When a Bad Boy Falls for a Good Girl Part 26

Elizabeth has been kidnapped by Storm, Joel, and Nick after finding out they faked Annabelle's voice.

Created by refgirl24 on Friday, May 21, 2010

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Elizabeth's pov

I sat there between them and tried to tone them out, trying to keep from having a panic attack that may lead to a ceizure. I had had my first panic attack at twelve when my grandma had died. I had been really close to her and when she died I shut everyone out and stayed in my room for a week, only coming out once every other day or so to restock my mini-fridge. When I got the news she had passed away I completely spazzed, it got so bad that I had my very first panic attack.

After that I didn't have another panic attack or anything like it until Bryce came along and did what he did. I was more comfortable with the subject now then I used to be. But it still scared me to think about him.

Nick stopped the car and Joel pulled me out of the car roughly. I gasped at the sudden pain and followed him inside some shady apartment on the bad side of town. They pushed me down into a small room with a little bed and all three stared at me as I backed away from them to the far side of the bed.

"How bout we pop her cherry", Nick smirked back at the guys, then at me.

"She's still a virgin?", Joel laughed.

My breathing became heavy and I knew the attack would come if they came any closer than they already were. Storm seemed unamused by the idea and rolled his eyes, thank the good lord Jesus he didn't want to rape me. At least that's one less guy.

"How bout we start where we left off", Nick smirked and stepped towards me.

"AAAGHH", I screamed as the attack started. I grabbed my chest and fell onto the bed screaming and twitching in pain. I got so tense my muscles ached.

"What the crap is wrong with her", Joel yelled.

Storm pushed past the guys and grabbed my shoulders to restrain me, "She's having a panic attack you retards"!

"A what"?

"A PANIC ATTACK", Storm hollered, trying his best to keep me from hitting him in my extreme attack. Bryce's face flickered in my head over and over. Him trying to rape me and smiling when he saw I would be awake throughout the whole thing.

"Why is she having a panic attack?", Nick yelled.

"Probably because you were going to try to rape her", Storm screamed over my cries of pain.

"Well make her STOP", Joel hollered.

"I can't! You have to let it pass", Storm growled, clearly frustrated by their ignorance.

Finally the panic attack stopped after a minute and I stopped screaming instantly. My whole body relaxed and I fell back on the bed gasping for as much air as was possible, actually wheezing is more like it.

"Are you okay", Storm asked, looking into my different colored eyes.

"Yeah", I glared, my breathing easing up but still panting.

"Let's give her some room", Storm ordered, pushing Nick and Joel out.

"Damnit", Nick muttered, putting his belt back on. Storm locked the door behind them and I was left alone in the small room, glad no one raped me.

Luke's pov

"Where the fuck could they have taken her", I yelled, driving around town looking for the beaten up car Storm drove.

"Either Nick's or Joel's place", Harry sighed.

"Why do you think Joel's involved", I glared.

"Because he's been trying to take your spot as top dog ever since he started", Harry concluded.

"Whatever", I rolled my eyes and drove down Nick's street.

"Just find her", Annabelle pleaded from the backseat, tears pouring down her face. Harry looked so torn up that his girlfriend was such a mess. He quickly climbed into the backseat with her and started rocking her and trying to comfort her.

"So what have your mom and dad said", I asked.

"I haven't told them yet", she sniffled, "They're in Africa and it's really hard to get a hold of them where they are".

"Well that's good in most ways".

"I guess".

I kept driving around aimlesslessly, unable to remember which house was his.

Elizabeth's pov

"Why me", I moaned, staring up at the cream colored ceiling. The room I was staying in wasn't too bad. The bed was an old wooden one with a worn out matress and a scratchy blue quilt. The walls were painted a cream color and chipping and had mulitiple cracks in them. Okay, maybe it did suck, but atleast I had a bed to sleep on.

"Dinner", Storm said, pushing open the door and setting a plate and glass on the bed. On the plate were rice and pork, the glass had lemonade.

"Nice meal for a hostage", I said, suspicious.

"Well, I'm not mad at you, just you're boyfriend and I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier".

"You mean for slapping me"?

"Yeah, sorry", he rubbed his neck and looked everywhere around the room except towards me.

"Do they know you're treating me this nicely"?

"Um... no. They would kill me if they found out".

"Oh", I looked down at my plate and began eating the food quickly so I wouldn't get caught.

"I'll take that", he said once I finished and was chugging my lemonade.

"Thanks", I said and handed him my plate and empty glass. I guess Storm wasn't as bad as Joel or Nick but I still didn't trust him.

He walked back out and locked the door behind him, leaving me alone yet again in the cold room.

"Hey, I have clothes", he said, walking back in with some p.j.'s.

"Um, thanks", I kind of questioned and took the clothes from him.

"Well night", he said and walked back out, yet again, and locked the door, yet agian. I quickly changed out of my sundress and into an over sized tee and basketball shorts, I'm guessing they were Storm's.

I slipped under the scrathy covers and dozed off my first night as a hostage.

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