01; Bubble tea. Everyday. Love.

These are the main characters in this story. There will be more characters along the way. Keep smiling!

Created by paintedlipss on Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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The name's Sophia Ngin.

I'm part Chinese.

Eighteen this year.

Currently in college.

I love beauty products.


Her name's Marina Lionel.

She's eighteen and Australian.

In the same college as me.

She loves shoe shopping.


This is Heather Matheson.

Eighteen year old Australian studying in the same college.

She models.


His name's Toby Turner.


Currently studying in the same college as Marina, Heather and me.

He keeps up with football games.


This is Vincent Limber.

Eighteen and from America.

In the same college as Toby and the girls.

He loves chili.


And this is Sam Sublett.

Eighteen and studying in the same college as all of us.

He loves the smell of freshly mowed lawns.

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