You'll Always Be My Little Girl {Randy Orton} One Shot -For snowbunny11-

okay well here's quite possibly the cheesiest one shot i've ever written xP the flashbacks are all kinda blended so bear with me :) so many other people have been just awesome and i promise to have all of your one shots out soon! and please, no one steal them. please i work very hard and passing them off as your own is something that i find very upsetting. anyways enough rambling lol, hope you all enjoy it! rate? review? MESSAGE?! :O :D

Created by TruBlue92 on Saturday, June 12, 2010



“Daddy, does my hair look okay? God I’m so nervous!”

A wide grin spread across the emotional father’s face as he nodded and watched his baby girl fix her low bun, poking and pulling at random bobby pins, trying to get it perfect.

She was almost going into frenzy, frantically fixing her hair before her father gently laid his large hand on hers to stop it’s vigorous movements.

“Honey, you look perfect. I’ve never seen you look so beautiful sweetheart” he said to her honestly, looking into the same eyes he remembered from all those years ago...


“One more push Mrs. Orton! Almost there....almost there....”

“Ugh! I can’t take it anymore! Fuck I can’t do it!”

“You can do it love. The baby’s almost out! Almost honey, you can’t give up now”

“O-ok. I’ll p-push again”

“Okay Mrs. Orton we’re in the homestretch now. One more big push and the baby will be out. Great job, just about there....almost......yes yes yes....and we have a baby!”

“Oh my-oh my god! Finally....”

Ten Minutes Later

“She looks exactly like you babe” she whispered out quietly to her husband, looking up at him with happy tear filled eyes.

He grinned widely down at his wife and newborn daughter, then up at both of their proud families. This baby girl really would be the most spoiled little doll ever to grace god’s green earth.


“What now? Geez can’t a man get any rest around here...”




“Ok baby, come on...walk to daddy...”

“Haha, dada funny...”

“Yes sweetie, dada’s funny. Now come on baby girl, walk to me...”

“Randy! Oh my god she’s letting go of my hands....oh honey she’s walking!”

“I know babe, I know! And I’m getting it all on tape...”

“Whoops, oh it’s okay baby girl. It was only a little fall, you’re fine...But we did get your very first steps on tape!”

“Sweetheart, you are gonna be one hell of heartbreaker when you’re older...”

“Randy, what exactly does that have to do with her walking?”

“Nothing hun, nothing but she’s just perfect...”

“No daddy I don’t wanna go! NOOOOO!”

“Honey, it’s just school. You wanna be a big girl right? All those little girls are going in and you’re not gonna be the only one there”

“B-but I’m s-scared daddy...”

“Aw baby girl come here...There’s no reason to be scared, you’re four years old already! You’re a big girl and you’ll make friends real fast sweetie”

“O-ok daddy. I think I’m ready...”

“That’s my girl. Now have a good first day. I’ll be by in a few hours to pick you up”

“Okay daddy. I love you! Bye!”

“Love you too Alanna! Bye!”

“God I hate this…but c’mon Randy, no big deal, you’re coming to get her in a few hours…it’s only till 11. Fuck I’m pathetic…I did not think that I would be this upset…but who am I kidding…she’s my everything…and she’s growing up…”

“NO ALANNA AND THAT’S THAT! YOU ARE NOT DATING A BOY WHO DRIVES A MOTORCYCLE. THAT JUST SCREAMS TROUBLE!” he bellowed at his daughter, his 6’4 towering over her 5’6.

Alanna rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest, not backing down to her intimidating father, “OH COME ON DAD! YOU DRIVE A MOTORCYLE! YOU’VE BEEN DRIVING MOTORCYLES FOR YEARS! DOES THAT MEAN YOU’RE TROUBLE?!”

“AS A MATTER OF FACT I WAS!” he yelled at the top of his lungs, before realising that he might regret what would come out of his mouth if he wasn’t careful, “Look honey, I’m just concerned for you. I know what I was like and I’m just worried. I don’t like the idea of you being with someone like me.”

She tried to stay mad but couldn’t. Her dad was her hero and there was no way that she could hold a grudge against him.

“Ew Dad I don’t even wanna think about being with someone who reminds me of you” she giggled, going over and wrapping her small arms around her dad’s waist.

He smiled and layed a kiss in her dark hair, “You know that’s not what I meant sweetheart. Anyways If you want to go out with him...” he took a deep breath, “Then that’s okay with me. Just please call me if you feel uncomfortable even for a minute.”

Her eyes immediately brightened at that, “Really Dad! Oh my god thank you thank you thank you! I promise I’ll be home by 11!”

“Okay Alanna. Now go on before I change my mind” he chuckled, patting his little girl on the back.

She kissed his cheek quickly and grabbed her jacket off the wooden banister. The same wooden banister her mother had repeatedly lectured her and her two younger brothers not to put their coats on.

Randy smiled at the leaving form of his daughter as the door closed quickly. He watched her put on the full helmet and jump on the back of the young man’s motorcycle.

“Well at least she’s wearing a helmet...” he said to himself, trying to calm the nerves that always seemed to rumble when Alanna was around a boy.

“She’s gonna be fine honey. Just remember, that was you a few years ago so you can’t go on and lecture her about how bad it is” said a sweet voice, small feminine arms wrapping around his waist from behind.

He turned and wrapped his long arms around her small body so she could lay her head on his chest, “I know Sam I know. That’s what I’m afraid of....”

*Back to Present Day*

“You look beautiful sweetheart” he said sincerely, eyes starting to fill up with tears. Giving up his baby girl to a man he knew could take excellent care of her was something he had always wanted, but deep down wanted the moment to be postponed as long as possible.

She smiled at her dad before seeing his tears, “God daddy you can’t start crying now! My eyeliner isn’t waterproof!”

He chuckled through his tears, not even having to reach to kiss her cheek lightly even with her standing on a small pedestal.

This was everything that he had wanted for her. Her soon-to-be-husband was caring, loving, financially responsible, had no criminal record, had been her only boyfriend and was the son of one of Randy’s best friends.

“Teddy is a lucky man...” Randy whispered more to himself than anything as her bridesmaids and his wife helped her off the pedestal, making sure to lift her flowing white gown.

The wedding planner rapped lightly on the door, slowly creaking it open.

“You look beautiful Alanna. Absolutely gorgeous”

Randy smiled at the woman, a friend of his from many years ago, “She does, doesn’t she Stacy”

The whole room was in a silent bliss for a few seconds before the loud noise of the organ started to flow through the building.

“It’s time sweetie” said Sam quietly, tears already starting to fall.

Randy’s breath caught in his throat as he baby girl linked her arm through his, standing behind the bridesmaids as the ushers stood at the front waiting.

“Daddy...I love you and I never want you to forget that. Even with marrying Ted, You will always be my number one. Please don’t ever forget that dad, okay?”

The tears he thought he could control began to pour down his face but he quickly wiped them away with his free hand.

“I know sweetie. Your brothers are so important to me but you will always be my little girl. Anyways love, it’s time to go...time to give you away...”

She leaned up and kissed him gently on the cheek as they started their walk. Randy looked around at all the people standing, watching her.

She was his little girl. He had made her this beautiful. She was an Orton. She would forever be an Orton. Even though she was marrying a DiBiase and taking his name, she would still forever be Alanna Marie Orton.

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