little boy and little girl

it's a poem i just felt like i needed to write. no i don't know people who had this happen to them. but i do know that this does happen everywhere in the world. comments and rating's are appriciated.

Created by wolfjeRawr on Friday, June 11, 2010


Little boy of 10 years old,
all alone in this big, big world.
nobody to hold him,
and nobody to love him.

Little girl of 8 years old.
her mother is a whore,
the only thing she know’s
is sex,
drugs and drugs.

Little boy of 10 years old,
shipped off to a new foster home,
little boy of 10 years old living next to the little girl of 8 years old,

teenage boy 16 years old and teenage girl of 14 years old.
lived next to each other for six years,
only have each other, no one loves them.

girl’s on drugs, following her mother’s footsteps,
for it’s the only thing she knows.
boy’s growing up,
he’s an outcast to the world,
finding out he’s gay. Getting bullied on school.
and beaten every day by his foster parents.
only has his friend, who’s following her mother’s footsteps.

A young man of 18 standing in front of a grave in the rain.
trying to be strong, trying so hard not to cry.
he has lost his only friend,
the 16 year old girl from next door who was following her mother’s footsteps.
she died from an overdose.
heroine ruined her life.

Young girl’s mother doesn’t care.
she didn’t even come.
the boy’s the only one there,
for they only had each other for the past 8 years.

Boy turns to drugs, get’s hooked up to heroine.
doesn’t care anymore,
doesn’t care that’s the cause of his only friend’s death.

Little boy grew up in a world of pain and hate.
and is now laying beside his only friend.
he died at the age of 19 from an overdose.

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