There Will Never [Damian McGinty] Be Another [oneshot for klt411]

Inspired by Damian's version of Young Love =)

Created by on Monday, June 28, 2010

“Damian!” shrieked a little girl,“Damian, stop! No tickles! Aaaaahhhhhh!” she squealed, giggling uncontrollably. The boy, who was chasing her, also giggled.

“I’m gonna get you, Kallie!” he hollered, and their parents, sitting on the porch of Kallie’s house, smiled in amusement, watching the two four year olds playing tag. Damian chased Kallie around to the back of the house, and finally catching her, he tackled her to the ground.

“Don’t tickle!” Kallie cried, thrilled. Damian didn’t tickle her. Instead, his little four-year-old face suddenly became very serious. He leaned in and pecked Kallie on the cheek. They stared at each other for a few minutes.

“EW!” They both yelled at the same time, Kallie wiping at her cheek, and Damian rubbing his lips.

Kallie woke with a start to her mother’s voice.

“Karolyn, wake up! We’re leaving in an hour!”

“Yeah, mom. I’m up.” She mumbled sleepily. Why her mother had to plan to meet a friend on a Saturday morning, she didn’t know. Why she was being forced to come, she didn’t know. All she knew was that her dad didn’t have to – he got to sleep in. Rolling out of bed, she made her way to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Kallie let the warm water wash over her as she thought about her dream. It wasn’t a particularly unusual dream; she had had it multiple times before. Damian had been her childhood best friend, and even at the age of four, she had known she loved him. Of course, at four, that was gross, because boys had cooties. But now that she was older, she wished that he was still around. Damian and his family had moved soon after the scene that was in her dream, and she hadn’t spoken with him since.

“Karolyn, you’d best hurry up! I don’t want to have to come in there!” she heard outside the bathroom door, accompanied by a frenzied knocking.

“I’m coming, mom.” Kallie sighed. She and her mom actually had a very good relationship, despite their constant arguing. Quickly throwing on a pair of jeans and a purple tank top, Kallie rushed out of the bathroom, only to run into her mother. The two of them toppled to the floor, and began to laugh so hard that her dad came out of the bedroom. They stopped, like little kids being reprimanded, when he glared at them, but when the door was safely shut, they began to giggle again.

“Go finish getting ready, we’re leaving in ten.” Kallie’s mom got out between giggles, then got up and went down the stairs. Shaking her head, Kallie went to her room, and got all her stuff together. Five minutes later, she went downstairs to find her mother. She found her standing by the back door shifting her weight from foot to foot excitedly. Kallie smiled and shook her head.

“Mom, sometimes I swear you’re younger that I am.” She teased, walking out the door with her mother at her heels. Kallie got in the car first, and her mom ran around to the driver’s seat. She was jittery and her hands were shaking so badly, she had trouble getting the key into the ignition.

“Mom. Where are we going that’s got you so excited?” Kallie asked, extremely curious as to what had gotten her usually composed mother into such a frenzy.

“Well, we’re going shopping now, then your father is meeting us, and we’re going to spend the rest of the week in that fancy hotel a few towns over.” She replied, getting the key into the ignition and starting the car. Kallie gripped the seat as her mother took off, flying down the road as though the mall were running away.

“Okay… so why do we have to go shopping?” She asked, holding on to the bottom of her seat for dear life.

“Because, dear, it’s a fancy hotel! So we need fancy clothes!” Her mother chattered excitedly.

“Because I definitely don’t have any clothes that might work.” Kallie muttered sarcastically, tightening her grip on the seat. After two near accidents, her mother parked the car in the mall parking lot. Kallie opened the door quickly and stumbled out only to find her mother standing in front of her, bouncing on her toes.

“C’mon, Karolyn, let’s go!” She chattered impatiently. Kallie groaned, smiled, and followed her over exuberant mother.

An hour later, Kallie collapsed into a chair in the cafeteria. Her mother had dragged her around the mall three times over, and fast. They already had a growing pile of bags, containing clothes whose price made Kallie flinch.

“Just a couple more stores, dear.” Her mother proclaimed, contentedly. After several more hours of shopping, Kallie collapsed into the car. Her mother got in next to her, and sank contentedly into her seat.

“Well, that was productive, wasn’t it?” She sighed happily.

“Sure, mom. I mean, we only bought half the mall.” Kallie teased, smiling at her mother. Her mom put the keys in and ignited the engine, pulling out of the space. Kallie sighed in relief. She had been expecting to run into her ex-boyfriend. They had gone out for almost six months before Kallie realized she felt nothing for him, and broke it off. She broke his heart, and he still considered them technically together, he just decided they were on a short “break.”

“Kallie? What’s up?” Her mom asked, noticing a grimace on Kallie’s face.

“Oh, nothing, I just… my feet hurt.” She lied, not wanting to put a damper on her mother’s mood.

“Oh. Alright,” Her mom said, skeptically. Kallie rubbed her foot for good measure. “What time is it, dear?”

“Almost 2, why?” She replied.

“Oh! Oh, you’re father is going to be there, and we’ll be late, and we’re going to keep him waiting…” Kallie’s mom began to nervously chatter on about being late, and Kallie leaned back and closed her eyes. Despite the length of time her parents had been together, they still acted like courting lovers. A few moments later, she pulled into the parking lot of a little rest stop. Kallie saw her father’s car a few spaces from where her mother parked, then she was dragged into the building. Her father was seated on a bench, tapping his foot impatiently.

“I thought we agreed on one thirty,” he muttered, rising and kissing his wife.

“I’m so sorry, we got caught up! we’re here now, let’s go!” Kallie’s mom smiled and the three left the little rest stop.

“It’s another twenty minutes to the hotel, just follow my car,” Kallie’s dad instructed before they parted ways.

Two minutes into the ride, Kallie’s mother got frustrated with the ads on the radio and shoved in a CD. Much to Kallie’s surprise, she didn’t recognize the music.

“Mom? What is this?” She asked. She and her mom listened to a lot of the same music, so it confused her not to know who it was. She found herself tapping her foot along, however.

“Oh, I picked it up at the mall. A friend recommended it to me. They’re called Celtic Thunder. Five guys. I like it,” her mom replied, swaying to the music.

“Yeah, me too,” Kallie murmured, focusing on the music. To her surprise, a very young sounding voice poured out of the speakers. She listened closer, and found herself recalling her dream.

They say for every boy and girl
There's just one love in this whole world
And I know I found mine
The heavenly touch of your embrace
Tells me no one could take your place
Ever in my heart
Young love, first love
Filled with deep devotion
Young love, our love
We share with deep emotion
Just one kiss from your sweet lips
Will tell me that our love is real
And I can feel that it's true
For we will vow to one another
There will never be another
Love for you or for me
Young love, first love
Filled with deep devotion
Young love, our love
We share with deep emotion
Young love, first love
Filled with deep devotion
Young love, first love
Filled with deep devotion

Immediately her mind drifted back to the dream she’d had that morning, and she almost laughed. This was most definitely her song.

Twenty minutes seemed to pass in a blur as Kallie became enraptured with her mother’s new music adventure. She was slightly startled when the music stopped.

“We’re here!” her mom exclaimed, climbing out of the car. Kallie shook her head once and climbed out as well. She turned and came face to face with the fanciest hotel she had ever seen. Slightly intimidated, she took her bags out of the car and followed her mother to check-in. looking around the lobby, Kallie noticed a small nook with two cozy chairs and a fireplace. She made a mental note of this for later when she felt like reading. After they checked in, Kallie and her parents went to their rooms. Kallie had been given a room to herself, across the hall from her parents.

“Kallie, meet here in three hours for dinner, ok?” her mom asked. She and Kalli’s dad were going for a walk around the hotel. Kallie nodded and set about exploring her room and putting her things away. There were two double beds, a giant television and a bathroom bigger than her bedroom at home. After about ten minutes, Kallie got bored with exploring and decided to try the nook she had spotted before. Grabbing her room key, mp3 player, and a book, she headed down to the lobby. As she passed the check-in desk, Kallie thought for an instant that the young man checking in with his mother looked familiar, but she dismissed it. Happily, she settled into the private little nook with a cup of coffee and set her phone alarm for 5:15. Half an hour into her reading session, she was interrupted.

“Excuse me,” a deep voice said politely, “do I know you? Kallie snapped her eyes up and turned off her music.

“Um, I don’t think so,” she replied uncertainly. He looked down at the chair, then back up at Kallie, who nodded. The mystery guy was incredibly good looking, and she was slightly shell-shocked.

“Sorry, it’s just, I could swear I recognize you from somewhere,” he mused.

“Yeah,” Kallie murmured, “you look familiar too.”

“Well. Do you mind if I sit here and read for a bit?” he asked.

“Not at all,” she replied, going back to her book. They sat like that, in silence that was more comfortable than awkward, until Kallie’s phone alarm went off and both jumped out of their seats in surprise.

“Oh, I have to get going. Dinner with my parents,” Kallie apologized.

“Wait, what time is it?” he asked, suddenly on edge.

“5:15?” she answered, and he visibly relaxed.

“Oh, good. I’m meeting my parents for dinner, too. I thought I was late,” he said, relieved.

“Ok, well, I’d better get going. See you around?” she asked carefully.

“Definitely, I’m here all week,” he affirmed. She smiled and walked away. It wasn’t until she’d reached her room that she realized she hadn’t found out his name.

Kallie got changed and put on a little fresh makeup, pondering the familiar-looking boy from the lobby the whole time. At 5:45 she opened her hotel door and found her parents waiting in the hallway.

“Good timing!” her mom exclaimed. The family made their way down to the front lobby together. Once there Kallie’s mom stopped them.

“So, I have a hug surprise for you two. We’re having dinner in the hotel restaurant. But that’s not the surprise!” Kallie’s mom explained quickly. She lead her now thoroughly confused family into the restaurant. Motioning to Kallie and her father to stay where they were, Kallie’s mom went and whispered to the host who nodded and began to walk away. Kallie’s mom motioned for them to follow. They reached a table set for six, and Kallie’s mom seated them. They sat every other seat around the table, leaving a seat open between each of them.

“Mom? I’m feeling a little bit isolated over here…” Kallie stated, a little bit puzzled at the seating arrangement.

“You won’t be in a minute. Ah, here they come!” her mom cried. Kallie looked up and her jaw fell open. It was the boy from the lobby, with a couple who looked awfully familiar. A quick glance in her father’s direction told her that he was just as shell shocked as she was.

“The McGintys have agreed to catch up with us over dinner… and a week’s vacation! Isn’t that lovely?” Kallie’s mother announced happily. Kallie’s mouth fell open wider.

“D-Damian?!” she half asked, half proclaimed.

“Kallie…” he replied in awe. Then he grinned. “That would explain why you looked so familiar!”

“What?” Kallie’s mom asked, worried. When they explained how they’d met in the lobby earlier that day, she relaxed. “Oh, I thought the surprise had been ruined. We did a good job, huh?” she asked, sharing a conspiratorial glance with Damian’s mother. Kallie laughed.

“Looks like they’re not wasting any time!” she said, indicating to their fathers, who were chatting away about some sport or another. This comment earned her a playful scowl from her father and a happy beam from her mother. The next two hours were spent talking and catching up. Kallie not only learned the song on the CD that her mom had bought earlier that day was Damian, but she also realized that she really hadn’t ever fallen out of love with Damian. Towards the end of the meal, when everyone was getting up to go, the mothers for coffee and the fathers for billiards, Damian leaned over and whispered in Kallie’s ear.

“Pool, 15 minutes?” he asked, and she nodded smiling. Kallie raced up to her room and rushed to change. After checking herself once in the mirror, she practically ran down to the pool. As she hurried down the hallway to the pool area, she came face to face with a panting Damian and realized her own heart was racing. After a moment of silence, staring at one another, both took off towards the door at a dead run.

“Ha!” Kallie yelled to the empty room, “I won!” She turned to lord it over Damian, but she didn’t see him. All of a sudden, she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and lift her up. Before she even registered what was happening, she was under water.

Spluttering to the surface, Kallie glared at Damian as he howled with laughter on the pool deck. Smiling deviously, she splashed him. He stopped laughing and stared at her, shocked and dripping, before an equally mischievous look crossed his face. Kallie shrieked and swam away as fast as she could. She looked back briefly, only to see Damian wiggle his fingers and jump in the pool.

“Damian, don’t tickle me!” she cried, frantically paddling across the pool, “Please! You know I hate it!” she begged as he cornered her in the shallow end. “Don’t…” she whispered as he trapped her in the corner of the pool, his arms on either side of her. They stood in the water like this for a moment, just breathing heavily. Then Damian leaned in slowly. Kallie’s eyes widened as their lips touched gently. The two stayed like this for what seemed like forever, before Damian began to pull away and apologize. Finally coming to her senses, Kallie grabbed the back of his head and kissed him harder. Damian’s arms immediately wrapped around her waist as both of them melted into the kiss.

When they came up for air, Damian pressed his forehead against Kallie’s, keeping his eyes closed.

“They say for every boy and girl there’s just one love in this whole world, and I know I’ve found mine…” he sang quietly.

“Your voice has changed,” Kallie laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck, “you’re all grown up.”

“As are you,” he smiled, a teasing glint in his eye. Kallie blushed as they descended into another kiss.

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