Love Can be a Hiccup! (a how to train your dragon love story)

i saw the movie, read someone else's story, you get the picture:D

Created by NarutosOnlyGirl on Wednesday, May 05, 2010


"Let's Go!"

cried Hiccup the skinny Brown haired boy.


You wrapped your arms around his tummy tighter As Toothless Barrle rolled down.

"You ready for this?"

he asked to you

you nod
You and him were taking down the mother of all Dragons.

You both scream as Toothless spirled down towards the Huge dragons Mouth then with one Big blow Toothless fired Into it's mouth and the huge beast started going down.

"Come on just a little more buddy!"

exclaimed Hiccup to Toothless but it wouldn't be to soon before his Replacement tail piece would burst into flame.


You scream

as you look back at toothlesses tail, it was indeed catching fire.

"Come on buddy, we have to make it"

he cried pressing the peedle controling the tail repeativily.

Then the tail totally burns off and Toothless started losing control.

"Come on we're gonna be alright, we're gonna be alright"

You repeate as the 3 of you plumited down into what seemed like the firey pits of Hell.

Suddenly something hit Hiccup's head and he fell off of Toothless.


you scream and jump off diving for him with Toothless Diving stright behind you.

The Crowd of family and friends below lost the sight of the 3 of you up in the air.

But you dived down and grabbed Hiccup, holding him close then Toothless dived down and.....

A crowd gathered around Toothless as he layed motionless on the hard rocky ground.

"My son"

moaned Hiccups Father as he fell to his knees infront of the fallen Dragon.

"Kida!, Kida!!"

cried your mother and Father running over to toothless and bursting into tears.

Your mother (Lydier), weeped on your Father's (goerthum) Shoulder.

Toothless woke up and looked towards the depressed parents.

"I'm so sorry"

sobbed Hiccups Father.

Suddenly Toothless Unwrapped his wings to reveal You tightly hugging Hiccup to your chest.


screamed your Parents


cried his father.

They decided not to seperate you two in risk of giving you or him a stroke.


They all said it to toothless and the other young Vikings in the crowd.

Hiccup's father and the your Father came over and picked up you and Hiccup.

"she saved him every limb"

grinned Hiccup's Father.

"Yes, but look"

said your father nodding to your arm.

the two men look at eachother.

{the next morning}

You slowly opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling, the drab boaring ceiling.

Suddenly you hear people outside cry.



you slowly sit up and see Toothless burst through the door,

he came over and licked your face,

"down toothless"

exclaimed Hiccup as he ran up behind the dark dragon.

he pulls toothless off you and holds out his hand.

"need help?"

he asked

you nod and grab his hand, but suddenly you recive a surge of pain through your arm.

you look down at your arm to find a burn scare in the shape of a night fury with a winding tale down to your elbow.

"You...You saved me"

he studdered rubbing the back of his neck.

the real reason you saved him is because you had loved him for almost a year, but you knew he liked Astrid,

"yeah i guess i did"

you smile weakly back.

Then Astrid came in.


"Hiccup, you wanna join the party out here?"

she smiled but her face soon fell when she saw you and Hiccup so close.

"Hey Astrid"

he smiled weakly

"hi Astrid"

you say shyly.

She shoot a hated look at you.

"hiccup?, you coming?"

she asked plastering a fake smile on her face,

it seems like Astrid dosn't like ya


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