Werewolves in pennsylvania

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Created by turtlegirl177 on Sunday, June 13, 2010

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intro:Leader of the most prestigious pack in The northern hemisphere, Aldolpha thought she could handle anything, what about love? Turned by a vicious attack in the 1700s she has led her pack to power. Nobody cuold take her on she was the total alpha female, no male was her equal. Besides she was gay becoming a werewolf did not change that. Her favorite food is caribou. Reg wolfs can go 35 miles per hour but she can go 600 being a werewolf 20 and 150 miles is the range of territory for most wolfs hers is as far as she wants. She is unstoppable. Wolves can have packs from 2-30 members average is about 6-8 hersis 12. She is pure black..for a while she palns on staying in a small town in a property specially designed for rentla by legendary creatures. There are vmapires there whom they try to ignore and of course a few alens. The average age si 6-8 eyars but shes been alive for a lot longer. The average hegight is 26-322 inches but she is bigger. They try to stay clear of Idaho and Montana because of the hunting seasons. There are some females in her grouop that are pregnant and it is only January they bred in late December. 62 days is the guestation period just like for regualr wolves. They have 42 teeth in both formsBut they are positive plus she has a n alien friend who has x-ray vison. She knows average litter is 4-6 and several are pregnant this is not going to go over well weakest at full moon so easiest to catch so that’s when people see them if ever. And a silver bullet can kill smot werewolves but not all. there are some that are resistant. She knows soon the little one pound little blind deaf babys will be born and needs to stay int his palce. She likes caribou, elk, deer, voles if she msut, deer, bison musk oxen She goes to school hunts in Canada and Alaska for the most part. She likes being alone and powerful. She goes to school and gets hurt by an alien it bothers her btus he does not show weakness that would mean death in a real wolfpakc and might in hers as well. So when a vmapire tries to take care of her she is not thrilled. But it may lead into an interesting relationship…..

begin story:Aldolpha ran through the woods at 35 miles an hour which is the speed a regular wolf can maintain for a little while. She loved wolfs while she was human but now as a werewolf they are her life. She of course is much faster than a regular wolf at 600 miles an hour for as long as she desired she was the best of the best werewolves. As the alpha of the most esteemed pack in the northern hemisphere and the western one. She was probably the best in the universe but she had not competed with the other part of the globe due to travel problems she had gotten to the whole western and northern either by foot or by secret boating ventures. In the cryptid would she was practically royalty ok she was royalty. Unfortunately it was a hard life as a werewolf as the cold hard early January ground sliced into her giant paws she wondered what it was like for humans what were their packs like? What were their Alpha females like? Were they worth a second look? She already knew their males were disgusting some things don’t change in more than 300 years. She was strong and fearless she did not owe anyone anything and definitely the best of the best when it came to leaders. There were days she longed for that one that could answer her call perfectly. The one who would complete her wolf song. She often wondered why as the other wolves had children she never felt the need to find a male and have cubs. Oh yeah because males were disgusting always bragging to their friends who their lifetime mate was. And of course her favorite game who can get the bigger bison. She always won of course she better or she would most likely be cat out. Sure they’d try to kill her but not much can kill a werewolf and a silver bullet only worked on certain werewolves well all of them except her family it was a special gene she had and she loved that immunity other than a alien attack she had nothing to fear. Besides she chuckled nobody could take her down. Of course that cocky attitude had made many challenge her and then run away before she could finish them off. She was callous and mighty. As she ran quicker and majestically across the plains where anyone could shoot her since she looked like a regular wolf just a little larger but not by much well she was 175 pounds which was not unheard of so of course people would shoo at and if they knew what she was they would shoot more. It might make her a little sore but it would not kill her. She loved the wind in her fur as the waning gibbous rose in the sky she ran faster and freely as if she did not have a care in the wolf world. And she howled to the moon like a regular wolf and her friend Felix approached her and in body language and stuff she communicated with him. “Hello Shaun “ she said. Her hair standing on end she was too uptight in her wolf form. He changed back into human ad put clothing on that would not allow him to change until he took it off he had it on his ankle tied on with a leather strap. Aldolpha did the same and when Shaun looked attracted she growled despite being in human form and put on her fur clothing she made out of the hide of a bison he had taken down. Her mouth watered at the taste of that powerful huge bison as she sunk her teeth deep in its throat. She shook the thought off and looked at Shaun.. Little known fact while in fur clothing no werewolf can transform. But she still was always prepared for an attack but not showing fear.. “Aldolpha I wanted you to know that 4 females are pregnant.” “Great” she muttered sarcastically. “ I had our alien friend Alfred check them out and its for sure about 2 weeks pregnant no human machine could tell but Alfred is powerful and not a lousy human” “WE were all human once act like it” “ you too stop being so callous” he said. “Well what are we going to do about the females? We need some place to take them for their sake and the babies.” “ Ok we are powerful pack where could we go?” “Pennsylvania the cryptid preserve. We will be safe there. “ “safe? Were never safe you know the other packs would love to put us out of commission. But we can handle it but to be in one place so long. We need to go to an Ahpla one you know the Helwe would love to take us out. Well need to blend in. we can take them but I don’t want to put the females in danger” “ Its an Ahpla but there’s helwe’s not 100 miles south. “ “I can fend them off . “ “cocky this night” “Of course. “ Adolpha said grinning. “ Alright we are about 200 miles from there . wolf Ville founded 50 years ago in 2012. The secret village. “ she said. “correct that is where I am speaking of” “Ok I if were 200 miles form there at a speed the girls can handle well be there in less than an hour but I suggest you and I go ahead at full speed to get a place to stay. “ “Ok we can do that Shaun” “You know the packs about to try to kill me” “Why?” “I’m a Were-coyote not a werewolf. You know that they could kill me with a fire I need protection” “ ok go find a nice female and settle down” “YOU were mine once “ “hardly!” she scoffed. “We were engaged to be married” “It was arranged since it was 1712 when we were supposed to get married and once I died to my human form and became something else the promise was off I did not have to marry you and so I did not. We’ve had this discussion before. You know quite well that im gay” “does the pack know?” “NO and they don’t know about you either” “ I just asked to marry you how could I be gay” “ I have a feeling I was supposed to be nothing but a beard which is what you would have been to me if we had married.” “OK so I am gay so what” “SO what is that I am not content to be a beard” “Then what am I to do about my situation. “ Adolpha smiled. “I have a brother who was turned into a were wolf and he is gay go find him he is rumored to be in Pennsylvania.” “ will you help me win his heart” “ yes” Adolpha said with a smile. “ He is an alpha you’ll be fine. Since nobody except me could take him down and I have no intention to” “Alright ill win his heart if I like him. If not ill just die. “ “that’s the spirit” “Oh shush” Adolpha could not help growling. “ jeez” “alright lets round them up and get ready to go.” “ You might have a little competition but you can fight your way into beta position which my brother wont be able to resist.” she said grinning. “ he wouldn’t feel threatened” “ no he would think you’re hot stuff” she said grinning. “ odd behavior “ “ yeah he’s a werewolf not a wolf though so of course he’s odd.” “ alright the girls have 54 days left until they deliver probably so lets get them somewhere safe and ill take you to alpha” “Promising name” he teased. “ no really he’s a good guy” “ alright” “ I rather go to Minnesota where there’s other wolves” “ that won’t help you Shaun “ “True but it would be cool to see the way the real wolves live before I die” she rolled her eyes.” your not going to die I’m going to take you to my brother” “you said it was a rumor” “ who knows” she said. And within an hour and 15 minutes there were in wolf Ville. She lead her pack up a steep slope into a hidden area through a nearby cave with a secret door only cryptids can get through. Then there was howling and a deep black wolf was in the corner very muscular. Shaun was drooling. “wow” he said. “ that’s him” “ your kidding? Wow!” “ come on I want you to meet him” she said in wolf language. He brothers beta’s hair was standing on end. “Its ok she’s my sister and that boy is fine” he said seductively towards Shaun. Adolpha rolled her eyes. For some reason this was able to remain civil and it was a miracle. Adolpha’s pack was tense but she told them to relax and talked with her brother in the language of the wolves and told him what was going on. She knew it was dangerous to let another pack know that kind of information but she needed to help shaun. “ Sure he will have ot fight my beta though for position. Submissiveness leads ot peace but if he tries to take over without a good fight it will be bad. I had the power to make sure the loser is an omega but not cast out. “ “Wow impressive” “thank you . I hear you’re the best of the best. I remember I narrowly escaped with my life when I tried to challenge you” “sorry about that” “ its ok. First of that’s the way of the wolfs second off you were only 27 years old then. I forgive you” “ alright lets get shaun and talk to your beta.” 5 minutes later both packs gathered round to watch a good ol’ fashioned fight. This was like their version of a football game. Or in Aldolpha’s mind it was like the gladiator games. Horrible.. She hated fights but was necessary. Shaun feigned right and the other wolf fell for it. Within 5 minutes Shaun’s teeth were on the other animal’s neck. He would die if Shaun did not let go. “ I surrender “ the other animal said. Alpha stood proud and strong.

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