Hunger games ** make your own characters!

i want to write hunger games but i need tributes! submit your character(s)!! ideas for arenas, stylists and trainers are also available.

Created by jinx7788 on Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hey everyone! so i ran out of things to do and i thought i would write a new version of the book hunger games.

So how this works is you submit your character, should contain name (full if possible), age, district, skills (means weapons and overall skill in the game), and a bit of a write up about your character's personality, back story and looks.

You may also submit ideas for arenas and stylists, once these are all posted in i will post them up and you may pick the stylist of your choice or i will randomly assign one to you, same goes for trainers. For arenas, of course i will pick the best!

Think of me as the gamemaker, i create your situation in the games and you write back on how you would respond to the situation, i will then decide how you die (MUAHAHAA) but i promise to be fair in this. :)

pls do not enter more than 3 characters, 4 stylists/ trainers and 1 arena idea. message me on the character you've created... i just started so there's alot of spots!

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