You Belong With Me (Percy Jackson love story) CHARACTERS!!!!

I would put pictures for the characters, but my computer won't let me.

Created by maxride97 on Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Andi Turner


Brown hair, dark brown eye. (Picture Selena Gomez)

Godly parent: Hephaestus

Best friends: Percy, Grover, Molly, Tori, Lily, Kaytie, Shelby, and Stoll brothers

Personality: Shy, smart, funny, outgoing, tough, can sometimes make up strategies like the Athena cabin, and sarcastic sense of humor

Hates: Luke, or Puke, the Aphrodite cabin, and the sight of blood but is used to it. Annabeth.

Crush: Won’t know unless you read the story!!!

Likes: Music, dancing, being sarcastic

Percy Jackson


Black hair, green/blue eyes. (Picture Logan Lerman)

Godly parent: Poseidon

Best friends: Andi, Grover, Stoll brothers, sometime the girls, Annabeth

Personality: Funny, protective of his friends, loyal, good sword fighter

Hates: Luke, Kronos, the Aphrodite cabin.

Crush: Andi, but doesn’t really know

Grover Underwood


Brown hair and brown eyes. (Picture Brandon T. Jackson)

Godly parent: not a demigod

Best friends: Percy, Andi, Annabeth

Personality: Goofy, protective of Andi like Percy, funny,

Hates: Luke, Cyclopes

Loves: the Aphrodite cabin, enchiladas.

Travis (left) and Connor (right) Stoll

Both 17

Blonde hair and blue eyes. (pictures Dillon and Cole Spouse)

Godly parent: Hermes

Best friends: Percy, Andi, Grover, sometimes Annabeth, their whole cabin

Personality: There’s no way you could describe these goofy twins! In a good way!!!

Hates: Luke, war

Love: Both love the Aphrodite cabin, stealing, pickpocketing.

Tori Summers


Blonde hair and blue eyes

Godly parent: Athena

Best friends: Andi, Percy, Grover, Molly, Shelby, Lily, and Kaytie

Personality: Funny, wise, good at giving advice, can be goofy at times, and smart

Hates: Luke, Stoll brothers, the Aphrodite cabin

Molly Shay


Black hair and hazel eyes

Godly parent: Apollo

Best friends: Andi, Percy, Tori, and all the other characters!

Personality: Funny, sweet, smart, cares for animals, loves music (duh!!)

Hates: Aphrodite cabin, (wow, a lot of people are haten on the Aphrodite cabin)

Kaytie Gardner


Black hair and brown eyes. (Picture Keke Palmer)

Godly parent: Demeter

Best friends: Andi, and all the girls

Personality: Tough, strong, loving, smart, can be funny

Hates: The Stoll brothers

Shelly or Shelby Woods


Blonde hair and brown eyes. (Picture Hillary Duff)

Godly parent: Hestia

Best friends: everybody

Personality: peaceful, trustworthy, sweet, funny, smart

Hates: Aphrodite cabin, Stoll brothers

Lily Osment


Black hair and blue eyes. (Picture Katy Perry)

Godly parent: Apollo

Best friends: Andi, Stoll brothers, Percy, all the girls

Personality: Dark sense of humor, humorous, smart,

Hates: Pink crap, and Aphrodite cabin

Courtney Harrison


brown hair and hazel eyes

Godly parent: Aphrodite

Best friends: her cabin and most boys at camp

Personality: can be mean to most at times. Airhead.

Hates: Andi.

Crush: Percy


He’s a god, so, he can stay young forever. (Picture Justin Beiber)

Godly parents: Poseidon and his wife. Don’t remember her name but she was a sea nymph.

Siblings: Percy and Tyson

Personality: Selfish, thinks he can get any girl he wants.

Hates: Percy

Likes or loves: Andi for her beauty

Eros, or Cupid, god of love

Immortal, live forever (Picture Taylor Lautner)

Godly parents: Aphrodite and Hephaestus

Siblings: Andi

Personality: Doesn’t car about looks, selfless, cares for Andi since brothers died.

Hates: Triton

Loves: Andi in a brotherly way

Likes: Percy, Grover, all of Andi’s friends. He likes them as friends!

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