The way we love eachother. [Chapter six.] boyxboy

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Created by Marissacuhh on Saturday, May 01, 2010

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Max's POV.
Last night Sky had crashed, I could tell it hit him hard. After an hour of cleaning up, with Sonny. She went home, and i went upstairs and curled up next to Sky.

It was 9am.
My arms were around Sky. He was asleep, i was waiting till he woke up. He started to figit a little. He was awake. I giggled and watched him. Once he realized i was in fact awake, he got startled. Then giggled and looked at me. "My head hurts..." Sky said. My poor little boy. I kissed his head. Then he cuddled back into my arms. I made sure he was all warm and comfty. I was whispering cute suff into his ear like, "I love you so much." , "Your gorgeous Skyler." he turned red. He leaned up, so kissable. I leaned in and kissed him. Just then, my mom walked through the door. She laughed. "Sorry for interupting boys." She said sweetly. I laughed quietly. I sat up, and so did sky. My mom looked at Sky. All his piercings we're still in. He had Sex hair going on from his crash last night, and his glasses we're off. "Oh..Sky..Well you look Diffrent." My mom said. Sky looked down a little, not sure what to think of that. She could tell he was confused." But in the good way, Sky, very cute." He face lightned up, and he looked back up and smiled. "Well, are you boys hungry?" My mom said nicely. "We'll eat later." I said back, and smiled. She nodded in agreement and left the room.
I looked at Skyler. He was Perfect. The way his body felt on mine. The way his lips we're shaped perfectly. They just felt like they we're the perfect Match. The way his teeth we're perfectly white, and straight. I loved him, so much. I gently kissed his cheek, he giggled and got up. Sky had to go home today, to help his mom with things. So, he got into the shower. While he was showering, i was on Our bed, watching A movie.About halfway through the shower, I decided to Go peek. I walked into the bathroom, He always left the door open. I pulled back the Shower Curtain a little bit. And looked at him. His back side was facing me. I reached out my hand, and slowly moved it up and down his back. He turned to look back at me, and smiled. "Hi." he said sweetly. "Hiiii." i said back nervously. I get nervous around Sky sometimes. After a few minutes, i came back over to the bed. Sky came out of the bathroom, naked and wet of course. I laughed, And watched as he got ready and dressed.

Sky had left. And i had nothing to do today. Hm. Just then, i got a text from Geoff.
" I miss you dude."
"let's chill."
Geoff came over.
We watched movies, and of course got high off our asses. Then we went into the game room, and and started to play pool. Just then, Skyler walked in. Geoff and skyler had a bad past in middle school and early highschool.
I could tell it was ackward for Skyler. He simply came in, looked at us. Then went straight upstairs.
"Whats wrong with him?" Geoff said.
"He just, eh, Not a good past with you dude." I said back.
After a few minutes, Geoff had left. Geoff was one of my good friends.
I ran upstairs, Skyler was walking around my room trying to find something. He was infront of me, I leaned in for the kiss. I Kissed him, but he didnt barly kiss back or speak, or smile.
"Babe?" I said concerned.
He kinda ignored me, and just kept on looking around.
Then i grabbed his face, and kissed him again. Then made him look up at me. He looked really upset.
"Sorry..." he said quietly.
I knew something was wrong, very wrong.
But i did not know what. I was not gonna bother him about it right now.
I offered to go downstairs, and cuddle and watch a movie, since my mom was gone for the night, it ws sunday, and me and Skyler had a three week break. He agreed and smiled.

We we're on the couch, tired.
The movie was halfway through.
Skyler was on my lap, his back facing my chest. And he was snuggled into me. There was a blanket over us, and we were holding hands. The movie finally ended, and me and Max, ended up, laying on the couch, Both on our sides, and our bodys against eachtothers. His leg was wrapped around me. And i was rubbing the back of his upper thigh and His ass. He giggled. We just had a little sweet talk. And a few kisses here and there.
Then i started...
"That thing, whatever it was, earlier..Can we talk about it tommorrow please?"
He looked at me, "Yes, i was gonna tell you that, we'll talk tommmorrow." He said with a smile on his face. I was weak for His smile.
Eventually, after talking, we fell asleep.
This time, i was in his arms.
Me and Sky we're the same size.
Same clothes size , same shoes size.
I was a half of a inch taller than sky.
And sky weighed 132.
And i weighed 133.
Not much of a diffrence at all.
But, two men being in a couple, you've always kinda got to figure out the "Women." in a relationship, and in mine, Sky was the more femine one. He wasn't girly. Its just, he liked to be held. He liked me to be the Top. He liked me, to be the Man of the realationship. And i liked that, because i was the one, who wanted to make love to my boyfriend, i was the one who wanted to hold him at night, and i loved it.
But tonight, Skyler could tell i wanted to be the one who got the attention. Skyler held me why i was asleep, it was amazing. He kissed my neck, and cheek over and over again.
I just knew i wanted him, Forever.

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