Minutes in heaven full thing (girls only) dirty

Okay so this is a minutes in heaven I wrote so I hope you enjoy!!!

Created by babycynthia13 on Monday, April 26, 2010


You’re at a party with your friends and you call out "13!" and Jordan the school hottie stands up and smiles. You follow him to the closet and blush when he puts his hand on your butt. You sit down next to each other and start talking "I'm Jordan" he says "I'm_" you reply then he suddenly kisses you with a passionate force. You want to resist because you hardly know him but you can't his soft lips are to mesmerizing. He pulls back "I'm sorry I just wanted to do that for a long time" "it's okay" you say out of breath then you kiss him he doesn't pull he just holds you closer and starts French kissing you. You like so much you want to go further but just as you put your hands on his chest someone yells "times up!" you and Jordan both laugh and stand up. He takes you to his car and you go to his house to finish. When he closes the door he picks you up and carries you to his room. He throws you on his bed and swiftly takes off his shirt. His abs are so hot! You think. He gets on top of you and kisses you hard. You put your legs around his waist and he starts rubbing one. He takes off your pants and his, then your panties then his boxers. He pulls away for a second to whisper in your ear "are you sure you’re ready?" he asks "yes" you say. He slides in. You moan at the pain but love it. He goes faster and harder making you want him more. You both moan and start to come. He slows afraid to hurt you too much but you tell him to keep going.
~4 hours later~
You wake up in Jordan's shirt and his arms are around you. You kiss him on the cheek and he wakes up. He smiles at you "hello beautiful" he says "do you want to stay in or go out today?" he asks "mmm i don't know depends" you say to him "on what?" "Where would we go?" you ask "I know this place I think you'd love." You got up and got dressed in the same clothes you wore yesterday "I'll take you home to change" you nodded okay and he drove you home. You weren't thinking about your mom wondering where you were. When you drove up to your house you saw cops and your parents. "Crap! They think I'm missing" you got out of the car and walked slowly over to them. You laugh nervously like a 'I'm so dead' laugh "H-hey m-mom" she glares at you and your dad has to pull her back as she tries to come toward you anger. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDNAPPED! BUT YOU JUST WITH SOME...." she paused and you knew you were going to need a black dress for Jordan's funeral "BOY?!?!?!?!" your mom yelled scaring the birds in the trees. "Mom, don't be mad" "don't be mad, don't be mad! You were gone all night with some boy doing who knows what! And you’re telling me 'don't be mad?!?!" Your dad stepped in front of you mom and the cops held her back "_ how dare you be off with some boy leaving us worried sick" your dad said "but all that matters is that your okay" he put a hand on your shoulder and motioned for you to leave. When you left Jordan took you to his sister's house and she let you borrow some clothes. You were in her room looking through her closet to find something. You pulled out a black mini skirt that was kinda of puffy but like ripped style and you found a black baggy shirt to go with it. You tied the shirt to the side showing some stomach and your Bella Swan prom shoes went perfect. (You remember what her shoes looked like in Twilight when she went to prom right?) You walked down to the living room and Jordan took you to his car. "Where are we going?" you asked "you'll see" he drove for about 15 minutes then came to a stop. You looked out your window and saw two trees twisted together at the top making an archway. "This is where I come to chill, you're the only person I ever brought here not even my sister knows about it" You blushed and he kissed your cheek. You got out of the car and he held your hand. You walked through the archway and about 2 minutes of walking saw a huge waterfall, with trees everywhere. The lake below you (your on top of a 15ft cliff) was sparkling yellow-blue-green (it was morning so what was showing of the sun made it yellow). "We can swim in it if you want_" he told you "Sure" he took off his clothes and you took off yours leaving you in a bra and underwear and him in boxers. You dove in (you also took off your shoes lol) the water was luke warm and felt good. When you rose above the surface you didn't see Jordan. All of the sudden your pulled under the water and kissed. You float up still kissing Jordan. You pull away and swim to land. You lie in the grass and Jordan lies next to you. "This place is beautiful" you say "not as beautiful as you_" Jordan says looking deep in your eyes, His eyes a pale blue and his jet black hair dripping with water. He kisses you and you make out. He gropes your breasts and you put your hands on his back. He unhooked your bra and took off your panties then he took off his boxers leaving you both nude. He put his hand on your womanhood and rubbed it making you moan. He kissed your breasts and your stomach then you hips and started licking you downtown. You moaned in pleasure and he put his dick in you making you moan louder. He went faster and harder you both moaned and he slowed. He stopped and turned you around then stuck his dick in your but you screamed at the pain but yet enjoyed it. He stopped and you sucked his dick making him moan. You fell asleep lying on the grass. When you wake up you’re still lying on Jordan's muscular chest. You kiss him and he wakes up "Hey" he says "Hey" you say "I have something I want to ask you" "Ok" you say "But after I tell you that...." he sounds worried "What?" you ask "I'm......I'm an" you feel something brush your neck, you turned and see a leaf floating in the air. You were shocked because there was no wind at all, you turned back to Jordan "Elemental" he finished his sentence. You gasped because you saw with your own eyes that he was telling the truth but you didn't want to believe it "like Avatar the last airbender?" you asked "Um I guess yeah" he moved the water and leaves and rocks then asked you "now i want to ask you if.... you'll marry me?" you paused and tried to breath "Marry? Marry you? Of course!" you gasped and he kissed you. ~3 yrs later~ You and Jordan have been married for 3 yrs and already have 3 kids Jordan jr, _and Anna Bella you live happily ever after. The End

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