Waking up in vegas, married and pregnant with Oliver Syke's baby...SHIT! characters

haha my new story! hope u love it

Created by lollipop32 on Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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Name:Mason HartAge: 21
Friends: Juliet (Jinx/Funeral), Andi, Lyz, Tom
Piercings: Septum, eyebrow, angel bites, industrial bar, hips,
Tattoos:"Broken" on the inside of her left wrist after her parents died, a bloody heart on her shoulder that had been shot, a gun on her other shoulder shooting the heart
Name: Juliet (Jinx) Funeral
Age: 21
Friends: Mason (Skye), Andi, Lyz, Tom
Piercings: snake bites, septum, hips, and all up her ears
Tattoos: broken heart (wrist), wings turning to ashes (on back), spider web (neck)
Name: Andi Hart
*Mason's lilSister*
Age: 20
Friends: Mason (Skye), Juliet (Jinx), Lyz, Tom
Piercings: snakebites
Tattoos:"Broken" on the inside of her right wrist, both Mason and Andi got them on the same day after there parents died
Name: Elisabeth (Lyz) Tanner
*will kill you if you call her Elisabeth, even her friends*
Friends:Mason (Skye), Juliet (Jinx), Andi, Tom
Name: Thomas (Tom) Sykes
Friends:Mason (Skye), Juliet (Jinx), Lyz, Andi
Name: Oliver (Oli) Sykes
Age: 22
Friends: Ronnie Radke, Synyster Gates,Andy Sixx, his band members,
Name: Ronnie Radke
Age: 21
Friends: Max Green, Oli, Andy, Synyster,his band mates
Name: Andrew (Andy 6) Biersack
Age: 20
Friends:Ronnie, Oli, Synyster,his band members
Name: Bert McCracken
Age: 22
Friends: Oli, Ronnie, Andy, theused members

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