God's Promise to forbaden love

shakespeare got nothing on this.. tragic love story

Created by mysticeye on Tuesday, June 08, 2010

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Main characters:

Caius V. Volturi

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Race: European

Bio: an ancient vampire lord and at age 24 he is the youngest vampire leader of the Volturi.

Earthbound age: 5,845 years and counting

Mystic L. Eye:

Age: unknown (she can’t be older than20, she looks 16, but her body says otherwise)

Sex: Female

Race: Egyptian

Bio: Born in the Louisiana Bayou her kind is suspected to have evolved from alligators. She traveled to Egypt when she was 14 and married the king of Egypt 2 months later. The king died of a heart attack when he kissed his new wife for the first time at the altar. Queen Mystic a widow at age 16 needed to find a husband to keep her throne so she married her passed husbands’ younger brother but she refuses to mate him.

Chapter 1

Scene 1

Setting: At the Voulturi Ball

An onlooker would think that there must be a fire from the looks of the bright light being emitted from the highest room of the castle with no doors. With all the light and sparks coming from the glassed in room one would think that the building was burning down, however no one would think to guess that the light was being emitted from the skin of over 40 dancing vampires, nope no one would guess that at all.

“Tink, Tink” though the sound would be barely audible in a quiet room the sound was almost hard to miss to the immortals who were just a second ago talking so virtuously it seemed as if a earthquake would go unnoticed.

Aro: welcome to the annual immortals ball, though I don’t know why I call it annual since I only have it every millennium or so.

The hall erupts with soft laughter

Aro: as you know every thousand years, members of the Volturi are added. The small group of humans must undergo a series of task to see if they differ from other humans, to see if they can fight temptation and to see if they are worthy to be called vampri. And so I………

From the front doors burst open to Alec and Demetri, in their arms a human and Caius Volturi’s wife, Athendora.

Caius: Unhand my wife this instant or you both will be killed.

Demetri: Caius, master, you should look over your wife better, and then maybe she wouldn’t stoop so low as to sleep with mortal men.

With that he threw Athendora and a mortal male forward, both half naked. Athendora stumbled but caught herself, the male human fell face forward onto the ground.

Alec: while we were guarding the grounds we caught hold of the scent of male pheromone we found her in the lower part of the castle mating this mortal. She heard us coming but she was too late she tried to jump out the window and leave the mortal to be dealt with by us and……

Caius: LIES, you tell lies I will cut off your tongue.

Alec: I do not lie to you now, master; you can smell their scent on each other.

And every vampire in the room drew in a breath, which followed gasps, shouts of disgust and groans from the vampires who just came to get drunk and have fun. (AN: yes, vampires can get drunk, in my story anyways)

Caius inhales and coughs in outrage.

Caius: what is this?
Alec: I have just told you master, they……
Aro: Caius, I will calm this quarrel once and for all. Come forth Athendora, give me your hand.
Athendora: no.
Aro: do you not want to prove your faithfulness to your husband, Athena?
Come hither, now.

Athendora pulls her scraps of clothing to her body; she was wearing nothing but a torn bodice and a modern day thong. Her eyes searched the throng of crowded vampri, she looked at Aro, she looked at Marcus, and she looked at the cowering human 5 feet away from her, but her eyes refused to look at her husband.

Marcus says softly “what faithfulness”

Athendora: what reason have I to prove myself to you, Aro?
Aro: I only try to save this marriage is all?
Athendora: Why try to save something that is doing just fine? I am and have been faithful to Caius since we were married, when I was human.

Athendora looks to Caius with pleading eyes.

Athendora: Caius, stop this now. Defend your wife.

Caius steps forward to Athendora, eyes blank, and face empty. He stops inches from Athendora and slowly leans forward. Athendora tries to kiss him but he grabs her face as an adult would a child and tilts her head to the side. He inhales her hair. He pauses and inhales her neck, then to every ones shock he bends down on his knee and, with his nose barley touching it, sniffs at Athendora’ s crotch. He slowly rises and brings Athendora’s face forward, she tries to talk but is interrupted by Caius sniffing at her breath and taking 2 steps backward.

Athendora: Caius, I…

She is interrupted again but this time by a harsh, degrading, backhanded, fingers together, slap to the face. It doesn’t hurt her, but it isn’t a pleasurable experience either.

Aro: well, Caius, don’t be a wife beater.

It earns him a couple of giggles from the younger vapri but the older ones know just how unfunny this truly was, Caius and his wife were together longer than any couple in existence, that is if God didn’t have a wife.

Caius: What wife do you speak of Aro?
Athendora: husband, Caius please forgi…
Caius: do not call me your husband, wrench. You are no wife of mine.

The hall is quiet, the only sound being the shallow and shaky breathing of the human male.

Aro: Caius since this is not of any business of mine I will suggest that you give out the punishments and whatnot.
Caius: Of course Aro.

Aro seats himself down in his throne “this is better than “The Housewives”” he mumbles.

Caius: Stand up the perpetrator.

Demetri grabs the mortal by his hair to stand him up; he looks to be about 15, 16 or so.

Aro: he’s just a child, Oh, that’s nasty, Athena.
Marcus: That’s statutory to the extreme.
Caius: What is your name boy?

The man-boy looks at Caius but winces once he feels his hair being pulled tighter by Demetri. He looks back down. “My name is King Nagra of the Egyptian Gara”

Aro: poppycock
Marcus: He does not lie to you now Caius.

Everyone stares at the King and Athendora in shock.

Caius: Are you aware of whom you were just screwing?
Aro: Language
Nagra: I didn’t know she was a married woman.
Marcus: did you not see her ring?
Nagra: she wore no ring.
Aro: did you not see the place that she brought you to?
Nagra: I am drunk; I didn’t see much besides her leer.
Caius: is that your excuse?
Nagra: I have no excuse; I take death as I may.
Caius: oh, yes you may, but not now before we have a little talk to your wife, a king could not be as young as yourself if he were not married am I correct?
Nagra: PLEASE, Oh please have mercy and kill me first. DO NOT BRING HER INTO THIS; SHE WILL KILL ME BEFORE THOUST DO. Kill me now, have mercy.

Everyone stares in shock.

Aro: well, now I really want to meet her.
Marcus: Yes, send someone for her tell them we’ve got something of hers.
Caius: Ask her to bring as many people of her court as she can, tell her time is crucial, I just might lose my temper and kill his raggedy ass.

Aro: language.

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