Character introduction in Thrilling Love~1: Darren and James

Thought, since I've come so far with the story, that I should show you exactly how Darren and James looks like and some info about them^^

Created by ichigoDamnGirl on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Name: James Hargraves

Age: 22

Home country: Unknown

Now living: Hastings England

Year: Unknown

Family: Long abandoned

Type: werewolf

Ability: All wolves abilities; can run fast, strong claws and teeth, strong build. Is also good at different kinds of boxing and fighting sports.

Work: Assassin


Hair: Dark brown that are gelled up so it looks like two wolf ears, fringe covering his right eye.

Eyes: Golden wolf eyes

Skin: Normal coloured, has a piercing in his left eyebrow.

Clothes: see the picture above.

Personality: Straight headed, kinda mean, dark appearance, easy going, laid back when he feels like it.

Past: James left his family long before he should have, he was only 9 at that time. He started to travel around in the world. Killed whatever he saw, ate whatever he’d killed. And he continued like that until he decided that it was time to get a place to stay at. So he found a place in Hastings. Close to the woods and the waters, this fitted him perfectly. He got a job as a hunter, but soon the others in his group found out what he was and tried to shoot him. He ended up by killing them too. Now he’s been hiding in his home for over a year, and only goes out when he’s hungry.


Name: Darren Kay

Age: in his three hundreds

Home country: Germany

Now living: London England

Year: Unknown

Family: Long dead

Type: Vampire

Ability: Can talk to the dead and run faster than the light. Plus he also knows floating Russian and Japanese.

Work: Killer for hire (against his true will.)


Hair: Contrast black that covers his eyes a bit and goes almost down to his shoulders.

Eyes: Ice blue and thin

Skin: Snow pale

Clothes: see the picture above.

Personality: Dark, closed and evil in the outside but is really nice and caring on the inside.

Past: Darren was born in a small town in Germany in the middle age of the world. His parents were vampires just like him but were slaughtered down byhis unclewhen he was 18. He managed to escape the horror and fled out of the country. He travelled around in Europe for a long time before he found a place in London. He started to work on a bar after a while, but he ended up with killing a person who tried to steal all the cash. That’s when he started to work as a killer for hire. Now he gets to travel around the world as much as his work allows him to. On the condition that he does what he’s asked to do. What sometimes is much more than just killing someone who has a prize on their head.

He sometimes uses the gun or the whip but mostly he prefers to use his fangs as a weapon.

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