A Vampire Rosario Love Story Part 2

Okay this is the 2nd part of the story

Created by MokaAkashiyaMonster on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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As you stand there in the classroom doorway, staring at him, the teacher looked at you and Moka.

"Um, Emi...," Moka whispered, " lets take our seats."

Still unable to take your eyes off him, you nod. Moka takes your hand and pulls you to your seat next to her. You soon snap out of your daze, when you hear the teacher start talking. Then she takes role. That's when you hear him answer when his name is called. Kano Soto.

"What a beautiful, strong name," you thought to yourself.

Since he sat a couple rows across and infront of you, you can easily take long glances at him. His hair is an amazing dark green, his eyes are golden yellow, he has strong, brawd shoulders, his arm muscles are very noticable, you can tell he works out and is very athletic.

Moka looks at you and traces your stare to Kano. She smiles to herself.

"Ohh!", she says, "That's who your staring at." Smiling to herself.

You snap out of your daze again. You turn around in your seat and look at her.

"Huh? Did you say something, Moka?", you said still a tiny bit in the daze.

"Your staring at the new guy. Kano Soto." she said still smiling. "You like him don't you, Emi?" "You can tell me if you do. I'm not gonna tell anyone. I swear!"

You nod and smile at her.

"Yeah.", you say, " He is so good looking. I'm gonna go talk to him now. I'll be back."

You got up and walked up to his desk. You could feel your face trying to start blushing. Your heart started to race a bit.

"Hey, your the new guy right?", you said standing beside him.

He looks up at you from his book.

" Yeah, my first day.", he said smiling a bit. "I'm Kano Soto. Nice to meet you...?"

" Emi Shiga", you said quickly. " I'm Emi Shiga. Nice to meet you Kano Soto." you said cheerfully and smiling.

After a few more minutes of talking, you walk back to your seat next to Moka. Smiling of course.

"So how did it go?" Moka said anxious. "Tell me!"

" It went great. We're gonna sit together at lunch today. And he wants me to show him around school!" you said extremely happy.

"That's great!" she said smiling.

" I know!" said you.

Sorry but that's all for now. Sorry!

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