Pokemon The Quest for Zoroark...

Welcome to my new series, The Quest for Zoroark. Ken's journey will begin today. Ken has been in touch with Pokemon for over 4 years, but hasn't been old enough to go on his quest for Zoroark his favorite legendary!! ( I prefer Lugia)

Created by Quizmaster119 on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Hi. My name is Ken. And my dream is to find the legendary Pokemon, Zoroark! Or at least Zorua. Here is a picture of 'em in case ya don't know what the heck I'm talking about. (NOTE: ZORUA AND ZOROARK ARE THE NEW POKEMON IN THE NEW GAME THAT DID NOT COME OUT YET, BLACK & WHITE.I DO NOT OWN POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!)



I live in Littleroot town! Anyway, after I capture Zoroark, I'm gonna become a pokemon master!!! There's no one who loves Pokemon more than me!! Well maybe Ash Ketchum... but he's the champion of the Sinnoh Region! Anyway, I'm finallly old enough to go on my journey, and I already have my first Pokemon. My big brother,Brendan( the champion of my region, the Hoenn) caught it for me. It's a Bagon!! I nicknamed it Skull because of its hard skull. Im gonna take it with me! But I have to take a starter pokemon from my dad, Prof.Birch. I have a choice between Torchic, Mudkip, and Treeko! I'll nickname them but I'm still thinkin on one for Treeko. I'm not sure who to take... but that doesn't really matter! Cuz I know I have Skull and the future Pokemon by my side. On the way of catching Zoroark (Which I hear theres only 2 of.) I 'll go through gyms and stuff! Alright! Now that the explaining is done with *mario voice* Letsa go!!!

"Got all your stuff? Poke'balls? Skull? Clean Undies?" Mom asked.

"Yes, Yes , and yes." I replied.

"Ok, Ken. You're all set. Go see your dad." Mom said as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Bye mom!" I yelled back.

I went on with my journey. Finally. My jorney begins. When I got to my dads lab i opened the door."Hi son! Ready to get your pokemon?" My dad greeted.

"I been ready!" I yelled.

"Here are the three pokemon you can choose from." There was Torchic, Treeko, and Mudkip.

"I choose Torchic. No no Treeko! No wait Mudkip." I said. "I choose..."

"Torchic." I ended.

Torchic jumped at me and the rest of the pokemon just smiled. They knew i picked the right choice.

"Then Lets be on our way!!" I yelled with confidence.


Thats the end!! Comment and rate!


"Alright Torchic." I said while sitting down. " Your nickname will be... Scorch! Like that name?"

"Tor!" Scorch said with happiness.

I chose out Skull. "Scorch, I want you to meet Skull. Skull, this is Scorch."

"Bagon?" Skull said. "Bagon."

Skull seemed to like Scorch. And Scorch seemed to like Skull. "Hey squirt." A bully said. " Let's battle. but lets put something on the line! Your Bagon is mine if I win! And if you win you get these 10 apricorns. I heard Kurt is somewhere is Littleroot town. Which is right here. (No dur!!)"

"What do ya say guys?" I asked Scorch and Skull. " Should I accept?"

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