Lesbian Boarding School Chapter 1

Created by jujubean96 on Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Haleys POV
i wasin the school office waiting for the head nun to give me my room assignment and uniforms
"Haley come in here" said the head nun
"hi" i said
"hello well i have a few things to discuss" she said
"your room is number 147 located in the north dorm and here are your uniforms, Oh and here is your schedule" she said" What clubs do you want to be in?"
"ummm i think dance, swimming, and health" i said
7-8 breakfast
8-9 english
9-10 algebra
10-11 science
11-12 social studies
12-1 lunch
1-2 dance
2-3 swimming
3-4 health
4-7 free time
7-8 dinner
8-10 daily movie
10-12 free time
12 lights out
"brianna will you please show miss haley around"said the head nun
"yes mistress" said the red headed girl "follow me ill show you your dorm
(at the dorm)
"heres your room the showers are down the hall and there is a lounge and cafe downstairs" she said
"thanks" i said unlocking my room
"my room is next to yours so tomorrow ill show you around" she said
after i unpacked my stuff and decorated my room i went to take a shower
(in the shower)
*haleys thoughts*
there were a few girls showering together but that was alright friends shower together crap i forgot my clothes
i grabbed my towel while i was running to my room i ran into someone i fell on my but i looked up and saw a blonde girl (you could see up her skirt she didnt have underwear on)
"ahhh" i screamed my towel feel off
"nice body"said the girl"but you really need to shave your pussy its getting hairy"
i got up and ran to my room i was so emberrasd

The end i will write chapter two soon

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