My mother boyfriend touches me at night chap. 3

What will happen to Paris next keep reading to find out...

Created by Yearone on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Paris: I cant, I should really be getting home.
Mason: Come on it's only 4:30,i'm not going to hurt you, I wouldnt hurt a fly,it's just down the street.
Paris: I cant.
Mason: Okay, will i'm here at the park till seven thirty if you change your mind.
Paris: K, see you later.
Mason: I deffinitely hope so.

When I get home, I noticed total change, my house was clean, my mom looked sober, and there was a lady sitting at the table. She clamied to be from Child Service, I thought, to my self that my saver has finally come.
Social Worker: Hi Paris, my name is Brenda I'm from Child Services. I'm here to talk to you, I just wanted to know if you were okay, I heard some complaints, you seem your like in a pretty good home.

Paris: Pretty good, PRETTY GOOD? I shouted as I seen Spike walk behind her. Im in a great home.....Dammit, I blew it, my only chance to get away.

Social Worker: Alright well, heres my card, if you need anything call. *she walks out the door* I ran to the window and started to cry when she drove off. I turn around to see my mom ranking up on the beer. I see Spike makeing hand gestures for me to come by him into my room.

As soon, as I walk into the door, he beat me and called me his little bitch. It was the truth, I did become his bitch, clutched under his tight fist like a puppet. When he was done, I waited 15 mins. after he left to grab a blade and slit my wrist, wrapped under the pain I just couldnt take it anymore. I clean my self up and decided to run away. I went to the park and saw Mason there. He snuck up behind me and place his hand over my shoulder
Mason: Heey.
Mason: Im sorry, is there something wrong?
Paris: No, no sorry, you just scared me.
Mason: I didnt mean too, so are you up for that pizza?
Paris: Yea lets go.
Mason: great come on, its just down the street. Soo tell me about your self. Where do live?
Paris: Down the street.
Mason: What does your dad do.
Paris: What are you the I.R.S? Whats with all the questions?
Mason: Sorry, just trying to get to know you a little better. Well anyway, were here.
Paris: Where is it, all I see is a house.
Mason: I know my mom makes the best pizza in town.
Paris: Mason, I dont know if I can go in there.
Mason: sure you can lets go. *he grabs her arm into the house* Hey mom, i'm home, and I brought guest, this is my mom Mikayla, this is my dad Brian, and this is my little brother, Julian.

Mikayla: Hello dear, come on there is plenty for everyone.
Brian: Hi there, nice to meet you Mason, has told me all about you.
Paris: Oh he has?
Julian: Hi *a little voice said* is your name Paris.
Paris: Yes
Julian: Well my brother talks about you a lot *paris laughs* yea well, I think he likes you. aww thats so cute Paris saids. JULIAN SHUT UP, im sorry, he's always that way.
Paris: Its okay. And how old are you?
Julian: I'm five. Hey you wanna sit next to me at the table.
Paris: sure, I will. As I sat at the table its like I walked into an episode of the Brady Bunch. For once, I actually felt happy, its nice to see a loving family. Wish I was apart of it. At that moment I forgot I was suppose to be running away untiil his mother said.....
Mikayla: So dear, tell me about your family, what does your father do?
Paris: Well. ma'm, my father died when I was 10
Mikayla: Im sorry honey,
Paris: Its okay, deep down inside I thought to my self that, everything is not okay. And I wanted to bust and tell the whole family what was really going on.
A few hours later

Mikayla: Come on, it's getting late. I should take you home, be ready in ten minutes.
Mason: Hey come up here, I want to show you something. He walked me into his room.
Paris: What.
Mason: nothing, I just wanted to talk awhile before we leave. Can I tell you something.
Paris: Yea sure.
Mason: Im not trying anything have pretty eyes, like its hard not to look because there just so beautiful. It's like I get lost in them.
Paris: UHH, Thanks..i guess.
Mason: You have something on your face.
Paris: what?
Mason pretended to wipe something off her face, and then kissed her..
Mason:, oh god, im sorry, I didnt mean to.
Mason: Paris im sorry, clam down.
Mason: Paris stop crying, whose Spike?
Paris: What happen.
Mason: You flipped out and call me Spike.
Paris: Oh Mason, please PLEASE, DONT TELL ANYONE. What im about to tell you.
Mason: I pinky swear promise.
Paris: My moms boyfriend comes into my room and rapes me at night okay and I can't tell my mom because she's never sober enough to care, are you happy. You finally know what goes on in my life.
Mason: Oh my god.
Paris: Yea I had a chance to escape the torture but he told me if I told anyone he woulld kiil me...Mason, Im so scared. I cant go home, I just cant. *paris brakes down and starts crying*
Mason: Its going to be okay.
Paris: No, it's not. It will never be okay. Im going to be going through this forever.
Mikayla: Come on dear, im ready. Oh my, are you alright honey.
Paris: Im going to walk, I just haveto go for a walk, I only live down the street. It was nice meeting you ma'm.
Mikayla: Okay, it was nice meeting you too* she leans in to hug her*
Mason: Come on, i'll take you home
hmm a hug, I havent had one of those in a long time.* she thought to herself*

Mason: If, I tell you something, will you promise not to tell.
Paris: pinky swear promise.
Mason: My uncle was almost doing the same thing to me, everytime, I would go over his house, he would make me watch those movies, and read porn magazine, and touch me. I stopped him before it got any farther.
Paris: How did you do that.
Mason: I told my mom, and long story short, he's in jail.
Paris: Mason, please dont worry about me, I know what im going to do, please dont tell.
Mason: pinky swear promise.
Paris: Can we please just change the subject. What made you kiss me.
Mason I dont know, I guess my little bother was right, I really do like you, your not like most girls I know.
Paris: Mason I
Mason: I know *he interupted* Your not looking right now.
Paris: I like you too, but i'm just scared, I think we should just take things slow.
Mason: I'm cool with that.
Paris: Well heres my house, thank you for walking me home *she kisses him on the cheek* Bye.

As I go into the house, I see no Spike, and again my mom looks sober.
Paris: Hey mom, wheres Spike.
Mom: He went out, I feel terrible, dont bother me kid.
As I lay in my bed with no burden over my shoulder, I feel happy knowing Spike isnt here right now. I cant help but think about what Mason said to me. Maybe this is my saver come to rescue me. Maybe my time has come, maybe I can stop suffering now. As I doesed off to sleep, I kept repeating those words in my head, maybe.....just maybe.

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