(Percy Jackson) Girlwreck -Character Profiles-

Hii! This page is going to carry photos and facts about my OCs, or Original Characters I've added to the sequel, "Girlwreck.", which is found here: http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/16554896/percy-jackson-girlwreck ----I LOVE YOU! :)

Created by xKalypsox on Friday, July 02, 2010

Valerie Dirnt, our main character:

Here's Valerie, this picture of hers was taken by her mother when she was five years old.


Here's Valerie posing for her graduation year almanac with her class; some three months ago. She HAD to pose funky. :) (14-about to go 15 years old)


This lady is her mother, Adrienne Dirnt, and Valerie always and always carries this picture with her. :)


And to end today, this is a pic of Valerie and Percy that is going to be taken when Valerie's and Percy's about 16.



That's it for today, my readers! *if you exist*

Next chapter, the fourth one, is going to be available roday!

kisses and hugs,


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