white ookami ulqiorra love story chapter 4

ok people!!!!! here is the next chapter! big thank you to XxitachiplaytoyxX for being the best person on the earth right now! so... THANK YOU! people please message me... i like when people do that... pweese! ok the new character will be featured in this chapter. this may not be the best chapter ever... im really sad at the moment. but you guys enjoy! kk -pt101

Created by petTony101 on Thursday, June 03, 2010

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------------------------- three boring days later````````````````````````````````````````````````

"hiya girly... how ya holn' up?" asked an ever smiling gin

i just nodd to show i was listening. what id really like to do was go check this place out... id only been shown my room and a bathroom. i had been given new clothes wich i had to fix. they were given to me as a big turtle neck shirt with a really longs skirt and thats it... horrible. this is what it looked like when i finished with it.


" did you know we have a gym?" asked gin

that caught my attentio. i looked up at him and he smiled... biger. i shook my head. he went on to tell me the location of the gym but refused to actually show me. that would be just like gin. as soon as he left the room i grabbed ookami and started for the coordinates of the gym. it actually was closer than i thought! i had to sneak in, i didn't want to get caught outside of my room, i wasn't aloud.

i snuck into the gym to find nobody there. i looked around and it was deserted. i noticed that the gym was huge! there was a weight lifting area with all kinds of wieghts for everything. i could definatly use that! looking around again i see a battleing arena for like fist fights and stuff like that. then there was a corner for sharpening weapons and another corner held a door to a pool. hallows have a indoor pool? i will never understand them.

inside the pool room was a slighly heated 12 foot pool, a hot tub big enough to fit all of the espada together, a chamber for a steam room, and a mixed (boys and girls) locker room which included lockers, benches, a couch, and a bathroom. there was stalls in this bathroom and curtains on the showers but there was no actual door.

i stepped back out and saw something i didn't see earlier. a small door in the far far back corner of the pool room. i went to it and quietly opened it. it was the best room id seen yet. it was full of ropes that went to the sealing, a tight rope or four, and a bunch of ropes that you can do pretty much anything on. there was a bar on the right corner of the room and next to it was a nice sized punching bag. with a couple of improvments i would definately come here a lot.

i went back to the locker room and changed into some clothes id taken with me in a bag. i looked like this only with black soccer shorts:


i started working out until i heared a lot of yelling. "what is makeing all that noise?" i ask to myself.... i go out ot the gym after puting my black and white clothes on. there were to girls in the hall. one was a girl with big boobs and long orange hair and another with red hair and black streaks. looking a little closer i could see that the girl with massive boobs was orihime.

"orihime?" i ask

she looks at me and runs to hug me. i just stand there while she hugs me and unknowingly suffocates me in her giant cleavage. "what happened?" i ask

she goes into this long story of what happened *what happened in to anime but with the chick with red hair had stood up for orihime and was braught with her*. i looked over at the girl slumped agianst the wall. she was very quiet and when i asked her questions she just nodded. how could this little thing stand up agianst an arrancar? oh well. as i was talking to orihime and ignoring the girl, grimmjow walks in.

in the past few days grimmjow and i had started to become friends.... it all started with a rubber ducky, water, and a cat litter box....

``````````````````````` flash back````````````````````````````

" hey woman, go get ulquiorra!" grimmjow sneered at me

" go get mr.wall urselft grimmjow jack ass." i respond

"just go get him"

i just roll my eyes and walked out of the room. i found ulqiorra in the hallway and he seemed quite reluctant to fallow me... we hadn't even spoken barely since i became is ' fraction'. anyway i walked in to the room and as i opened the door a big bucket of water fell on my head... well it was supposed to but i ducked just in time only to run at him and slipp on a rubber duck. ulquiorra just stared at me while grimmjow started to laugh his ass off.

"ill get you back...." i warned in a monotone.

" yeah... hahah.... right... ahahaha *gasp gasp* hahaha" and with that i walked out ot the room

.............. a couple hours later.......................

i stood hideing behind a corner next to grimmjows room watching as my prey walked into his room, unsespecting of my ticky revenge... i chuckle to myself at the thought of his expression ans i creep to the door and peer inside


where is nice four poster bed had been now stood a gian kitty litter box and a roll of toilet paper.. with a collar haning from a string with a sticky note saying 'bite me'. i couldn't help but know i got him back.

the next hour i was back in my prison... i mean room and he busts in there with a water gun... ( i still don't know where those are..) and started shooting me until i beat him senceless with a pillow the size of a dog. we were having a good time till i found out that it was ulquiorra's. then i was locked in the room alone for the next day.

```````````````````````` end of flash back``````````````

this was the first time i saw him since i was locked in my prison... room thingy. " you " he siad pointing to orihime " will be with ulquiorra while you " he said pointing to the red head " will be with me. no questions." he said and signaled for the red head to fallow him.

as she walked past me i said " don't worry about him... if he bothers you let me know. whats your name kid?"

she lookes at me and says" fujiwara...."

" cristina fujiwara...."

redblack1.JPG christina fujiwara

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