Bellybutton Torment pt. 1

Created by Annihilation0Exile on Thursday, June 17, 2010

Denise Walthersmith was in quite the predicament. Her hands were cuffed and pulled above her head. She looked up, feeling her short brown hair brush against her lower neck, and saw that she was held by chain hanging from the ceiling, attached to a hook. It didn't hurt and she could stand flat on her feet, but Denise realized that her shirt, a low cut white tank top that was already a bit too short for her, had risen up to just underneath her perfectly shaped breasts. Her belt had been undone and discarded and her low rise jeans were now sagging, exposing her entire belly.
Chris had a huge grin on her face. A sadistic glitter shone in her beautiful green eyes as she reached out and traced a circle around Denise's belly button with her long nails.
"Hehehhehee plehehehease-" the trapped girl begged as the older woman began to tickle her belly. Her brown eyes widened as she saw Chris produce a long, black feather. "No, don't-" she began to tickle Denise's belly button with it, darting in and out. "Aaahahaha! Pleeease stooop!"Denise burst into rapid-fire giggles, squirming, struggling to get away, but never succeeding. Her laughter eventually turning into pleading, begging screams of torment.
“Ah pleeease, NO!” she screamed out as her belly helplessly squirmed about. “Not my belly button! Noooo! Please! Stooop!”
Chris now ditched the feather and walked around behind Denise. Reaching around she dug her long nailed finger into Denise’s bellybutton, feeling thegirl buck and scream in her arms.She pleaded through laughter to let her go. Chris was getting incredibly turned on, but the begging just wasn't enough.
“Nooo!” Denise screamed and wiggled like crazy, her body convulsing wildly. “Please no! Get your finger out of my belly button!”
Moving back around to the front Chris tickled the sides of her belly as she knelt and began to lick and kiss the belly button. In the meantime, the tortured girl thought she was losing her mind. Her stomach hurt from laughing so much and she was starting to feel a little dizzy.
“Please no!” Denise cried, “Get out of my belly button!”
Chris just continued tonguing her deep navel, burying her hot wet tongue in it and wiggling it about.She had reached the core of Denise’s soft, deep navel and continued to lick the innermost part of her belly button. Denise screamed and madly squirmed about in a futile attempt to get away. What felt like tiny, shocks of electricity went through her, starting from the core of her bellybutton and moving up through her, sending off small explosions in her mind.
“Oh no! Please stop! Not my belly button! NOOOO!”
After a few minutes of torturing her, Chris finally let up to let Denise rest and catch her breath.
"Where do you want to be tickled?" Chris asked playfully.
"Please, I don't want it anywhere!"
"Where?" Chris asked, nibbling around her belly button, " Where do you want to be tickled?"
There was no way out of it. Denise screamed out, "BELLYBUTTOOON!!!!!”
Standing up, Chris turned Denise into a laughing, squirming mess as her fingers played around with her bellybutton. Her long nails first traced circles around it. Then she drilled her finger deep into Denise’s belly button. Her body violently convulsed, trying to shake Chris’s finger out. But again, she couldn’t manage to get away from it. As she screamed, laughed and bucked wildly, she started feeling dizzy again.
Then Chris held up a rather large shiny knife. It looked like your average pocket knife, but three to four times its size. Denise tried to back away and tugged hard at the restraint, but again failed to get away. Chris poked her belly with the oversized pocket knife lightly and played with her belly button with it. Denise looked pleadingly at Chris, who pulled her arm back and thrust.
Denise felt the blade press against her belly and heard a quick “shink.” Suddenly, everything went black...

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