Native American Words and Meanings In Lakota Sioux

Hey ya'll! :) I was bored, so I thought that I'd post this. These words are from the Lakota Sioux language. So, I hope you learn something from my culture. :) And by the way, I DO NOT OWN THE WORDS IN THIS STORY! It belongs to the Lakota Sioux language. So, Enjoy! XD

Created by CherokeeLakotaPride on Saturday, May 22, 2010


Numbers 1-5
One - Wanji
Two - Núnpa
Three - Yámni
Four - Tópa
Five - Záptan
Random Words
Man - Wica
Woman -Winyan
Sun - Anpetu wi or just Wi
Moon - Hanhepi wi or Hanyewi
Water - Miní
Animal Words
dog - sunka
horse - sunkawakan
raccoon - wiciteglega
eagle - anunkasan
owl - hinhan
bear - mato
fox - sungila
wolf - sunkmanitu tanka
buffalo - tatanka or pte
snake - zuzeca
fish - hogan
turtle - keya
rabbit - mastinca
Color Words
black - sapa
white - ska
red - sa
orange - zisa
purple - stanka
gray - xota
yellow - zi
blue - to

Mitakuye Oyasin is Lakota Sioux for "All My Relations"

I hope you enjoyed reading these words from the Lakota Sioux language. I also hope you learned something from reading it. Please message me if you liked it. (No mean/rude/racist comments please.)

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