X-men evolution love story part 11

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Created by Kimamoondog on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Part 11

I woke up to pounding on my door. “Wake up sweet heart!” Came Pietro’s voice. “Go to hell!” I yelled back to him as I pulled the covers over my head. “Get up or I’ll come in there and drag you out by your feet!” He threatened. Seeing as I was in nothing but boxers (yes the boxers with the yellow flames on them) and a bra I yelled, “I’m getting up!” I quickly got out of the bed but when I started to undress the door started to open. “STOP!!” I screeched. “Why?” Came St. John voice. “Because I’m changing!” I said. “Well then.” He said opening the door more. I ran and shut the door hearing a satisfying yelp of pain from Pyro.

Lauren yawned walking into the kitchen “huh I thought she would be eating but she’s not in here.” Lauren thought as Lance walked into the kitchen. “Hey Lance do you know where Trianna is?” Lauren asked. “Sorry haven’t seen her,” he said while taking a bite out of a pop tart, “have you seen Pietro?” “No.” Lauren said a look of worry on her face. “There probably ditching school or something.” Lance said bored. “Eh they better not be.” Lauren growled startling Lance. “Um, okay?” He said finishing of his cereal. “Hey since Trianna isn’t here you need a ride right?” Lance said smiling at Lauren “ Crap that’s right” she said surprised “you can ride with us” lance said “fine” she said annoyed “Blob hurry up” Lance yelled up the stairs “I’m coming” Blob yelled back. “Hey Blob why are you sitting in the back?” Lauren asked. “Because I’m too big to sit in the front” he said. “Come on I don’t bite…much” Lance said. “Fine” Lauren said getting into the passenger seat. About ten minutes later. “Where here” Lance said parking the jeep. “Come on were going to be late” Lauren said dashing out of the car. “Goody two shoes” Lance and Blob said in unison. Lauren turned around and while walking backwards stuck her tongue out at them.

I quickly put on my clothing, which consisted of red with black striped fingerless gloves, a black low cut tank top, tight skinny jeans with rips up and down the legs of them, and about there necklaces and my seven piercing (there in the right ear lobe, two in the left ear lobe, a tongue, and a belly button) and did my dark eyeliner before leavening my room with my shoes off. “Hey love morning.” Said St. John looking down at me. I looked up at him and smiled lightly. “Morning.” I said as I did a strange little twirl. “What has you in such a good mood?” He asked staring at me as if I where insane, which I was. “I don’t have to go to school!” I yelled happily. “Duh.” Came Pietro’s bored voice from the corner of the room St. John and I had just went into. “Oh hush.” I said as I grabbed a chocolate pop tart from one of the cabinets. “Hey the pop tarts are mine.” Complained Pietro. “I’m sorry.” I said sarcastically as I happily munched on my pop tart. I felt Pietro’s anger as St. John sat next to me and rapped an arm around me. “Don’t get angry Pietro.” I said trying to control my emotions from changing. He scoffed before leaving the room. “What’s wrong with ‘im?” Remy asked as he walked into the room. “He’s jealous.” I said laying my head on St. John’s shoulder. St. John smirked and leaned back a little causing my head to slip into his lap. My face grew red as I quickly got up. I could feel his humor radiating of him. “W-why did you do that?” I asked. “Do what?” He questioned back smirking. “That—oh never mind.” I said sighing.

“We have a job to do.” Came Sabertooth’s growl as he entered the room, then seeing me he roared out angrily. “WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?” He yelled. “She joined us mate.” Came St. John’s reply. “WHAT?” Sabertooth yelled. “Yup kitty.” I said laughing. “You’re dead.” Growled Sabertooth. “You don’t want to do that mate.” St. John warned as Sabertooth advanced. “And why not?” Asked Sabertooth never faltering his predatory gaze from my smirking face. “Cause when you play with fire you get burned.” I said laughing. Pyro smirked at me then glared at Sabertooth. “Go on mate try me.” Pyro said. Sabertooth advanced towards us. “Stop it.” Said Remy from the corner playing with his cards. “Make me.” Growled Sabertooth. “I won’t have to cause if Magneto hears ya he’ll be the one to show ya up.” Remy said. I yawed as I watched Sabertooth stalk out of the room. “That was fun.” I said smartly.

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