Mate of the Werewolf {1} Crimson Wolf

Original Werewolves Romance Story! But know this, this story isn’t what it seems upon first glance. Those who bothered to read in-depth will immediately know what I mean. Looking at the tags will definitely help give everything away. While everyone else, well, they’ll think Camellia is utterly amazing!!!11 Please make all messages readable and coherent. Thanks so much, buh bye.

Created by NaturalBornTrouble on Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Camellia, or Cammie as she was known to a small and selective group of friends, felt a sense of pride wash over her as she prowled with a great sense of boredom through her territory. Although it had been relatively dull growing up in a small country town like Blue Bells, but this was her land nonetheless. Still, it was as dull as heck.

With her long red hair, like the colour of a fiery setting sun and eyes as sharp as the coolest of ice, her skin a succulent brown, natural of course, she was the most beautiful and sought after woman in the entire town. Her figure was that of a busty super model and she didn’t have to do a thing to keep herself looking this gorgeous. It was natural, all the way.

Men of all ages, young, old, married, divorced or single worshipped the ground she walked on. She had them all wrapped around her little finger and she could do whatever she wanted and could do whatever she wanted. She was feisty, flirty and naughty; absolutely ruthless when she wanted something.

And she would always get what she wanted.

The women of this town, however, hated her with a most ironic passion. They detested her, loathed her, and yet could not deny how utterly mesmerising and alluring she was in all aspects of her personality, image and life. She was the pinnacle of perfection.

And the fact that she was a werewolf only added to her Goddess like supreme beauty. She could turn into a blood red wolf whenever she wanted. Of course, the only drawback was when she changed back into her human form, she was completely naked, her clothes literally ripped off of her slender and supple body whenever she transformed. It was only a minor hindrance, though. With her legs that went on for miles, her perfect skin, her flawless figure, her large and perky bust, she had nothing to be ashamed off.

Because of her luscious red hair, hair that no one had ever seen before, she had been given the name the Crimson Wolf by the locals.

She and her twin brother were the only werewolves in this town, she being the oldest twin and the strongest; she was the true owner of this land.

Her brother, Ethan, was truly pathetic. It was completely and utterly embarrassing to even admit that they were even related. She did everything she could to avoid him, but as he was the weakest, she just had to protect him. She didn’t have to like it though. For as long as she could remember, she and her brother had always been at odds. He simply could not get over the fact that she was the strongest of the family and didn’t like to come second to a girl.

While Camellia’s wolf form was a true essence of beauty, Ethan’s was something she considered to be incredibly dull. Honestly, his fur was as white as snow and his eyes a gentle chocolate brown. He wasn’t threatening at all. And to make him even less worthy of being called a werewolf and her brother, he preferred not to engage in battles, instead he decided to become a gentle and caring vet, off all things.

If he could, Ethan would prefer to have their territory open to any wandering wolf, allowing them refuge. He was such a dreamer. Honestly, did he really think a werewolf worthy his weight would even consider coming to him for help in healing their wounds?

No wolf would get pass her, not with her keen senses that was matched by none.

Which was why she was stalking her town darkened streets; there was a new wolf in town and he was following her.

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