Logan's Birthday (Big Time Rush)

WARNING: This story does have two guys liking each other. Some people call it slash, others yaoi, but whatever you want to call it, I'm letting you know that it's there BEFORE you come whining to me anout to gay guys in my story. Oh, and it's KOGAN slash. Kendall/Logan. Now, if you don't like it, please don't read.

Created by MySupermanJoeDJDangaa on Sunday, May 30, 2010


Disclaimer: I don’t own Big Time Rush, the characters, or anything else you recognize that I haven’t claimed as mine.

It was Logan’s birthday. His 13th birthday. His friends had taken him to see his favorite hockey teams play against each other. The Red Wings versus Minnesota Wild. It was a crazy game, a home game, and at the end of the game his friends surprised him by taking him to the locker rooms for both teams and getting some autographs.

On top of that he had a great party. If you could call it that. Before the game the guys and him had sat around watching movies. Then they had his favorite kind of cake, chocolate cake with white frosting, and pizza. Then there was the presents.

Logan’s parents got him the hockey tickets, grinning at their son’s reaction.

James and Carlos used both their allowances to buy some new hockey equipment and a Minnesota Wild jersey, laughing at their friend’s enthusiasm.

Kendall had gotten Logan a huge book on snakes, his newest animal obsession, whispering in his ear that he had more later.

Logan hugged his friends and his parents at the end of the night. “Thanks, guys. I had an awesome birthday.”

“No problem, dude. We had a fun night, too,” James replied, grinning. “But, hey, listen. I have to go. My mom’s gonna get mad if I’m too late.” Logan looked at the clock. 11:28 PM.

“Yeah, it’s fine. Carlos, you should go, too.” Logan told the Latino.

“Yeah, I know. But what about you, Kendall?” Carlos asked, looking at the blonde haired boy.

Kendall smiled. “I’m staying over tonight.”

“Oh, all right. But nothing too crazy.” James waggled his eyebrows.

“Aw, shut up, James. Let them have their fun! Now let’s go, I wanna try out these homemade roller skates I made and I need you to watch me because my mom said so.” Carlos put on his helmet, giving his friends a sloppy grin before pulling James out the door.

Logan and Kendall laughed at their friends before turning to each other. “So what now, Logie?”

“Well you said earlier you had more to my present, so let’s go!” Logan exclaimed. Kendall nodded and took his boyfriend’s hand. He led Logan up the stairs and into the bathroom. He wrenched the window open and climbed out, Logan following. After the two pulled themselves onto the roof and settled so Logan’s head was on Kendall’s chest, his head tucked under the other boy’s chin, and Kendall’s arms wrapped around his chest, Kendall pulled out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it.

“Now.” He pushed it back in his pocket and returned his arm to it’s spot around Logan’s side. “Watch this, Logie.”

Suddenly, the sky was set aglow from fireworks. A large variety of colors, sizes, and patterns blasted through the air. Logan’s eyes widened as his mouth dropped open. The bright colors reflected off his eyes beautifully. “Wha- How did you…?”

“On top of that snake book? Let’s just say I owe my parents big time.” Kendall laughed.

Logan sighed happily and snuggled more into the taller boy’s chest. “Thank you, Kendall.”

He felt Kendall nod in response. The couple sat in silence as the fireworks continued. As the fireworks finally died down, Logan shifted so they were chest to chest. He pressed his lips to Kendall’s and smiled. He flipped back over and the two laid there watching the stars twinkle brightly up above.

At some point Logan fell asleep. Kendall leaned down and whispered in his ear. “Happy birthday, Logan. I love you.” And with that he fell asleep, too, dreaming of his love and a smile plastered on his face all through the night.

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