~ Maybe Just Maybe~ A Justin Bieber Love Story Ep. 28 Part 2

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Created by Nymphadora123 on Friday, May 28, 2010

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Justins POV: As we were driving to ??? I was nervous and excited at the same time. I wondered if she would like it or not? Was it too soon for this? I mean it’s been 4 months, not counting the break - up because she had said she wanted to start off where we left off., but i feel like I’ve known her for all of my life. I had kind of. Christian would tell me about her every day and show me pictures of her. I wondered if he ever had a crush on her? Probably.
Limo Driver: Were here Justin.
Justin: Alright Kenny. I’ll be right out! *gets out and goes into Kay Jewelers*
Justin: *goes to the front counter* Hi pick up for Justin Bieber.
Counter Lady: Of course here it is! *hands him a box* That’ll be 450$
Justin: Alright. *pays*
Counter Lady: Thanks! Have a great day.
Justin: You to. *leaves*
( Hospital)
Justin: *opens the door* Hey baby!
Kaylee: Justin!
Justin: *hugs her*
Kaylee: What’s that!?
Justin: You had to ruin it didn’t you!?
Kaylee: Oh? I’m sorry.... *sad*
Justin: No it’s fine *laughs* Here *hands it to her*
Kaylee: Justin! You didn’t have to.
Justin: *laughs* You don’t even know what it is yet! What if it’s just an empty box?
Kaylee: Oh yeah you would so give me an empty box!
Justin: *laughs* It was worth a shot!
Kaylee: *opens it and Gasps* Justin! It’s beautiful! *tears up and throws her arms around his neck*
Justin: Why are you crying!?
Kaylee: Because i love you so much!
Justin: I love you to. *kisses her* Let me put it on you. *clasps it around her neck*
The Necklace: A heart with diamonds on one side and the date 2-8-10 on it ( the day they started dating)
Kaylee: It’s beautiful!
Justin: I’m glad you like it!
Kaylee: I love it!
Jaylee: *kiss*
( Kaylees out of the hospital and their back home right now with the whole crew)
Kaylee: EW! Tomorrow is Monday... UGH!
Christian: Ew! Your right thanks a lot *throws a pillow at her*
Kaylee: I just got out of the hospital how do you think i feel?
Christian: True...
Ashley: I heard were getting a new girl...
Lea: Yeah! I heard that to..
Ryan: Mrs. Smith said something like her name was Nicole i think? Her first day is tomorrow.
Kaylee: Cool!
Justin: *in another room* Kaylee? Can i talk to you!?
Kaylee: Yeah be there in a sec! *gets up and goes to Justin* Yeah?
Justin: *sighs* Sit down.
Kaylee: What’s wrong? * a little scared/ sits*
Justin: Do you want to know what happened that night?
Kaylee: Yeah... I was kind of wondering when someone was gonna tell me.
Justin: *flash back*
( Flash Back)
Justin: Kaylee!!! *catches her as she faints*
Hunter: NO! SHE BROKE MY BROTHERS HEART!!!!! *pulls out a gun*
Cops: *shoot Hunter*
Ashley & Lea: *scream*
Christian: *turns away*
Officer: Does he have a pulse?
Medic: *shakes his head*

( End of Flashback)
Justin: So you have nothing to worry about... he’s dead.
Kaylee: Oh... Alright *sighs* That takes a load off.
Justin: *smiles* Good! I’m glad you don’t have to worry anymore! *hugs her* But are you sure your alright? Your not still like shocked inside or anything?
Kaylee: *shrugs* Nope! I’m all good!
Justins POV: As i watched her walk back to the others... i checked her out but i also thought how strong she was. She came really close to getting raped 3 days ago... now she’s all fine. She’s the strongest girl I’ve ever known...
Kaylee: Justin? You coming??
Justin: Oh um yeah!
Kaylee: *laughs* Kay.

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