You're My Song (Short Stack) Singing In The Rain Chapter 2 [Part 1]

Chapter 2. Feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy. Short Stack are going to London today and that is why we posted this chapter.

Created by NinjaStack on Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Kenney's Point Of View

I groaned as the loud obnoxious sound of my alarm clock rang from beside me. I rolled over into someone’s chest.

“Time to get up” his half asleep voice greeted me while tracing circles on my shoulder with his finger.

“It’s to dark”

“How would you know? Your eyes are shut”

I peeked one eye open, looking up at him “There’s a reason for that”

Shaun laughed, getting out of bed. “I’m taking a shower. If you’re not out of bed by the time I return, expect trouble”

“Was that last part a threat?”

He just winked at me in response before leaving with some clean clothes.

I sighed before a thought occurred to me, we would be in London in less than twenty – four hours. A feeling of excitement overcame me. I grinned and made my way out towards the kitchen. Jilly was making breakfast while Andy texted on his phone.

“Morning all” I yawned

“Morning Kenney” Jilly smiled

“Bradie and the roach should be hear soon’ Andy said looking up from his phone

I laughed; Mi-Cockroach was the name we gave to Michelle. Over the years it was gradually shortened to roach or the cockroach.

“Oh, what joy spending a whole week with Mi-Cocroah” Jilly said sarcastically

“Don’t forget listening to her complain about everything she lays her beaty little eyes on” I added

Jilly laughed as she handed me a plate of pancakes, along with a knife and fork.

“Thanks Jilly” I grinned

As I went to take a bite, a hand came in and stole my pancake.

“HEY!” I cried “That was mine!”

I looked up to see Shaun shoving the last on my pancake into his mouth.

“Want it back?” He opened his mouth, revealing a chewed up pancake.

“Keep it” I cringed turning away.

“Here, don’t be disgusting” Jilly scolded him, handing him a plate, causing Andy to snicker.

We were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it” I jumped up

As I walked out, I heard Jilly

“SHAUN! Put Kenney’s pancake down before I chop your fingers off.”

I shook my head as I answered the door.

“Bradie!” he enveloped me in a hug

“Hey Kenney”.

“Hi Michelle” I threw her a fake smile

“Hi Kenney” he squeaky voice sounded. The three of us walked into the kitchen.

“Hey Bradie” Jilly hugged him

“What about me?” Andy whined

“What about you?” I asked

“Jillian, where’s my ‘Hey Andy’ hug?” he answered

“Awww” Jillian hugged him “I’m sorry”

“I’m eating, please!” I interrupted “Don’t go any further”

“Like you and Shaun are any better” Jillian stated

“Hey-” I gasped before Shaun cut me off

“We are so much better”

“Is that a challenge?” Andy piped up

“No, No that wasn‘t a challenge. I’m having a shower” I said putting my bowl in the sink.


“No Bradie, we’ve had this conversation before, I get the front seat.” Shaun argued

Jimmy, Sonny, Jumpnow and the others were now here as well, packing the rest of the bags into the van.

“You always get the front seat” Bradie complained

“Yeah, your point?”

“Don’t you want to sit next to Kenney?” Bradie asked hoping that would make Shaun cave.

“Don’t you want to sit next to Michelle?” Shaun retorted

“Oh, for God sakes” Jilly cried in exasperation “I’ll ride shotgun”

“I second that” Andy agreed from the driver’s seat.

“Have we got everything?” Andy asked

“I’d want to hope so” Jimmy answered climbing in next to Jumpnow and Luke.

I laughed slightly as I watched the sky blend from grey to orange as the sun began to rise.


As we drove up to the “Departures”, there was a mob of Short Stack fans waiting, holding banner, photo’s or posters.

“We’ve got ourselves a farewell party” Andy laughed.

As I opened the door to get out and stretch my legs, which I had been dying to do half an hour into the trip might I add. I was met by a wave of screams and the flash of cameras. It sort of felt like a red carpet event.

“Oh, My God, SHORT STACK!”

“No guessing who they are here for” Jilly joked as she came to stand beside me, causing me to laugh.

“Thank you guys so much for coming out” Shaun called over the noise.

“Yeah, and it’s really early, so thanks” Andy added only to be met by more screams.

I smiled as a group of girls started singing “Princess”.

“Alright, sorry everyone, but we’ve got to get these guys inside” Sonny said, ushering all of us inside.

“Well that was exciting” I laughed as we entered the airport.

Jumpnow and Jimmy went to put the luggage on the security check as we found some seats.


“Flight 317. Sydney to Heathrow is now boarding” The intercom rang loudly, flooding the whole airport.

“That’s us” Jumpnow said standing up followed by everybody else.

We all made our way over to the terminal gate, earning weird looks from others around us. I think it was due to the die hard fans outside with their posters that proclaimed their undying love for one of the boys or Short Stack in general. Either that or the tall and solid security guard that was walking with us most like would have raised some questions.


I let out a yawn as we were seat in the assigned seats.

Shaun was beside me, Jilly and Andy were in front, while Bradie and “The Roach” were behind us, followed by Jumpnow and the rest of the crew.

I stifled a laugh as a man in his forties to fifties sat on the other side of Shaun

“Are you kidding me?” Shaun muttered, causing Andy and Jilly to turn around and laugh as well.

I sighed, resting my head on my hand. This had to be the most boring part of a plane trip, the taking off.

“What happened to ‘Little miss” energetic?” Shaun laughed

“She got tired when she sat down again” I answered.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, we are now preparing for takeoff” the hostess’ voice sounded.


I glanced over towards the man next to Shaun only to realise he was staring at me. ‘I’m just paranoid’ I thought to myself ‘Nothing to worry about’. I turned on my music and tried to ignore him as best I could but he still continued to look at me.

“Kenney?” Shaun asked, noticing my sudden discomfort.

I looked up at him before shifting my eyes to the man; Shaun followed my gaze before I felt him become tense.

“DUDE! WHAT THE F***” the man jumped, unaware that Shaun had been watching. At the sound of Shaun’s sudden yelling, Jilly and Andy turned around.

“DO YOU GET OFF AT STARING AT OTHER PEOPLE’S GIRLFRIENDS?” by now the whole cabin was staring.

“Shaun-” I said quietly trying to calm him down, but he cut me off.


A horrified look mixed with anger crossed the mans face.


“Excuse me” the man cut Shaun off “Is it a crime to look at your niece that you haven’t seen in years? I didn’t think it was.”

Shaun looked towards me, I nodded slightly. Shaun’s face immediately dropped “F***, man, I’m sorry. I didn’t know she had an Uncle” he apologised.

Uncle Leo straightened himself up, ignoring Shaun apology completely.

“How are you Kendell?”

I looked down, “Fine thank you Uncle Leo”

“What about the family?” he inquired

“They’re good”.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had an Uncle?” Andy asked

“Sorry, it slipped my mind” I muttered

I felt Shaun take my hand.

“So, Kendell are you going to introduce me to your friends?”

I looked up to see Uncle Leo looking at my hand that was entwined with Shaun’s.

“Um, you know Jillian and that’s Andy” I turned around “This is Bradie, Michelle, Jumpnow, Sonny, Luke, Lewis, Liam and Jimmy” I introduced them.

“And who’s this?” He asked guesting to Shaun”

“This is Shaun” I smiled. Uncle Leo looked at Shaun before turning his attention to Jilly.

“Jillian, hows everything going for you” Leo asked

Jilly rolled her eyes; I smiled tugged on the corner of my lips.

“It’s going good, but my name’s Jilly. No one calls me Jillian anymore!”

I glared at her, hoping she would get the hint. “Jilly be respectful”

“I’ll respect him when he respects me” she replied turning back to face the front.

I sighed, not even brothering to look up to see my Uncle’s expression, I knew it would be one of disappointment and annoyance.

“Why don’t you try and sleep?” Shaun whispered to me

I glanced up at him, only to be met by a nod of encouragement

I leaned into his shoulder shutting my eyes, feeling his arm go around me.

“Love you” he whispered

“You to” I whispered in return.

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