Jacob Black Baby Daddy

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Created by MaNNaT on Wednesday, June 23, 2010


"Grande Frappicino Latte!" I yelled, and watched as a young man, about my age, stepped forward, taking the frappicino from my hand. He was gorgeous ,with russett coloured skin, and shaggy black hair. Behind him, an older man who appeared to be the 'alpha' with a woman, (a VERY pregnant woman) attached to his arm.

"Come on Jacob, let's get going. We have to get Paul."

Her husband kissed her forehead and tugged Jacob by the sleeve. "If you're going to ask her out, just do it."

Jacob blushed red, and ducked his head shamefully. The man laughed, and said to me "The cliffs at 8 o'clock. We have a bondfire, and Jacob is too shy to say anything."

Jacob blushed, and I nodded. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Four hours later, I pulled up in my shitty little truck to a whole butt load of sexy shirtless men, and Jacob sauntered over. My jaw dropped, and I admired his EIGHT pack, and the older man opened the door for me. "Come on in, miss. I'm Sam," He pointed to the pregnant woman, smacking a childish looking boy in the side of the head "that's my wife, Miranda."

Jacob smiled, and held my hand and let me sit beside him, while we roasted marshmellows.



"Want to go for a walk?"

I smiled and accepted, and once he got to the edge of the wood, he broke off on a run. "Hey! Get back here!" I squealed, and he turned, and disappeared.

"Jacob?" I called. "Jacob?"

I heard a crunch, and my head whirrled around. "Jacob?!"

Out came a giant russet wolf, and I screamed and started to run. I ran and ran, and the wolf pounded after me, and then it tackled me.

I opened my mouth to scream, when a paw covered my mouth. Suddenly, the wolves features shrunk, and Jacob was above me...naked.

"I'm sorry Cora. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you'd scream and run away....well I guess it wouldn't make a difference."

I laughed, and my eyes traveled downward.

"Jacob....you're uh...naked."

He smiled, "I know. Wanna join me?"

I laughed at his corniness and enjoyed his tanned body being moulded with my tattoo'd one.

a week later------

I sat with Miranda on the couch, scowling over my math homework.

"I hate algebra."

Miranda laughed, and rubbed her swollen stomach.

"Have you ever thought of having kids , Cora?"

My head snapped up. "No, not really. I had a rough childhood, I just dont want to infli-"

Right before I finished my sentance, my throat started to constrict, and I started dry heaving. Miranda hobble-ran towards the garbage can, and kicked it just as I let the vomit loose, and I gripped the sides of the bin and puked my guts out.

"Are you sure, Cora? Because I think your pregnant."

"What?! How can you be sure?"

She rubbed her own pregnant stomach. "The way your aura changed. You're glowing. You're having a baby...."

9 months later-----------

Miranda had been right. We took a pregnancy test, and when I told Jacob, he passed out cold on the floor. But after all this time he had finally gotten used to the idea that he was going to be a father.

We were painting the nursery pink and yellow, but I had the paintbrush in my hand, prepared to paint on little skulls and crossbones.


I laughed, but then something tore in my stomach. I groaned, and started to cry. "Cora?"

"Cora?!" I groaned again and panted "Baby. Oh god, baby now."

------- 8 hours later-------------

After eight hours of labor, I managed to push out my baby girl, Dee.

She smiled and gurgled at me. I smiled back, and Jacob whiped a tear from his eyes. "She's beautiful."

I smiled and stroked her head lightly, and kissed her forehead, while she gurgled to sleep, and after I fell asleep, in my sleep I smiled.

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