Boys Over Flowers (American Version) Chapter 3

Sorry for the long wait, and all the mistakes. Sorry. I've was hoping to update like last week, but I got sick and couldn't think straight. New Journal Entry tomorrow...rate, and enjoy please. You'll also notice I've tweaked the previous chapters, and changed the main characters name.

Created by Goody2Shoes316 on Thursday, May 27, 2010

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I walked slowly to my locker in the morning for the first time to get my things. I watched as everyone seemed to be silently following me, waiting to see if I would get the red card. Looking at my locker I knew it was in there, waiting for my eyes to land on it, knowing fully well the war that would break out the moment they would see it. It was so intense that I couldn’t even bear to open it with everyone watching me. The bell rang and everyone around me groaned and whispered. They left when I decided that I wouldn’t open my locker just now and instead would open it and get my things just before lunch.

My first three morning classes went by alright, only because people didn’t know if I had the red card yet. But they still made it hard for me to concentrate, constantly throwing papers at me that I ignored. I even got yelled at by my English teacher when he came over to my desk and accused me of cheating on a quiz. I was sent out of class and was to stay outside until the class ended. That was only in my first block. Second period students wrote nasty words and names on sticky notes and pasted them on my back so slyly that I didn’t even know. And this was only because of what happened yesterday with the F4.

By the end of third period everything had died down and left to eat their expensive cafeteria food. Walking through the hallways by myself was comforting but it was too quiet though, and extra empty. I walked to my locker, looking around as if anything could happen. When I got to my locker I held my breath, wishing I had x-ray vision to see it without actually having to open it. I wish I had a cell phone like everyone else, so I could call up Erica and have her be there for me when I opened it. But I sucked it up, thinking that nothing could bring me down because I was Clover, a weed, tough and strong. I cranked open my locker, my eyes landing on the stupid red card that had F4 in gold written. My heart seemed to sink, but smashing that feeling down deep, I took the pathetic paper and ripped it into tiny little pieces onto the floor.

Then I heard it, the sound of footsteps nearing in towards my area. I could hear their excited but hateful chatter, knowing fully well what it was all about. A new game has started, and the victim was me, officially now. I could imagine them right now, running up the stairs to find me, with eggs in their hands and bags of flour to cover me in. I had that spur of adrenaline course through me, and that was when the goose chase began.

I don’t know how long I’ve been running for, but I was starting have cramps and my legs were suddenly weak on me. My heart was beating and I was tired out already. I ended up ending running up and down stairs like a crazy maniac, only to have those bloodsuckers chasing after me. It felt like I was running for hours, only to realize it’s only be half an hour. As lame as it sounds I ended up tripping and landing right smack dab in the entrance area. I forced myself not to cry, I wouldn’t dare do it, not now and not ever. I was strong...and tough...

I felt the pelting of eggs hit my back and onto my uniform. The laughing was suffocating me, the hateful words I at least tried to block out. For some reason I had though that getting hit with eggs would hurt, but because eggs crack easily, it didn’t hurt as much as I expected. One by one they would keep coming, some eggs, and if I was lucky a nice juicy tomato and all were aimed at me. I didn’t think I had the strength to stand up and face all of them, but my determination to stay in this school and not get bullied or back down made me realize that I could handle anything.

“Is that all you got?! Bully me some more! Go on! Do it!” I shouted at all of them, tears threatening to fall.

Just then a tall guy walked up to me and dumped a bag of flour on top of my head, covering my expensive uniform in flour and staining it. Last but not least, everyone revealed a single can of silly string and of course...I took it like a man.

“Go home! You don’t belong here poor girl!” I heard someone shout; well that’s what everyone seemed to be yelling.

They got bored eventually, running out on their weapons quickly. They threw their empty spray cans at me, not hard but the gesture still mean. The crowd dispersed, heading towards the cafeteria to finally eat their lunch. I took the miracle time to run, and simply go anywhere but there. I let my feet lead the way, only moving by instinct.


I stumbled through the roof door, not stomping to breathe in the air. I ran to the edge, not being able to actually hold it in any longer. I covered my face with my hands, letting the sobbing begin. Pathetic, how horrible it would be if Erica could see me now, crying. What horrid students they are, especially the F4. I looked over the edge, leaning over it to look over more closely.

“What do I do...all I wanna do is leave. Mom and dad wont let me, and to think that I could go handle this. It’s only my first day and I want to give up to these punks. Lousy, no good...,” I sniffled not being able to continue. Mom wouldn’t be happy when I came home with my expensive uniform ruined. “I won’t give in to you shit heads! You messed with the wrong person! Eggs and flour are made to cook...idiots...don’t you know how much this cost! What a waste...flour is like gold dust to poor people!”

Running away was the last thing I wanted to do, but running home just for the day felt like a good choice. Although the sobbing had stopped, the tears had kept falling down, I wiped them away furiously.

“Stop please...can you stop being noisy here?”

I spun on my heel, facing the person whose voice those words belonged to. It felt like my heart had stopped beating when I saw Reid Fairchild sitting against the wall with a book over his head. He took it off, staring at me from afar.

Reid Fairchild wore a plane white blazer which probably cost more than three times my pay cheque. His dark eyes, like a black hole seemed to suck my soul out when they gazed into mine. His face seemed distant, observing the situation as if he couldn’t comprehend why I was crying. He looked like he had never seen a girl cry before. He left me completely speechless with his beauty, but then again I did fear what he could do. He was friends with the rest of the F4.

“I know you have problems, but can you stop relieving your stress here?” Reid said in an emotionless tone, getting up from position against the wall.

“I have problems now because of you and the rest of the stupid F4! All because I refused to watch my friends get hurt! Instead I was the one who got hurt. Are you happy now?” I shouted at him, then shutting my mouth after saying that.

“If you want to leave the school, leave. If you don’t like it so much then just go, no one will really notice you are gone.”

“You guys have been driving everyone out of this school with your pesky bullying and stupid red card. Besides...I-I can’t do that for my own reasons at home,” I began, but before I could finish my sentence he spoke again.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not interested in other people’s affairs,” he said bluntly, standing beside me at the edge and looking down at the people who looked like ants.

As hurt as I was I didn’t let myself show it. To think he was a good person, I must have been wrong. It was stupid of me to let his words hurt, when I didn’t even know him. I tried to think about something else as I stood there beside him a mess as ever. Kristine watched everything that happened to me, the eggs being thrown, the flour being dumped. When I caught her eye in the crowd, she only frowned and walked up the stairs in an escape to avoid the scene. She must have left in embarrassment, unable to help a friend. It hurt to realize that I thought of her as a friend, backed her up and yet she couldn’t back me up.

“Commoner, here,” Reid claimed revealing a white handkerchief. He stretched out his arm for me to take it... and hesitantly took it. This handkerchief was probably expensive just like his clothes. “Clean yourself off, go home. I’ll make note so that you’re excused.”

I wiped my face quickly with it and quietly, and we both stood there. I felt my cheeks getting hot, having the mysterious Reid help me out. When I cleaned my face as much as I could, he was already heading towards the roof doors to the school.

“Hey, what about your handkerchief?” I called to him, he froze where he stood, standing against the door frame.

“Throw it out, it’s become garbage.” He walked away and down the stairs, letting the roof doors shut behind him and leaving me alone.

There he goes again, throwing another dagger at me and not knowing at all what impact he has. He seemed bipolar, mean one moment, nice another, and then mean all over again. I let out a loud sigh, my fingers tracing the embroidery in the corner in navy blue. It said Reid Fairchild, and for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. So I made note to wash it extra good tonight and return to him tomorrow.

While everyone was in class, I took the time to walk home like Reid had said. I trusted him to do what he said he would, excusing me for the rest of the day. People can do a lot of things with money and authority. Before I left I went to my locker, finding that the shredded up red card on the floor had been swept away.

Inside my locker there was a stuff toy, a teddy bear with a St. Marie Academy uniform on itself. The stuff toy was soft and cute, and I wondered how it ever got in there. It always scared me that these rich kids could magically find ways to get my combination for my locker. I squeezed the teddy bear, and a voice recording showed up.

“Clovers, in the field, Clovers in the garden...overlooked by dozens. I picked a clover today, and found that it was lucky lucky clover. I’m glad that I have you. Clover, I’m sorry...” Kristine’s voice sang throughout the recording, and it brought tears to my eyes. Rich girls...I thought most of them here at this school didn’t have a heart. Weren’t capable of feeling this way. I couldn’t help but forgive her, because that’s what friends do.

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