GenderBender! Victim two [Gokudera]

Gokudera was not having a good week. He kept accidentally flashing people his underware, Shamal won't stop molesting him, his Boss is avoiding him, everyone thinks that he's dating Yamamoto and Hibari seems to be out ot get him. Being a girl really sucked.

Created by Friglit on Saturday, June 05, 2010

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Warning: Some OOCness, swearing, references of molesting an unwilling man-woman and allusions to blood play. And Bel. Like Xanxus, he deserved his very own warning. Actually all the Varia do.


Victim 2: Gokudera

Gokudera was not sulking.

Not in the slightest.

After all, just because he happened to be reflecting on what a shitty life he had, did not mean that he was sulking.

After all. It was true. Clearly if there was some omnipotent being out there, it really, really did not like him.

Take recent events for example.

Out of all the people in the world. Out of all the people in his famiglia. Hell, out of all the people in the room at the time, why, oh dear god WHY, when Reborn’s new and improved dying will bullet was knocked off course by a rampaging Xanxus (basically your average Vongola/Varia meeting. Minus the miss with the altered bullet that is...), did it have to hit HIM?

It could just have easily hit Xanxus himself (and that bastard would really have disserved it. Trying to kill Juudaime like that. Again), or lawnhead – he’d been right beside him after all. Or ANYONE for that matter.

But no. It hit him.

And now...

Plump lips sticking out in what he would completely deny was an adorable pout, Gokudera prodded his new breasts experimentally.

He supposed that he probably should be glad that at least he had a good figure. (God knows that if that baseball idiot ever got turned into a girl he wouldn’t have any hips to speak of!). But considering he would much rather have his old figure back, it really wasn’t much comfort. Less if you consider the problems said new body had been causing him.

So far he had managed to flash people his panties a grand total of 28 times (and in the course of a week that was pretty impressive). Damn skirt. He had been molested by Shamal 12 times (though getting him to agree to training and seeing him as a patient was much easier. Then again, he spent most of the time dodging his wandering hands...). He was currently being forced to wear a bra (which had to be the least comfortable thing in the world) by Hibari of all people because apparently when he tried to go without he was distracting the students of Namimori. He had to suffer through the birds and the bees with Bianchi, because as a female he now needed a ‘different’ version from the one that he had got as a kid... (it was getting pretty scary actually how enthusiastic she was about having a ‘new little sister’.) Oh and he had his first ever period to look forwards to. And that wasn’t even touching on the number of his classmates that had tried to ask him out.

All in all, life was peachy. Kindly note the sarcasm.

Of course, as sucky as those things might be, that was not the reason that he was currently sitting outside (not) sulking.

No. The real problem was that Tsuna now hated him.

Oh sure, his beloved Juudaime had tried to spare him the harsh truth, still trying to behave like nothing was wrong, like Gokudera hadn’t just completely failed him by not dodging that bullet and being turned into a worthless female, but he knew the truth.

He had first inkling that things weren’t as okay as they were all pretending, on his first day back at school following the ‘incident’, as he liked to think of it. In an effort to behave like nothing was wrong (with his friends anyway, naturally he had to come up with a ridiculous cover story about being his own twin sister for his class) he had given Tsuna the bento that he had made for him, like normal. But instead of his usual bright smile and gratitude, his Juudaime had instead turned bright red and looked uncomfortable. Yamamoto, the bastard, obviously knew what was going on, because he just stood to one side smirking at them. He didn’t even know that idiot knew how to smirk!

Clearly he thought that with Gokudera out of the way that he’s next in line to be Tsuna’s right hand man! As if!

Although, come to think on it, Hana had also looked pretty amused. He wasn’t really sure why that was though... maybe she was in league with the baseball idiot. And Kyoko had looked like she was about to burst into tears. But then again, women are crazy. So better not to ask.

And then yesterday, when they had been on their way out of the school gates, Gokudera had tripped (over some bodies left in place by the disciplinary committee) and face-planted to the concrete, landing oh so gracefully with his ass in the air and his skirt around his waist (panty flashing incident no 27). Stupid short fluttery bit of fabric. Seriously, how the hell did females deal with those ridiculous things!?

So when he had embarrassedly climbed to his feet, he’d immediately turned around to apologise to Tsuna, only to be startled by the blood pouring from his nose. Obviously his Juudaime had also fallen over the cadavers blocking the school gate! But when Gokudera had tried to help him with it, Tsuna had immediately turned bright red and run away stuttering some excuse or other, leaving him with Yamamoto and Ryohei, both of whom were staring at him with a kind of glazed look. Idiots.

Oh and Hibari, who was looking at him like some kind of hamburger. Which was a little creepy. And who proceeded to give him detention tomorrow in the reception room for the ‘indecent display’ on school property.

Gokudera was pretty sure that was Hibari talk for ‘I’m going to beat some grace into you so that you stop flashing your panties to the school public and destroying my peace.’ Naturally he wasn’t really looking forward to that detention. An entire evening alone with Hibari in an empty school. Maybe if he was lucky he’d manage to survive.

Shit. He’d forgotten the most mortifying thing of all. The entire school seemed to think that he was dating Yamamoto. Just because the moron had seen fit to ‘rescue’ him from a group of his admirers that he had been about to blow up (why the hell the ass had felt the need to interfere in the first place was beyond him...). Of course being a total idiot, Yamamoto had chosen to do it by slinging an arm around Gokudera’s shoulders and punching out the worst offender when he wouldn’t back off. Hence the current rumours.

Although it had been pretty satisfying to watch him get bitten to death by a pissed off Hibari afterwards. Apparently it was the disciplinary committee’s duty to punish the student body for their misdemeanours and they did not like people stealing their work from them. Or for starting ‘irritating rumours’ which apparently led to an increase in crowding.


The familiar laugh dragged the brooding bomber from his thoughts. Turning to glare over his shoulder, Gokudera crushed out his cigarette.

“The hell do you want?” he snarled at the unwelcome visitor.

With everything that had happened, he’d actually forgotten that the Varia were still in town (Xanxus and Tsuna were still involved in meetings. Not that Gokudera had been back to once since the incident.)

Coming to a halt in front of the irate bomber, Belgephor tilted his head to one side contemplatively, his tiara sparkling in the sunlight.

“Is something wrong, Principessa?” he smirked, ignoring Gokudera’s question.

“None of your God damn...” began the man-turned woman as he leaped to his feet, eyes blazing with temper, before something finally registered, “wait, did you just call me Princess?! What the fuck!?”

The Prince just allowed his grin to widen in answer as eyes hidden behind his hair travelled the length of his former rival, enjoying the shortness of the skirt s/he was wearing before coming to a halt on the fe/male’s newly acquired heaving bosom.

The grin took on a predatory quality.

“Ushishsishi. Do you want to play with me, Principessa?”

As Gokudera’s temper gave way slightly in wary shock at the new edge to the blonde psychopaths voice, he felt a wave of foreboding wash over him. Why was he suddenly certain that his day was going to become that much worse?


Biting back an urge to groan, Tsuna sank a little lower in his seat.

He was miserable.

The past week had been god awful. So far Xanxus had tried to kill him a grand total of 45 times. Reborn 62. And Bianchi 11.

Of course that last one was not helped by the fact that he kept getting spontaneous nose bleeds around her precious new ‘little sister’.

But it’s not like he could help it! God above, why did Gokudera have to make such a pretty girl?! He had a better figure than most of the real females in their school for crying out loud! And just to make things worse he kept accidentally flashing everyone his underwear! Tsuna was only a hormonal teenage boy after all.

And it’s not like he was alone in that particular issue (although he admittedly was a lot less adept at hiding it...). He had certainly seen Yamamoto and Ryohei blush whenever Gokudera bent to pick something up. And then there was Hibari... maybe he should warn his friend before he went for that detention with the Prefect... then again, Gokudera was much smarter than him. If he thought it was okay, then maybe Tsuna was wrong.

Still, the very thought of being pursued by Hibari Kyoya was enough to make Tsuna want to wet himself...


“Pay attention Dame-Tsuna”


Rubbing his head ruefully, Tsuna shot his smirking tutor a resentful look before obeying and turning his attention back to the meeting.

Although in all honesty he didn’t really know why he was here. All he done so far is sit silently and occasionally act as target practice when Xanxus got to irritable.

Oh and when his father wanted someone to humiliate.

Before his thoughts could go any further however, the door to the meeting room was thrown open with an almighty BANG!

“Juuuuuuuudaaaaaiiiiiiimmmmeee!” Gokudera’s feminine wail filled the room as the newly turned girl raced in and threw herself at Tsuna, firmly wrapping her arms around his waist as she knelt before him, burning her face desperately in his... lap.

“G-Gokudera-kun! W-what are you...” the reluctant Decimo shrieked as he flailed around wildly in his Storm Guardian’s grasp, his face a bright red.

“Juudaime! Please, you have to help me!” begged the silver haired girl desperately as she finally lifted her face to stare pleadingly up at her Boss.

The look of sheer panic on his friend’s face cooled Tsuna’s humiliation. Frowning slightly, Tsuna took in the bomber’s torn and dirty school uniform, the strange, round bruises that covered her neck and shoulders, her wide, terrified eyes and the numerous shallow cuts that littered her skin...

“Gokudera, what’s...”

Unfortunately Tsuna’s rare show of maturity was cut short as the door was thrown open a second time, revealing a grinning Prince.

With a distraught wail, Gokudera dove under the table.

“The fuck do you want, trash?” snarled Xanxus at his subordinate, his red eyes narrowing threateningly.

“Sorry Bossu,” snickered the blonde as he strode into the room, “just collecting my new toy~”

Bending over, Bel reached an arm under the table and proceeded to drag a struggling Gokudera out by the ankle.

“Noooo! Let me go, God damn it! LET ME GO!”

Ignoring her protests, the Varia Storm Unit commander hefted the thrashing female under his arm and made a beeline for the exit.

“Ushishishi! Silly Principessa, the Prince wasn’t done playing with you yet...”

“I don’t care! I don’t want to play anymore you freaky pervert! And I’m not your fucking Princess!”

“Umm...” Tsuna blinked in shock as the door swung closed behind them. “Shouldn’t we maybe do something..?”

“Why the hell would I care about those scum?” snorted Xanxus in disgust at Tsuna’s question.

“I have such a cute student ♥” cooed Shamal as he sighed happily, pondering on the wonderful view he had just gotten up Gokudera’s skirt.

“Ah, young love! It reminds me of my Nana!” was Iemitsu’s input.

Bianchi just smiled.


“Stupid Tsuna, concentrate on the meeting. Gokudera will be fine.” Reborn. As compassionate as ever.

“Alright, alright, if you’re sure,” grumbled the brunette doubtfully.


Eye’s widening in horror Tsuna tore his gaze away from the door and towards the other occupants of the room.

Said occupants appeared completely unaffected by the hysterical shout from outside.

Well, almost all of them.

“They grow up so fast,” sighed Bianchi happily.

Rubbing a hand down his face, Tsuna wondered why everyone in his family was batshit crazy.

Heaving a sigh, he reluctantly got back to the meeting.

He just hoped Hibari didn’t hear about this...


Poor Bakadera. So oblivious. Still, I think Bel is helping him with that. Tsuna’s right though, Hibari wont be happy. He planned on being the one to do that...

Yeah, I realise that Gokudera is probably a bit OOC at the end – running away instead of having a tantrum and throwing bombs. My only defence is that I honestly believe that anything Bel might have done is enough to traumatise anyone enough to make them a hysterical mess....

I think I’m quite attached to fem!Gokudera. There is just so much possibility for just about every pairing under the sun.

Actually I think fem!boys who are totally unaware of their effects on their male friends are my new obsession. It’s too damn funny!

Fem!Ryohei next I think... Poor Luss wont be happy!


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