Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist) Baby's Daddy for cosplayfangirl

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Created by XShadowofavampireX on Thursday, June 24, 2010



Name: Yui Inari

Age: 16

Personality: Easy Fascinated, Hot Headed, Quiet


(Purple Hair (used to be Blonde); Blue Eyes)

Weapon: Sword/Katana

Family: Mom, Dad, Winry (Cousin), Pinako (Grandmother)

Friends: Ed, Al, Roy Mustang

Other: Is NOT an Alchemist

How You Met (8 Years Ago):

The angry voices of your parents could have been heard by the whole neighbourhood. Dad: "I can't believe you let our daughter dye her hair! Do you want the townspeople to gossip when they see her?!" Mom:"Let them say what they want to. Yui & I like it the was it is now!" "I don't it makes her look like some kind of criminal!" "Don't you dare say that about our own daughter!" It was like this every time they were even in the same room as each other. Everybody knew that they were getting a divorce, no one justbothered to say anything about it. But tonight was the night, the night you took no more of it. You quietly packed everything important, climbed down your window with your tied-up bedsheets. And ran as fast as you could to your cousin's place. It was Pinako that answered the door when you knocked. Pin:"Yui what's wrong?" U:"My parents are fighting again. I couldn't take it anymore." Pinako opens the door wider, "Come inside & sit down. We were just having dinneer." You walked over to the dinner table, noticing Winry & two boys were sitting down. Pin:"Keep eating dinner kids, I'm going over to Yui's house to have a talk with her parents." She lett in a hurry while you grabbed a plate of food. "So you're Yui, Winry's cousin right?" A boy with long bangs smiled at you. U:"Yeah... Edward & Alphonse Elric right?" "That's us don't ware it out!"

The other boy smiled, "How do you know our names?" U:"Winry talks about you all the time at school. Which I'll be starting tomorrow." Ed:"Cool we'll make sure to save you a seat. So what does Winry say about us? Nice Things I hope." U:"*Shakes head* No not really about you Edward. She calls you a moron & says you need to drink more milk." Ed:"WHAT?!" Win:"Yui why did you tell him that?!" U:"*Shrugs* I was only telling him the truth, besides you said that not me." Al:"*Nervously scratches his head* Uh she does have a point Winry." U:"*Truimphant Smirk* Thank you Alphonse." Ed:"Call him Al, and me Ed. Everyone else does." Winry asks concernly, "They were at it again weren't they?" You sighed and merely nodded. The two brothers looked confused, Al:"What was worse?" U:"*Looks down* My parents are going through an ugly divorce." They gasped out of shock, since divorces was very rare then. U:"My dad doesn't like the fact I dyed my hair purple." Ed:"Well that's stupid I think it's cool." U:"R-Really?" Ed:"Sure I think it suits you very well." U:"*Blushes* T-Thanks Ed." The slightly older boy smiles, knowing you were smiling along with him. Pinako walks in through the door, "Sorry I was out so long. Us grownups needed to have a long talk." Win:"About what Grandma?" Pin:"That Yui's going to be living here from now long." U:"I-I get to stay?" Pin:"*Nods* We all agreed that here would be a best environment for you." Both the Elric Brothers grinnedd, and high fived each other. "Yui's staying!"

How It Happened:

You had stood by the Elric Brothers every step of the way. Especially when Al's body was stolen & transferred to a suit of armour. Ed lost his right arm trying to bringback their mother, and his left leg in order to save Al. Sure they made you worried sick, but you couldn't help to forgive them. All they wanted was to see the only person that loved them for who they are. There were many times you wanted your parents to get back together. And you sometimes would give any part of your body to see them as a happy couple again. But that was never going to happen, the love between them was gone. Ed became a dog of the military with Al & you tagging alone. Sure you couldn't do alchemy, yet you were greatly skilled at sword fighting. There were even times you could beat Ed or Al. Winry stayed at Rush Valley so she could gain learn more about automail. You knew some things about Automail repair, but not as much as Winry. Guys always seemed to flock to her since 'she was so cute'. Sometimes it made you wonder, if Ed was in love with her.

Ed, Al & you were staying in Rush Valley. Staying at Domnic's place for about 3-4 days at the most. It was easier that way in case Ed's automail broke again. Which most people know (to Winry's dismay) broke almost every 2 weeks. Dominic didn't like the extra work the FullMetal Alchemist gave him. Seeing as though you 3 helped deliver his grandson, he really didn't have a choice. Ridel & Satella seemed to like alot, almost treating you like you were part of their family. You even took care of their son when they were busy. Al & you were in the living room to catch up on your reading. Till you heard a little "meow" coming from inside his armour. U:"Al please don't tell me you're hidning another cat." Al:"Sorry Yui I couldn't help it. Whenever I see a stray feline I have to help it." U:"Ed's not going to be happy about this." Al:"I know T-T" Just then an angry Ed slams open the front door to the house. Screaming at the top of his lungs, "YUI INARI EXPLAIN YOURSELF!" Al:"Big brother sounds pretty angry already." U:"What was your first clue?" Ed:"I WANT ANSWERS?" U:"*Anime Vein* Would do you want pinhead?" Ed:"How come I get $500 worth of bills?!" U:"Hmm let's see I went to that fancy restaurant, then I went to the bookstore & then-" "Enough I don't want to hear anymore! I know we'll have a duel!" "Duel?" "Yeah whoever wins pays the bill got it?!" "*Anime Vein* FINE BRING IT ON METAL HEAD!"

~Fast Forward To 5 Hours~
Ed & you hadn't stopped fighting, even with a few cuts & bruises. Al tried to break up the fight with little luck. Anybody that knew you or Ed would definately say3 distinct facts. 1: Both Ed & you were incredibly stubborn. 2: Once you got into a fight it was really hard to quit. And 3: you had been sparring rivals since you were 12 years old.It was 11 PM, and everyoneelsehad gone asleep.Ed charged at you with his automail blade arm. You blocked it with your sword/katana, carefully assuring that you didn't cut anyone with it. Ed:"Why don't you just give up Yui?! It would be alot easier for the both of us!" U:"Why what's the matter? Getting tired Edward?!" Ed:"Ha yeah right I can do this all night! Sides I'm only getting warmed up!" U:"You're pretty cocky for someone who's going to beat up by a girl!" Man did you wish you were prepared for what was going to happen next. Seeing Ed accidently tripped over a rock when you were about to charge each other again. Landing right on top of you, towering over your small figure. Compared to you he was about 5 inches taller, meaning you never called him the dreaded "S" word. Ed's face was almost red as yours, as your faces got closer and closer to each other's. Sharing a lustfull kiss not even caring who caught you in the act. Ed:"Yui... are you sure you want to do this? Cause we can stop right, as if we were to continue I don't know if I would be able to stop." U:"*Shakes your head* Take me Edward Elric, let the whole world know I'm yours."

How You Found Out / How You Told Him (East City):

Ed & Al were out battling Scar somewhere on the outskirts of the city. The FullMetal Alchemist made you stay behind since he considerd it too dangerous. Though you didn't like being left, you were glad he did. Your stomach had been making you queasy for the last 3 days. Leading you to sitting in Dr. Knox's office wtih Roy & Riza. Your stomach had been making you queasy for the past 3 days. Another reason for Ed to make you stay at the base. Earlier that morning the Flame Alchemist and his bodyguard found you puking in the washroom. When you were finished Roy had ordered you to go see Knox for a checkup. At first you tried to tell him you were fine. But when the colonel threated you to do 2 months worth of paperwork, you quickly rushed to the doctor's office. With your friends (and guardians) following right behind you. 'For the freedom of being work-free, I will do what Roy tells me!' Knox enters the room finally & hands you the test results. "*Sighs* Mustang knows I'm not an expert at this; but seeing I'm a doctor I feel its my responsibility." After he leaves Roy & Riza read over your shoulder. They had always been like a secondmother & father to you.Ri:"What does it say?" You quickly glanced the paper over with a less than happy face: "I'm pregnant." Ro:"Holy ****! Who is the ******* that ot you knocked up?!" U:"...You want the truth?" "Yes d***** who is he?!" "...Edward Elric AKA: The FullMetal Alchemist."Roy's face turns into pure rage (one that nobody could control). "THE SHRIMP IS THE FATHER OF YOUR KID?!" "DON'T CALL HIM THAT ROY!" He starts to calm down, walking away with only saying: "No more missions for you." It brought a smile to both Riza and you; Roy always acted like that as a way of showing he cared.

~ Later That Night ~

You were waiting at the hotel room for Ed & Al to return. Hoping they would return safely without anymore injuries. The phone rang, and since caller id hadn't been invented yet you picked it up. U:"Hello?" Al:"Yui its me Alphone." U:"Where are you? Are you okay?" Al:"*Sighs* I'm fine but Ed's in the hospital." U:"What?!" Al:"Don't worry he'll be fine. The doctors just want to keep him there for safety precautions. Better hurry up if you want to go see him before visiting hours are over." U:"Okay I'll be right there." You quickly changed into something more comfortable. And left in lighting spped to the hospital without a care what got in your way. Someone could have thrown a million dollars to the ground and you wouldn't care. All you wanted was to see the man you loved the most. Al met you in the waiting room, running with you to Ed's room. Ed greeted you with a decent smile, "Hey Yui I was hoping to see you." Instead of a hug he got a slap on the back of the head. "Ow! What the hell was that for Yui?!" "DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" "Huh?" "You scared me half to death! I almost thought I lost you! Here I am pregant with your baby and you do something like this!" Both Ed & Al are completely shocked by the news. Ed:"Wow I don't know if I'm ready to be a father..." U:"Great..." "However I'll do my best." Ed kisses you out of nowhere, while Al starts celebrating. "I'm going to be an uncle! This is the best day of my life!" "Meow" Ed & U:"AL!!!" "I'm sorry big brother I couldn't help it." The two brothers argued as you began to smile at your new family.

~ 8 Months Later ~

During your 2nd trimester you moved back to Winry & Pinako's house. Ed & Al were planning to rebuild the house they grew up in. In the way you may raise your family together with Ed, Al, & his girlfriend May Chang. Winry was a little upset that Ed was with you. Yet she remembered that she turned him down when she was younger. One summer night it was only Ed, Al & you. Pinako & Winry were out grocery shopping with Den." Your boyfriend/lover & you were merely laying down on the bed. Ed kissing your swollen belly as you watched him lovingly. The bed then felt wet, find a huge puddle in between your legs. Ed was no idoit to know what it meant. Ed:"D***** Al you better get up here!" The sound of armour hitting wood could be outside the door. Al opens the door widely, "IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT?!" Ed:"No Yui's water broke 5 minutes ago help me deliver the baby!" U:"DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THIS?!" Ed:"Trust me if I can help deliver Domnic's grandson and Hughes's daughter I can do this." The FullMetal Alchemist proved it to you when your daughter Aya was born 3 hours later. She was so cute with her father's golden hair and eyes. Edward loved her and promised to protect his girls forever. Ed & Al defeated all of the homunclus and restored democracy to all of the countries. Al's body was returned as well as Ed's right arm. Once the Elric Brothers got back what was stolen from them, you & Ed were married. Moving into the fully restored Elric home. A year & a half later you had a son name Tsuna. Your daughter & son looked mostly like their father. Yet Aya acted her father, as Tsuna acted like his mother. Aya was a strong sword fighter/alchemist. Given the name: "The Blade Alchemist". Tsuna was also a strong alchemist, being called the "Lighting Alchemist". You happily looked at the mailbox that read "The Elric Family".

Aya (Meaning: Woven Silk) Age: 19

Tsuna (Meaning: Bond) Age: 18


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