before they outlaw the kiss baby, give me one last hug [justin bieber story]3

Created by heylovelyladybug on Saturday, May 01, 2010

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recap: everyone is going out to lunch before tour starts. Audrey is mad. JB is pleased.

Audrey’s POV:

Seriously tour hasn’t even started and i cant stand this kid any longer I mean we’re only going out to lunch with a bunch of people. Im going to make his life suck this whole tour. I’ll make sure of that. We headed to the cheesecake factory to eat. I sat next to some big guy that seemed to be Justin’s body guard and this other guy that was Justin’s friend, Brian I think or Ryan, one of those names. Justin sat directly in front of me. Bad idea. Our waitress then came. She seemed about my age or not a year older. I could tell it was her 1st job. Im glad I wasn’t her. She ws taking everyones order until randomly she started freaking out.

“omg! Omg! Ohhh myyy goddd!!!! You-your-youre JUSTIN BIEBER!” she said.

Wow I thought and rolled my eyes. Justin saw me and smirked.

“yup that’s me sweetie. What can I do for you” he asked.

“ can can can I get your autograph please.” She said still freaking out.

“sure” he said smiling and wrote down his name on a piece a paper.

“ do you want a picture too” asked justin to the waitress.

“omg! Seriously?!” she replied.

“yeah I got my own personal photographer on tour with me and she could take a pic of us and then she’ll email you the picture” he said looking at me.

I was so ready to jump on the table and just attack him.

“that would be amazing!” said the waitress.

“mind taking the picture” asked justin.

“course not” I said annoyed.

I took out my camera and took the picture. The waitress then gave me her email so I could send it to her. After all the chaos we finally got our food and began eating. Everyone at the table was laughing and talking except for me. I was still annoyed and well I still didn’t know anyone well. But then I was thinking of how to get back at Justin. Then a light bulb seemed to flash. I had the perfect idea of how to get back at him.

“excuse me I have to use the restroom” I said excusing myself.

I headed into the bathroom to find a bunch of girls fixing their makeup and “Gossiping”. Blahhh I know. Once I was washing my hands I overheard them talking about justin. Perfect.

“oh hey sorry to interrupt but I hear you like Justin Bieber” I said to them.

“umm duh! Have you not seen the guy he’s a GOD!” said the blonde girl.

I tried not to puke.

“uh huh yeah. Well you know he’s eating at this very restaurant and he’s taking free pictures courtosey of me so go take your chance before he leaves” I said.

“OMG! NOW WAY!!! AHHHH. THANK YOU!” she said.

“tell your friends! Oh and don’t mention that I told you ok” I said.

“ok got it” she replied and she was out the door faster than the speed of light.

“mission accomplished.” I said to myself.

I walked out the bathroom to see Justin being surrounded by about 50-75 girls all wanting pictures. I smiled at myself. I sat back down and took out my camera.

“smile” I said over and over until every girl got their picture.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The girls had interrupted Justin while he was eating and they couldn’t get them to go away. Haha my amusement of the night. After all that was done we had to all rush out and leave. Being on tour with Justin Bieber might not be all that bad afterall.

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