "I think I'\ll go check up on Eustace, seasickness is very bad you now." Said Lucy for Eustace left while Drinian was telling us of thir adventures. "If ONLY I had my Cordial with me...that would cure him!" Said Lucy. "Oh! I've completely forgotton! I have it! I decided to bring it along!" Said Casian taking it out and handing it to Lucy. "Thank you!" Said Lucy and soon she ran to Eustace's cabin. "Oh, Eva, I have a nice dry gown you can wear as well as you Edmund, and Lucy when she comes, I already gave Eustace his." Said Caspian. MY dress: (Pretty, isn't it?);;;LLLL.jpg

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