Tattoo Drabbles : [Lower Back - Sora]

Created by KiwiPandeanie on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Tattoo Drabbles : [Lower Back - Sora]


You were that one girl that Mamas always warned their baby boys about. Though, that usually didn't stop them from being attracted to you. As you've gotten older, you had gained a taste for riding on the darker and much more satisfying (at least for that moment) road.

That's why you were here at this bar. You were simply living the way you wanted. The lights flashed as (surprisingly) techno blared through the speakers. Seemed more like a rave than a bar.

Your mother had repeatedly told you that you'd be in trouble if you didn't quit this act. She threatened to disown you. She yelled at you. Most of all, she cried. You knew you were hurting her, but it just felt too good to give up this.

People danced around you as the floor pulsed to the beat. No longer did you care about having someone to dance with (which was one of your concerns when you first started). You just moved to your own beat. If people wanted to join, then they could. If not, their loss.

That's when you felt the familiar feel of arms wrapping around from behind you. Strands of silver flitted over your shoulder. Oh. You remembered this guy. He usually hitted on you all the time. Came here with his friend and a red head. Ignoring the soft kisses he planted on your neck, you kept dancing. You weren't going to be another mark on Silver Casanova's bed post.

The music changed to a faster beat and the one behind you tended to get more grabby. That's when you decided to get away and grab another drink, much to silvery lover's distaste.

You sat at the bar and waited for the bartender to get to you. That's when you noticed your dance partners usual friend. He usually always sat by himself. You never saw him dance with anyone or talk to anyone else. He seemed like a mature grown man. So, why would he possibly come here? You've never seen him take any of the women (or men in case he swung that way) home.

The bartender asked what you wanted and you told him. He nodded and walked away to fix it. Your eyes once again guided their way over towards the male that sat two seats down from you.

That's when you slid down towards him. The mystery of this man was beginning to be too much for you.

"Hi," Was your simple starting point.

And he turned his head to look at you with most stunning blue eyes you've ever seen.

"Hello," And so it began.


You didn't sleep with him like you did with the others. In fact, you kept seeing him and were getting to know him. He had a childish disposition, one that you never would've figured from being in that bar.

Getting to know him turned into dating him.

Nothing really changed except your feeling kept getting stronger for the male. Many of the nights you would spend together ended up with a removal clothing and simple kisses, never further. He said something about waiting and respecting you.

This was new. Something different. It was safe ....and you liked it.

He was tracing your lower back were ink and soaked into your skin.

"________," He murmured softly. You hummed as you moved closer to his chest. "I was wondering about something... something between us," He said as he kissed your neck and then stared down at you. You glanced up and smiled. "Would you ever want to grow old with me?"

Now you had made some big decisions in your life. Some you regret now.

Leaving the house when you were younger.

Quitting jobs and such.

Sleeping with the men who didn't give a damn.

Finding love within the bars and drinks that were given to you.

Getting a tattoo on your lower back making a promise that you'll never give up anymore.

Those were big decisions for you.

"I would most definitely want to grow old with you, Sora."

That was your reply before you rolled on top of him and kissed him slowly. His fingers never stopped tracing those words inked in your skin.

Hell, you just made another big decision.

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