Ever-Lasting Love {A Kaien Shiba Love Story} ~Part 3~

the 4th part of my kaien shiba love story!!!!! YAYZ!!!! XD ^^* ENJOY! XD

Created by hitsugayasgurl848 on Monday, May 10, 2010

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~Later that day~

You were just chillin’ in your room, laying on your bed, drawing, as bored as ever. You heard the door open. You turned your head slightly, to see Kaien. He walks over to the bed, and plops down face-first next to you. “Tired much?” you ask. You see him nod, before he looks up, and puts his head on his hand. “What’re you doing?”

“Nothin’. Just drawing.” You held up your notebook, to show a really good sketch of Kaien.“See? It’s you!”

“Woah! That’s AMAZING! How did you learn to draw like that?!”

“Kukakku taught me.” you replied simply.

He looked at you strangely. “Really?!”

You nod. “Yup.”

“Wow….I had no idea.”

You heard a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Kaien told you, as you continued to draw.

“Huh. There’s nobody here.” he told you. “What the hell is this?!”

You got up, and walked over to him. He held a piece of paper that had a picture of a fox on it, and a caption below it that read:


Instantly, you started to laugh. Kaien just stared at you. You stopped after a few moments, and took it from him.

You flipped it over. There was a note. It was written in really neat handwriting.

It said:


Meet me at the rooftop in 10 minutes. Bring Kaien, too. I wish to show you something that I think, is VERY important to you.


~Szayel Aporro Grantz

(P.S., I thought you might get a kick out of that picture on the front! Just be sure not to leave it just lying around!)

You looked at Kaien. He laughs lightly, and you smile.

~10 minutes later~

You and Kaien finally got to the rooftop, and opened the door. You saw that Szayel was there, waiting for you. “Why hello! Glad you could make it!” he greeted you, turning around. You waved, and Kaien just nodded towards him. “Okay. The reason I called you here, is because I wanted to show you something very important. You brought your zanpaktos, correct?” You and Kaien nodded, unsheathing your zanpaktos. “I’m sorry if I’m being too personal, but, do you two love each other?” You looked at Kaien, and nodded. He nods, too. “Ok. Good. Now, if you may release your zanpaktos, it would help a lot.” You and Kaien did as you were told, and released your zanpaktos. “Rage, Kappa!” you shouted. “Rankle the seas and skies, Nejibana!” Kaien commanded, as both of our zanpaktos changed. “Now, can you both face each other, and cross swords?” Szayel instructed. You and Kaien faced each other, and crossed your swords. Szayel put his sword in between yours and Kaien’s, muttered something, and you instantly felt Kaien’s reitsu flowing into you. You could tell it was happening to him, too, because of the shocked expression on his face. Szayel muttered something again, and sheathed his sword. Then, he looked from you to Kaien, and said, “Ok. It is complete. Whenever you attack together, or battle side-by-side, your power will be doubled.”

“Wait! What?! Do you mean, that if me and Kaien are together when we’re fighting, our power is greater?!”

“Precisely. The stronger your love for each other is, the greater the power you gain. If you were to love each other to the maximum level, your power would be indestructible. It also helps that you both wield the same element. Try it now.” You and Kaien stood side-by-side, and waved your zanpaktos in an upward motion, causing a GIGANTIC wave to go hurtling out into the desert, creating a long, deep gash in the white sand that seemed to go on forever. “Woah……” you and Kaien said at the same time. “Yeah, ‘woah’. That’s some power you got there.” Szayel told you. You and Kaien sheathed your swords once more, then looked at Szayel. “Is that what you called us up here for? Is that it?” you ask.

He nods. “That’s it.” He turned, and began to walk towards the door leading down to the white hallways of Las Noches, and said, “Well, I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“Good night.” You replied back. You felt an arm around your waist. You turned, to see Kaien, staring into your dark blue eyes. Your heart almost skipped a beat, as you stared back into his deep, green eyes. He moved closer to you, so close, that you could feel his hot breath upon your face. He leaned in a little more, making your lips collide. The kiss lasted for what seemed like eternity. Slowly, gently, he pulled away after a while. “I love you so much.” He told you. You felt a sudden joy flow trough your body when you heard him say that. “I love you too, Kaien.” you responded, your breath catching in your throat, as he knelt down on one knee, pulled out a small, green box, and asked the question you’ve always dreamt of hearing from him: “Will you marry me, Kimi Kokoro?” You felt as if a bomb of happiness had exploded inside of you, as you knelt down in front of him, and hugged him. “Yes! Of course I will!” Tears of happiness were falling from your eyes, but you wiped them away quickly. Kaien pulled the ring out of the box, and put it on your finger. It was a silver dragon, with sapphire eyes. It curled around your finger, it’s nose touched it’s tail, ending the ring. Kaien then picked you up bridal-style, and carried you back to your room, smiling the whole way there. When you got to your room, he carefully set you down on your feet, opened the door for you, and walked in after you. You went to the bathroom, got changed into your pajamas, and came back out to see Kaien was already laying in bed, reading something. It was your secret journal! You run over to him, and grab it from him. “So, do you really think that I have a nice ass?” he asked, smirking. You slapped your face, and said, “Oh, man! You read that?!” Kaien pulled you into a hug, as you put your face into your hands, embarrassed as ever. “It’s ok. Couples can say stuff like that.” You looked up at him, as you smiled. You jumped under the covers, and lay your head on Kaien’s muscular chest, as he put his arm around you. You slowly drifted off to sleep, as you thought about what had just happened a while ago.

You woke up early the next morning, and went down to grab a snack from Las Noches’s kitchen. As always, the cooks were busy as ever, preparing brunch for all the arrancars. You went up to a counter, and grabbed an apple from the top of a pile of fruits. As you walked out of the kitchen, eating your apple, you almost ran into Tia Halibel. “Sorry, Halibel.”

“No prob. Hey, I heard Kaien proposed to you last night.” She said, as you both began walking together back to your room. “Yeah…..” you said, showing her the ring. “Wow. It’s beautiful.” She commented, as you two kept talking, until you reached your room. “Well, tell Kaien I said ‘hi’. See you around.” She said, before walking away. You wave you her, and go back inside of your room. You notice Kaien was still sleeping, so, you decided to psh him off the bed. (Me: Hehehe….. >:)) You went to the side of the bed, noticing that Kaien was sprawled out across the mattress. You sighed, and rolled him RIGHT off the bed. He popped up on the other side, a few seconds later, and said, “What the hell was THAT for?!” You were now laughing hysterically. “I don’t know. I thought it would be funny.”

“Well, obviously…..” he replied, smiling.

“Get up, and get ready!” you told him.

“What’s your hurry?!”

“Nothin’. I just want to go and tell somebody about our engagement.”

“Ohhhhh…..Ok. Sure.”

He got up out of bed, and started getting ready.

“Hey, Kaien. I’ll be right back. I have to go and do something. Wait here.”

“Ok. I’ll be waiting right here.” He reassured you, as he plopped down on the bed.

You nodded, and went to see Szayel. (No, not for that, you pervs! GAWD!)

When you got to his door, it was open, so, you just went in and yelled, “Szayel! Are you here?”

“Yeah! I’m right here!” he yelled from the back of the room, where he saw you standing there. “Oh. Hey Kimi! So, how’d it go last night?”

“How does everybody know about me and Kaien already?! Halibel knew, you knew, EVERYBODY knew!”

“Kaien told me he was going to propose soon, so, I already knew he was going to do it last night, that’s why I did that power ritual thing to you and Kaien.”

“Wait. I didn’t know you and Kaien were that close.”

“Hehehe…..Neither did I.” He laughed slightly.

“Hey, I came here because I wanted to ask you if there was a way of communication between here and the Soul Society. Is there?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Because……..Because I wanted to tell my brother about my engagement. But, he’s a soul reaper.”

“Who is it? Maybe I know him.”

“Renji Abarai.”

His eyes widened. “Renji Abarai, huh? Well, you’re in luck. He just so happens to be here in Las Noches. He’s assisting an orange-haired soul reaper rescue that Inoue girl.”

“Really?! Where is he?!” you demanded.

“Go and get Kaien. I’ll search for him while you’re gone.”

You ran up to him, and hugged him. “Thank you so much, Szayel! This means SO much to me!” You let go of him, and went off to find Kaien.

~10 minutes later~

You and Kaien were just walking into Szayel’s office. You had already told him what your plan was, and he agreed, hesitating a bit.

It turns out, Renji wasn’t that far from here. You and Kaien sonido’ed to the spot where Szayel had told you he was coming up to. Renji came bounding towards you, as he slid to a stop, gripping his sword’s hilt. “Who’re you?!” he demanded. Kaien took his mask off. “A..Assistant captain Kaien?” Kaien nods. “Then, who is that?” he asks, pointing towards you. “I can’t believe you forgot me, Renji. Your own sister.”

Renji just stood there for a moment, as if registering the info I had just given him: His sister is an arrancar.

“There’s no way it’s you, Kimi. I can tell it’s Kaien, because of the tattoo on his arm, but you……. You, I can’t entirely tell.”

“Would you like me to prove it to you?” you asked him, calmly.

“Yes. Here’s a question only the REAL Kimi would know: What REALLY happened to our parents?”

“They were killed by the Stealth Force.”


“Because, they abused us.” You choked out, tears starting to form, (once again,) in your eyes.

Renji sheathed his sword, and ran over to you, and hugged you. “It really is you, Kimi.” He said, smiling.

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