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3/5. [ReaderxSasuke] for HolyLightHikari. I Hope you're liking these so far. I had quite the hard time with this one... Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto at all, in any way.

Created by Luthienxoxo on Sunday, May 23, 2010

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“I don’t think this is a good idea, _____.”

“Sure it is, Suigetsu! Sasuke will love it for sure.”

“I wasn’t talking about Sasuke though...”

Suigetsu and you stood in the kitchen around the table. Suigetsu, who was slurping water through his straw like always, was staring at what you had made, eyebrows raised, while you grinned smugly. On the table were two little dolls made out of some kind of soft fabric and stuffing. They were sewed together to hold hands, and they looked oddly like you and a certain black haired ninja.

“I wasn’t talking about Sasuke, _____. I was talking about Karin,” Suigetsu said, pointing behind you.

You turned around, proud grin still plastered on your face, and came face to face with a murderous Karin. Before she could proceed to kill you in a really nasty way, the certain black haired ninja the doll resembled came up behind her, freezing everyone in the room in their tracks.

“What’s going on?” Sasuke asked, looking between the three ninja’s before settling his gaze on you.

You blushed. “I...made you something, Sasuke.” You tossed the two dolls at him and then ran out of the room. Suigetsu tried not to laugh, but was terribly unsuccessful.

Sasuke stared at the two dolls in his hands. Obviously, one was him and the other was you. Fighting the pink that was ready to hold his face hostage (again), he smiled and hurriedly ran after you.

Karin looked on the verge of an angry breakdown, while Suigetsu could only point and laugh at her.

“I think you’re losing, Karin,” he said, and ran for his life.

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