A Fullmetal Alchemist Love Story

Fullmetal Alchemist: love story (winryXed)

Created by winryautomail on Saturday, June 26, 2010

A note from winryautomail: For starters this purley fan-made . If you don't watch fullmetal alchemist then most of this will not make sense. If you do,I hope you like it, it took a very long time to come up with. Feel free to tell me ideas to add. Hope you enjoy!:)p.s if you don't watch it you'll see a picture of ed and winry down more!

It was a breezy summer day,Ed and Al had decided to take a brake from hunting for a way to get there bodies back,with a philosophers stone or with alkahestry. Anyway they were spending there time in Resembool with Winry and Granny Pinako.

"Ed! Drink your milk or you'll stay short forever!"said Granny Pinako."like you, you mini-sized hag?!" shouted Ed." What was that you bean-sprout brat!" "you heard me you wrinkled old bean!"

Winry, Paninya and Al sighed as the two shouted at each other."Al, how long are you two staying?" Winry asked "I don't know, maybe three weeks, but brother probably doesn't want to stay long."Al said "You two never do stay in one place very long, do you." Winry sighed.I wish for once they would maybe a month or something, and i want to find out if ed likes me...Winry thought.

Paninya knew what Winry was thinking since there best friends. Then Ed sprang said "I have to go" and ran out the door, "lets follow him" whispired Paninya.

They followed him and he came to a stop around a corner. They came to the open pretending like they were on a walk and they saw Ed with Rose.... and they were kissing! Ed saw them and broke apart from Rose "Winry, I......" Whatever he was going to say Winry didn't hear. She turned and ran as fast as she could away tears streaming down her face. Ed looked at Paninya, but she just looked away and shaked her head and then went after Winry.

All week Ed tried to talk to Winry but she wouldn't listen. One day Winry didn't come down for breakfast so Ed asked where she went "She went to the cliff" said Granny Pinako. Mean while at the cliff Winry was standing, enjoying the cool breeze when she saw a two men tying up kids to a tree at the end of the cliff she took out a wrench and threw it at one of the men, who fell to the ground. Winry had another wrench in her hand ready for throwing, a little trick she had picked up in Rush Valley. The other man ran away. Winry went help the kids get untied when Ed reached the top of the cliff. Then suddenly the man who Winry hit pushed Winry..... right over the edge! "WINRY!!!!" yelled Ed and he ran to the edge and grabbed Winry's hand but fell down with her. Winry hit her head on a rock and was unconscious.

When Winry woke up Ed's coat was on her, but there was no Ed. Winry heard a rustling in the bushes.Ed came out covered in cuts, scraps and one deep gash in his side. Winry sat up. " Ow,ow,ow,ow!" she said. She look at Ed. "Why did you....nevermind" she said and turned away. "Winry, I'm sorry" said Ed "You mean your sorry for something your not?" Winry snapped. "And you've gotten your self all beaten up! Let me cover you bandages to stop the blood from getting everywhere."

When Winry was done fixing Ed up, he lifted her chin up so she could look at him in the eyes " I'm sorry" he said. Winry could tell he meant it by the look in his eyes. " I never wanted to kiss her" he said. "Fine" Winry said. She stood up to "now lets go and get back to your house."Edward_Winry_for_Cheryl_XD_by_Hanesihiko.jpg

Two years later when Ed and Al got there bodies back, and after they went to Reesmbool to show Granny. Al was gonna go East and Ed was gonnna go West. Winry was walking with Ed to the train and telling him to take care of his still auto-mail leg. Right before he got on the train he stop turned and said "equivelent exchange!" "Huh?" said Winry. Ed's ace was cherry red "if you give me half of your life i'll give you half of mine!" " Ugh, you alchemist always say stuff in that weird way, never mind half i'll give you all of it." Winry's face turned as red as Ed's " N-Not all, 90.... no 70, wait that won't work................85! I'll give you 85!" Ed started to laugh "W-What?!" "You really are amazing, well see you." Winry smiled "Come back soon!"

Winry thought about all the good times they had together.....My knight in shining armor she thought was a pipsqueck!


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