Happy Endings? [Modern] Sasuke Love Story 1

Sasuke is a normal high school boy. It was safe to say, he was indeed the richest boy in Japan, along with the richest family. His family has seemed to think, he needed a loyal friend, so, they did some research on the internet, and came to find out about a certain orphanage home. They go to the orphanage, and they already read up on the most loyal people there. Their best bet, is with a girl for reasons unknown. One problem, she's mute. Or, so she seems to be.

Created by AirashiiX on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Getting to know the Uchihas...

They were at it again. Can you believe it? After twelve years, twelve fucking years, they still wanted him to have a good, honest, loyal friend. He already told them plenty of times, he had friends. Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru... the list could go on.

Sasuke Uchiha. The richest boy in Japan. Has the richest family in Japan. But, this child wasn't spoiled. He was considered to all people he hated, disliked, or didn't like in the least, not a nice person to say the least. A rude, cold hearted, cocky, jerk. Yeah, he was know for that.

But why must they taunt him about his friends? I mean his attitude may not be the best, but nobody is perfect.. But why must his parents have to find him a friend after twelve years?!


"Alright, I think you might have found something here, honey!" A tall women, abou the age of forty exlaimed happily. She was intent on finding the right kind of person for Sasuke, whether it be a boy, girl, dog, or fish! He needed a friend, a LOYAL one, and he needed one right now, damnit!

Of course, Sasuke's father was in on this little scheme, but didn't take much part as she did. To say in the least, she was obsessed.

"Yeah, I think I did find something... Click the link, sweetie," he said nonchalantly. He wasn't that ecstatic as his wife.

She licked the link, and an enourmous list came up. All under the name, "Japanese Orphanage Home." [So original, right?] Under the main heading was their motto: Adopt a child, and you're life will become heaven.

Well, that looks promising, right? A squeel of delight was heard from the mother and she scrolled down the list. To say in the least, it was a long list. But it did have sub-headings for different things: like what is was like, what kind of activites they did, awards, recommendations, everything. then, she came across one that said, "Everyone listed here. A photo and profile are present to show who you're future child may be to adopt." Clicking on that, she read everyone there.

She was stunned beyond belief, not only because there was so many, but she came across the perfect one. The perfect friend. It matched exactly what she wanted, "Hey come look! I think I found it, honey! The miracle!" Her voiced was filled with happiness, and now she can't wait for her son's to be too.

The father came to the screen and after reading it, his smile urned into a frown.

"Read there," he commanded, pointing to the screen, "It says this girl is mute.. Or she seems to be."

"Hm, maybe that's why no one is adopting here. I think we should give her a chance, honey. You only live once, and she seems to have had a very tough life. Maybe this environment will be good for her. And Sasuke," the mother said, she checked the time, 10:14AM. After getting the address, directions, and phone number, they went to the orphanage, leaving the computer unattended.


A dim glow shone within the room, showing the world her profile.

There was a picture of a petite girl, with long black hair, with beautifule purple eyes. Looking at her, you can tell she's carefree and gets lost in her own little world. Not to mention, her skin was pale, due to the fact that she hasn't gone outside for over 4 or 5 years. She seemed to be about the normal weight balance, and she had the most angelic face, pleasant smile on, you have seen in your life.

The information shown on the profile went as follows:

Name: Kumiko

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Black

Birthday: July 25 [Couple days after Sasuke's :P]

Height/Weight: 5'4" / 107lbs

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, playing the piano, helping people.

Good Traits: Honorable, loyal, friendly, kind, carying.

Flaws: She is mute. Or so she seems to be.

WARNING: Do not bring up family matters, or ask about her past unless she brings it up herself.


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