}Hetalia Drable Sixteen{ Canada/America

Who? Teehee~

Created by crazylittlekit on Saturday, April 24, 2010

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New Friends

"Hey! Mind if I sit next to you?" you bent forward, smiling at Canada.

"H-huh?!" Canada came back to reality with a painful jolt and looked up at your face, "Oh! Of corse, please!" Canada blushed and pulled out a chair quickly. He was so happy that someone had taken such an interest in him. There were plenty of open seats by Japan and the Baltics, even America. That hit him, he was picked over America by a girl.

"Thanks, so how have you been?" you asked trying to make small talk, you were suprised to see how happy he looked at this simple queaston.

"Oh, you know, I've been alright, you?" Canada would do any thing to keep you talking, you smiled a bit more at his certicy.

"Fine, I'm glad you asked. Of corse, I've had a bit of trouble with Russia..." you pouted and crossed your arms soarly, Canada looked at you and frowned.

"I'm sorry... he does seem to be a bother." Canada remembered something about women, "If you care to talk, I'm here to listen." he added. You blincked, not expecting him to say something so... so... charming.

"You see...." you sighed and began to tell of all your troubles with Russia, when you finished you turned to looked at him to find him looking at you thoughtfully, "It's weird your still listening."


"Well...." you looked around the table, "Well, I talked through England's speach (not that you ussaly listan) and everyones left for lunch." Canada perked up and looked around, noticing everyone was gone.

"Good thing I brought my own lunch, sorry, I was listening too entently I guess." he bent down and pulled a childish looking lunch box with stickers all over.

"Okay. When did you get so charming?" you blurted out as he took out his sandwitch.

"Huh?" he blinked about to bite into his samwitch, "Well, I was raised by France..."

"I thought you were raised with Iggy?"

"Hm? I was partly raised by England." he bit into the sandwitch and swallowed before speaking. You thought for a moment on how out of character that was. Maybe he hit his head. You shrugged and took out your donut and starting munching on it.

"Is that a donut?" Canada asked, breaking the silence.

"It's a great donut~" you responded crossing his legs.

"Really? What kind is it?" Canada asked bending over you to see it, you held it up so he could see it better. He looked at it curiously.


"Ma-maple? Re-really?" he face split into a huge smile, you blinked shocked at the cute look.

"I never knew you were so cute, America!" you laughed as a single tear fell down Canada's cheak.

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