Why Am I Falling In Love With The Person I Hate?!?character pixx

ferr myy neww storyy..sorry if some of teh pixx are the same pixx i use! but i just love these pixx! rate. even if you hate.

Created by iluvmusic1997 on Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Name: Pamela Erika Evans
personality: emo, happy, cheerful, sad, depressing, sweet, down to earth, funny, sensitive, over dramatic, day dreamer, reckless, and nice.
age: 17


Name: Deja Niomi Love
personality: reckless, awesome, funny, down to earth, music loving, and absolutely the best!
age: 17


Name: Jayden James
personality: funny, sweet, smart, awesome, nice, skater, emo, adorable, down to earth, sensitive, and reckless.
age: 17


Name: Jake Cooper
personality: emo, caring, loving, sensitive, loveable, amazing, secretly in love, loyal, shy, happy, awesome, cheerful, funny, adorable, talented, amazing, nd down-to-earth..
age: 17


Name: Eric Garcia
age: 17
personality: sweet, caring, funny, loving, adorable, talented, dramatic , reckless, in love, and fin loving.


Names: Fredy(in pink and black) and Steven(in black and white) Moore
ages: 17 and 18
personality: devil, angel, mean, some how nice, some how sweet, caring, funny, hilarious, loving, a jerk, complete player, drunkie, party animals, and more.


Name: Gwendolynn and Kaitlin Corpus
ages: 17 and 18
personality: outgoing, loud, funny, cheerful, crazy, talented, awesome, nice, pretty,and insane, and reckless.




Name: Bernard Ortiz(comes later in the story)
ages: 17
personalities: always kidding around, smart, loyal, athletic, funny, smart, hiilarious, caring, loving, nice, sweet, happy, awesome, cheerful

Name: Raymond Alvarez
age: 19
personality: player, funny, crackhead, nice, caring, drunkie, party animal, and somone who loves to get high.

Name: Karen Johnson
Personality:crazy,cool,awsome,wierd,random,fun loving,happy,frendly,bichy at times,music lovin,and someone who wants to be loved♥
Age: 17


Name: Mark Williams
Age: 17
personality: Jayden's friend, jock, player, etc...

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