Amayas Return.::. Happy Fathers Day.::.

Hey guys remember Amaya from the Sakura Sleep Over I made,Well if you do then she's back!!!

Created by littlejane2 on Sunday, June 20, 2010

"HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!"Amaya shouted as she burst in my house in surprise.

"Amaya what are you doing here?"You questioned her with a confused look.

"To celebrate Fathers day,silly."She said giggling.

"Well my parents aren't here so..."You said.

"Well thats okay."She still said in a glad mood I'll spend Father Day with you then,"she wrapped her arm arm around you,"Is that okay."she smiled.

"Yup."Was your reply.

"Not exactly."you hear someone say.

"JURO!!!"You shouted and ran to hug him.

"How you been Sakura?"He asked you.

"Great and you?"

"Same here."He huged you back.

"Yea,whatever."You hear Amaya say,"So...What have you been yup to lately,besides doing that ninja crap."You hear her say in her monotone voice.

"Its not ninja crap Amaya."you said angrily.

"Yea Whatever you say cuz."She then rolled her eyes and sat down on the kitchen table.

"Hey Sakura I'ma gonna use your bathroom,k."He said leaving and you knew he didn't wanted to be in the conversation.

"Come on Amaya we talk about this almost everytim-"she cut you off by saying.

"Thats what you think."you then started to get pissed off."I'm sorry if I get you mad but I sometimes have my reasons,sorry."She then looked at you with those innocent eyes she has.You hated when she dose that to you.


"Fine,okay,I'm sorry to."Was the only thing you could say.

"YAY!!!"She said cheering as she got up.

"Amaya can you do me a favor?"you asked her shyly.

"Yea,anything,watch'a need?" Was her reply.

"C-C-Can you asked someone out for me."

"Sure,who is it."

"Probably an ugly guy."He said walking in,you looked at himfurious,and then he left,to the bathroom hall.

"His an idiot."You hear Amaya mumble."So who is he?"She tried again.

"He is um,"you then started to blush,"um um"

"Yup he sure is ugly."Juro said it again as he passed us.You were about to punch him but Amaya stopped you,you looked at her and she shook her head.She then lifted her chin up and there was a scar from the bottom of her chin all the way shoulder which was like a curve.You then faced down,and you knew what that meant.

They both haved gotten in a fight,fist fight to be exact.

"Come on Sakura who is he,don't listen to that ugly FAT!!!! STUPID MISUNDERSTOOD!!! Idiot."She said while facing Juro.

"psh I'm leaving."He said walking out.

"Who need you anyway!?!"Amaya shout at him.

"Your mom!!"He said while slamming the door.

"Told you his an idiot."Amaya said facing you.

"Ugly fat Hipo."Juro shouted outside.

"Uchiha."You told her.

"Whose he?"She looked really confused like she didn't remember.

"Don't you remember Sasuke."You tried to refresh her memory.She paused for a moment and look at you like she got it and then right away she looked confused again.

You sigh,Sorry Sasuke.

"Duck butt."This time she got it you think.

"Um okay....."she then started to giggle,"Duck butt"

>>>Outside at the Park>>>>

You thought it was a great idea to find him the park,but Amaya's idea was to look for him in the village mall.

(Surprise they have a MALL XD)

"SO,"Amaya said,"Where is he."Before you could say anything Amaya shouted,"I told you he was at the mall!!!!!"People then started to look at you two.

"Kabuto."You said in surprise,He must have seen him today they are mostly always hanging out.

"Kabout?Oh I know him he must be a POKEMON!!!!."Amaya shouted with her childish voice.She then took something out of her pocket and it was a red and white ball.


"Go Poke Ball!!"She said that while she threw it at Kabuto forehead and fell.

Thats gotta hurt,You thought to yourself.Kabuto then got up and shouted.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!!!!"You then looked at Amaya which seemed like she never did anything she just whistled and then looked at you and said,

"See Sakura I getting better at my whistling."She then whistle and whistled,you just ignored her.And then looked back at Kabuto he had a mark on his forhead,you tried hard not to laugh.

"Sorry about that Kabuto,well you se-"He cut you off,


"I didn't it was my cousin."

"Well shes and Idiot then."

"Not really."

"Where is she so I can-"He then faced Amaya's detectionand started to blush.

"uhuhuh anyways,have you seen Sasuke by any chance."He then got snapped back reality.

"Yea,I saw him at the mall.I think his still there."Amaya then turned around and shout while she pointed at you.


"Alright I'm sorry,lets go then."You said pulling Amaya by her wrist and she waved Kabuto good-bye and he just turn red even more.


You both were looking for Sasuke and didn't really had any luck.You then see Amaya giggling with some brown haired guy.

I think his flirting with her.You thought to yourself,you then sigh.You then turn around and spotted Sasuke with Naruto.

His is here, and with Naruto?What the hell.You then felt someone touch your shoulder.

"So you found him yet."Amaya whispered to you,you nodded,and pointed at him."K,I need you to get Naruto away from him so I can ask the other dude."You were surprised why Amaya remembered Naruto's name but not Sasuke.

"k."You then walked over to Naruto and said."Hey Sasuke-kun and Naruto. I need to talk to you Naruto come on."You then see Naruto blush and he followed you.

"SO WHAT IS IT??"He questioned you.

"Remeber my cousin?"

"YEA,AMAYA,RIGHT?"You nodded and then continued,but before you could Amaya look like she was having trouble with him.

.::.Amaya's Pov.::.

"Why not?"You questioned him.

"I just don't like her."


"I just don't."



"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"


"Cause why?"

(Looks like its gonna go on for awhile let go back to Sakura's Pov)

.::.Sakura's Pov.::.

"Shes in town I thought you would like to say 'Hi' to her thats all."Naruto then smiled really big.

"SHES IN TOWN REALLY?"His voice sounded really glad.

.::.Sasuke's Pov.::.


"Cause why."


Dam shes annoying won't take 'No' for an answer.What if...

"Cause why."


"Ca-."You cut her off by pushing her into a changing room and locking both of you inside of there.


.::.Naruto's Pov.::.

"Yes Naruto she is."Sakura said closing her eyes for one minute.

"You okay?"You question her,

"Yea I'm alright."

"So you know where is she?"

"Yea shes right."Sauka then looked back at the spot where Sasuke was and he was gone.

"Well tha-"

"No."You hear Sakura say,and looked at her confused."Shes was trying to ask Sasuke ou-"

"Well that!!!!"

"No Naruto for me."

.::.Amaya's POV.::.

That guy just pushed you in a fitting room and you saw this cute shirt and picked it up.

"Oh well this is cute."You then turn around and that guy was in the changing room with you.

WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You then tapped his shoulder he then turned around and you said,

" Happy Father's Day."You then giggled,and patted his back.

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