"Long time no see" a Kyo one-shot

The title doesn't really relate that much, but I did want to put just "Kyo one-shot" ^^; Enjoy~

Created by XxLxX on Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Anime: Fruits Basket
Name: Lena
Personality: random, hyper, has a temper and once it's flared, it's hard to calm her down.
Likes: music, animals.
Dislikes: people who think they're better than others.
Preferred time in anime: none.

Other: she's the wolf in the zodiac. Of course, the wolf isn't shown in the zodiac, because the wolf pissed the boar off when it confronted the boar about a rumor that was started by the said boar. The boar attacked the wolf, hurting its leg real bad to where it was hard to walk. When the dinner came around, the wolf couldn't make it, because its leg hurt so much. For some odd reason, the wolf has always been a girl.
Lena lost her mother when she was 8. Her father beat her ever since. He wasn't as bad as Akito, though. Akito would call her every day and as soon as she would walk in, he would beat her and call her names. Because of all of this, she began a job and to cut. But, recently her father has died. So, now she lives with Hatori.

Crush: Kyo Sohma

“I told you to stop that Lena” Said Hatori bandaging her cut wrist. “Whatever you’re not the boss” Lena snapped. Lena was in one of her moods again. It wasn’t that her moods were a problem. She was just slightly snippy….eh when that happened. But Hatori was never affected by it. He was good at calming her down if she got to angry. That’s why she so greatly respected him. Not that she would openly admit that. “*sigh* I’m going to do some work today would you like to go with me?” He asked her.

“It depends where are you going?” She said. “To Shigure’s house” “No” she answered immediately. “You really should talk to him Lena” Hatori suggested already knowing why she instantly denied his request.

Lena had once been in love with the one and only Kyo Sohma. She knew he had a temper and it didn’t bother because she also had one that could come out at any moment. But that day….he turned into a monster. It scared her she would admit that. And when she saw it she froze. She had remembered laughing and yelling at those people in movies and books when they said they “froze in fear.” But when that happened it was like a book came to life and some ones was laughing at her frozen fear. She didn’t hate him at all. In fact she sympathized. But he wouldn’t talk to her. He just ran away and didn’t talk to her. He wouldn’t even make eye contact. Lena got so angry with him for ignoring her she slapped him, ran away, and hasn’t gone back since. That might have been one reason why she cut…

“It doesn’t matter if I should, because I won’t” She said. Sighing Hatori finished the wrapping the cut and push his fingers through his hair. “How you come to say hi to Shigure and Yuki and meet this Tohru girl since you missed her last time.” He tried to reason. Its true when Tohru had first came to meet Hatori she has been do well nothing but just walking around really.

“Ugh, fine” She reluctantly agreed. On the way there Lena was getting more and more panicked. Having an over active imagination can make lots of scenarios for her current situation and 99.99 % of them ended with either total embarrassment or being ignored neither sounded good to her. Once there Hatori went straight to the door, but Lena’s body wouldn’t allow her any less than ten feet away from the house. The door slid open to show a sweet looking girl with big green eyes and an almost house-wife looking cleaning outfit. She smiled at Hatori.

Then her eyes drifted over to the nervous Lena. “Oh hello……I wasn’t expecting Hatori to have another guest, oh my I hope I made enough dinner-” Lena zoned her voice away. The girl started to ramble and panic about not having enough dinner or something like that, when suddenly a pale hand was placed on her shoulder. She turned in surprise and smiled at the figure behind her. Lena took the risk and forced her feet to move a couple feet forward to see none other than Yuki.

After Yuki had seemed to calm down Tohru (Hatori had introduced them after the little scene) Lena said hello to Yuki and they start to lightly chat about things that have been going around the place. (No one had yet to notice the bandages around her wrist.) Even though Lena seemed to calm down a little she couldn’t help but feel sick to her stomach about seeing Kyo. She knew he was up stairs it was like she could sense him. In truth she wanted nothing then to run and apologize about the incident when they were kids. But she couldn’t find the strength to make her body move.

Her heart dropped when she suddenly heard footsteps coming down the steps. She turned her head away from the door pretending not to notice. A head of orange hair and sleepy eyes poked its head around the door frame, (Lena could see out of the corner of her eye.), obviously having been woken up from a late afternoon cat nap. “Is dinner ready” Kyo bluntly stated to sleepy to be aware of the two guest. “Oh, hello Kyo, I hope you had a nice nap. Yes, dinner will be ready in a couple minutes” Torhu said kindly and going back to sweeping.

The still oblivious Kyo rubbed his eyes and sat down with his eyes closed. “Stupid cat…” Yuki muttered to himself. This seemed to wake up Kyo in an instant. “WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU STUPID RAT!!?” He yelled back, fist rose in the air as if he was ready to pounce. “Stupid Cat” Yuki said in a normal voice. Lena, still just as nervous (but relieved she hadn’t been noticed quite yet…) couldn’t help but giggle slightly drawing the attention of both teenage boys. Kyo’s eyes widened, looked away, and down with anger and sadness all in instant. The whole fell silent. Kyo got up and walked back upstairs head held down and without another word.

Lena also looked down tears threatening to spill. Hatori lifted his hand and rubbed her bag in comfort. “U-um where’s y-your b-bathroom…” Lena asked almost sobbing. “Upstairs and to your right…” Torhu answered with a worried look. Lena quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. Once she got there she slammed the door shut. (Lena was unaware that Kyo’s room was right next door and that she was in such a hurry she did not lock the door.) She grabbed a razor blade from her pocket. Cutting one scratch after another she realized she had gone too far. Now suffering heavy blood loss she fell weakly to floor.

When she hit the floor there was a loud “Thud!” Kyo, who was next door, got annoyed with the loud noises. And walked out to the bathroom door banging on it yelling, “HEY KEEP QUIET IN THERE!” no answer. He knocked any again. No answer. He turned the door knob, it was unlocked. He pushed the door open. Lena was on the floor bleeding eyes barely open. What the fuck happened. He thought running over to Lena picking her up.

As he was going to show her to Hatori she muttered something and it sounded like nonsense. “What?” he questioned. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I was just surprised. I didn’t want to hurt you. I wanted to you to stay with me. But I was a coward and couldn’t say anything. I don’t want you to be mad at me…….because…I…Love….you” Lena said in small voice as soon as she finished talking she passed out in his arms. He reached Hatori and as soon as he saw her. “Damn I told her to stop that…” He muttered to himself once again wrapping bandages around her wrist. “You mean she was doing that before” Yuki said staring shocked at the scene before him. “*sigh* She’s been through tough times. With all that abuse form her father...” Hatori answered.

Hatori finished up the wrappings and carried her to Tohru’s bed, which she so kindly offered, and let Lena rest. They walked down stairs leaving Kyo to stare down at Lena’s sleeping figure. He really did love her, too. But he pushed his feelings away deep inside of him. Because he thought Lena didn’t except him and that she hated him. Turns out he was wrong. He couldn’t wait until he could talk to her.

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