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Chapter 24

When Abby woke up next morning in the bed, she smiled at Alexander, she kissed his nose and walked out the room, trying not to weak him up. She went to the bath room, cleaned her face and walked down stairs to the kitchen. When she walked into the kitchen she saw Alexander's mom.

“Morning.” she said. His mom turned around and smiled at her.

“Morning hun.” then she turned back and continued with the work she was doing. “How did you sleep?” Abby sit down at the table looking at her.

“Good. Thank you for allowing me staying here.”

“Its ok. At last I can talk to Alexander's girl.” Abby smiled shyly.

“Yeah...” she said quietly.

“You seem shy?” she looked over her shoulder at Abby.

“Sorry, im not like this but I have never meet parents in such situation.” Abby looked out the window.

“Be like you're home and not at our place. I would like see the side, which Xander fell for.”

“I don't know eater.” Abby laughed a little. “I mean, my childish part or hard working or grown up.”

“Probably for all. You seem interesting and cute person.”

“Thanks.” Abby looked at the table. Abby turned her head when she heard someone walking down and come to the kitchen.

“Morning.” Xander walked to Abby and kissed her on the lips then he walked up to his mom and kissed her on the cheek.

“Morning.” his mom said.

“What were you talking?” he took something out of the fridge and went to sit down next to Abby.

“Nothing, just that for which part of her did you fell for.” his mom smiled and continued with the preparation for lunch.

“Oh...” he started to eat. Then he looked at Abby. “Did you eat something?”


“Why you didn't eat?”

“Im not hungry.” Xander made a face and continued to eat.

After he eat up his breakfast both of them went up to his room and put some clothes on, and went out into the city again. They were walking next to the beautiful canal, with the boat in.

“You're acting weird.” Xander started.

“Sorry.” Abby looked at the ground.

“Don't be.” he took her hand, and pulled her closer.

“I know im weird, but I can't help. I don't know how to act in front your parents so I wont end up like another idiot.”

“Mom probably told you, you can act as home didn't she?”

“She did.” Abby looked at him.

“So whats holding you?”

“I don't know.”

“They like you.” Abby looked at him with surprising eyes.


“Mom said you're cute but that she wanna meet real you not the shy type,” he stopped, so did Abby, he then looked into her eyes and kissed her. “, dad said the same thing.” he kissed her again, smiling into the kiss. “Be you at the lunch ok?” Abby looked away but then back at him.

“Ok.” she smiled. She quickly kissed him on the lips. “I'm gonna try.”

“Good.” once again he kissed her and they made their way to his house.

When they entered the house, there was a nice smell coming from the kitchen, they took off the shoes and went there. Everything was already set down, Abby bowed to his parents and sit down, Xander sit down next to her. They were talking when his mom asked Abby something.

“So did you have any boyfriends before Alexander?” Abby swallowed the food down when she heart the question.

“Mom.” Xander went in between the conversation.

“Its ok.” Abby smiled at him. “She just wanna know.”


“To tell the truth I didn't have boyfriend before him,” she looked at Xander. “,but I had something with someone, but it wasn't serious, I mean it wasn't love more like brother sister like love.”

“So there is no chance for you to go back to him?”

“No, because I love Alexander.” she smiled

“Good.” she smiled and continued with the food. Alexander give Abby a look, but he didn't say anything.

“May I ask with what are you making money and all?” Alexander's dad asked.

“Dancing in same company as Alexander. Back dancer if I may say so.”

“Nice. So you're a good dancer?”

“Of course she is!” Alexander answered. His dad smiled, so did Abby smiled.

“Lets say I need to learn more.”

“You are already good.”


“Yes you are! You should see her! She only needs to observe good the dance steps and she already knows them. All she needs to do in the end is to try it and all.” he then grinned. Abby looked at him.

“Yeah no....Let say like this.”

“Then you have a talent.”

“Yeah.” Abby looked at his dad.

“Tell me about your parents.” he continued with the food.

“There is nothing to tell, I mean they live in America and all. My younger brother lives with them so does my older sister.”

“How old I she?” Alexander's mom asked this time.

“She will be 25 this year.”

They keep continue talking like that, after the lunch Abby and Alexander cleaned up the dishes and went up to his room. They talked a little bit, when they fell a sleep. The afternoon come, when Alexander's mom come into the room and weak them up for the dinner. They had a little talk after the dinner, the young couple left for the city once again.

“I hope you're all right?” Alexander stod before Abby. She looked at him

“It's ok.” she smiled.

“I love you.” he placed his hands around her, and pulled her closer to him.

“Ya ya.” she giggled and grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the kiss. Alexander returned the kiss.

After the kiss they went to a park and talked there a little, the time went by and they returned home. Alexander's dad was still awake. Abby went to the bathroom and took a shower. Alexander stayed downstairs by his father.

“You really love her.”


“How long?”

“Seven months.”


“Did you two you know?”


“Just checking.” Dad grinned and his son answer.

“Don't smile like that!”

“What? You don't wanna talk about this?”

“Stop it. Im going to bed.”

“Just don't do that stuff here.” Alexander looked at his dad like he was crazy or something, but then just walked u to his room.

Abby was already in her pajama and reading a book on the bed. Alexander walked up to her and kissed her head. Abby smiled. He then lied next to her, she looked at him.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing.” he looked at her and kissed her, Abby grinned into the kiss. Alexander rolled them over so he was on top.

“What are you planing?” Abby break up the kiss.

“Nothing.” he kissed her neck and she giggled.

“Ya ya.” she kissed him again and hugged him.

His hands slowly went down and under her pajama, he stroked her belly, Abby twitched, his hands were cold at first but she get used to it. He kissed her neck down to the collarbone. Abby giggled again. She warped her legs around his waist. Xander grinned. They break up the kiss once again.

Looking into each other eyes they smiled and kissed again. Abby then took off his shirt, his grin become bigger. Abby rolled then this time, then sit up on his belly and break up the kiss.

“We should go to sleep.” she teased.

“Party breaker...” he made a face.

“Shush.” she kissed him once again and went off of him. He dragged her closer to him and hugged her.

“Night love.” Abby grinned a little.

“Night.” she turned her head and kissed him on the lips before she fell a sleep.

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