Hot Springs [Sasuke Love Story]

Created by CondemnedToThink on Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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"Are you excited?" Sasuke asked as I plopped down into the passengers seat of his truck.
"Yeah, we are gonna party tonight!" I threw my fists into the air enthusiastically and we laughed. He started driving up the moutain to the hot springs. My best friend is having her birthday party at the hot springs with lots of alcohol, possibly drugs, and sex. Lots of glow sticks and loud booming music and only one supervisor to make sure the drunk kids don't accidentally walk off a cliff cuz they can't walk worth crap. I am having my friend Sasuke take me cuz he can drive and he has the freedom to be with me all night. The night before Megan told me it was a bad idea. She thinks Sasuke is going to rape me if we get alone. My history with Sasuke is quite short. Last week we kissed and I didnt know how to react. I tried to keep it just friends but the next time we hung out he touched me all over and kissed me all over. I had to stop him.
"Hey Megan!" I got out of the truc k to hug my birthday girl friend. She was already drinking. Tons and tons of shinobi were everywhere. Most of them were somewhat decent looking. She has odd taste in bos and girls. They all have to be incredibly skinny. I guess they will be all ove Sasuke. He parked his truck and got out. Megan made an "ooooh" face. I could tell she already thought he was attractive.
"Stop." She held her hands up to us. "no extra clothing allowed," she smiled. She grabbed my tank top and pulled it off. I laughed and took it from her. Then she knealed down and started undoing my shorts. Sasuke was blushing from the kinky motions. He didnk't know megan was Bi sjust like me. I played along with her. She kissed my belly then pulled my shorts down. I put them in the truck and she came back up. We hugged and grinned in our cute little bikinis and he was turning away from us to hide himself. We laughed and went over to him. Megan pulled his shirt off and I pulled his jeans off. "Damn! Mister abb man!" megan grinned. We went to join the party.
I saw topless girls and bottomless boys in the water. Dancers. Glow sticks lit up the water. I was amazed. Sasuke urged to grab a light drink and join a conversation. We grabbed a drink then hopped into the water to join a group of people. They were talking about the perfect body.
"I like a girl with small boobs," Sasori said.
"Yeah, big boobs are kinda intimidating," I said.
"I dunno they kinda freak me out," Sasori said.
"Did you know smaller boobs are more sensitive?" I sked.
"So if I did this," Deidara moved close to me. He raised his hand and let his fingers lightly dance on my skin on my chest and he slowly moved them over my breast. My breathing stopped. I looked over to see sasuke talking to temari. "It would make your nipples hard really fast?" Deidara asked as he grinned. I nodded and blushed. He stood up and raised his arms in triumph. I giggled. I took a sip of my drink and cointinued to spy on sasuke. I was happy he was havin ga good time. I looked back at my group and they talked more about girls. I just listened and laughed.
"The heat is making me a little icky feeling. I'm gonna get out for a little bit. I'll be back," I said as I stood up. Water rushed down my body and i got out with my drink.
"How long?" asked deidara. I shook my head and water sprinkled everywhere from my hair.
"Eh. Ten minutes." I walked off and sat next to the huge van with the boom box. I saw sasuke with the group just relzxing. I decided to go find service so i could call my boyfriend back at home to check in with him. I wantedred off into the trees and found a nice quiet spot. I called and he picked up.
"Hey baby, how are you?" I asked.
"I'm good. Hows the sleepover?"
"Eh. We were in the hot tub. I just wanted to call you and say I love you." So i lied about the sleepover and the hot tub. He doesn't know. I'm never a bad girl. Just today.
"Aww that's sweet," he cooed. "Get back to the party babe. I'll talk to you before you sleep, okay?" I agreed and hung up. Then I heard movement.

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