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So, I can't pull off a great chapter like Andy's was. But here's chapter two. Stay Gold, Mrs.Sodapop Curtis `~?~`

Created by sodapopsgirl4ever on Friday, July 02, 2010

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"Guys, you really didn't have to," Andy said as she saw all the presents
"Are you kidding?" Jackie said, spining around to look at everyone "THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" she said, jumping up and down exitedly. Everyone laughed at her as Andy sat down and looked at her like she was losing her mind.
"This is too much, guys," Andy said, looking back at the presents
"Non sence!" Evie said "It's your guys's birthday. You dissruve this," she smiled sweetly and blushed as Steve put his arm around her
"Awe!" Jackie said loudly "Look how cute of a couple they are!" everyone looked over at Steve and Evie which made Evie turn even a darker shade of red and Jackie giggled
"Hey don't turn this on us, this day is about you," Steve said "I know it's hard not to go five secondswithout talking about me, but really now girls," he said smiling "Enough is enough"
Andy and Jackie both rolled their eyes as Two-Bit handed them each a present.
"Well," he said smiling his goofy grin "Open them up"

Everyone was watching in antisipation as Andy and Jackie opened their presents.
"It's purple!" Andy yelled exitedly and smiled at everyone "Purple converse!!"
"You like them, right?" Phaylon asked "I know how much you like the color purple. And your cons," she looked down at Andy's converse. They were black, and torn up, the bottom of the shoe's heel was actually starting to come off. Phaylon looked back up at Andy "Well, I just thought you might be needed some new ones soon," Andy laughed and hugged Phaylon.

"Jack's, open your present," Phaylon said sternly and Jackie smiled wide "I'd thought you never asked," she tore open the wrapping paper to find a new navy blue Bikini. She smiled wide "Phaylon!" she squeeled exitedly "Your the best!" she said as Phaylon laughed
"Thats gonna be great for this summer," Sodapop said winking at Jackie. Jackie smiled, biting her lip.
"Andy, open your next present," Jackie turned her attention to Andy, avoiding Sandy's glare.
"Oh! I forgot there was more," Andy said, looking at everyone "this is amazing guys, really. Thanks"
Andy smiled, grabbing another present and handed Jackie another one "These ones are from--" she got cut off
"Me!" Two-Bit said, smiling wide
"Oh God," Jackie got wide eyed, turning her head to look at Andy. Andy giggled a bit and started opening the present.
"Two-Bit..." she said "This is awesome!" she said as she revealed a book that said "Dally's Delinquent Diary" on the cover. Jackie started cracking up and fell off her chair, rolling on the floor and the gang laughed with. Except for Dally, who gave Two-Bit a death glare.
"I ain't got no diary!" Dally said, snatching it away from Andy who looked at him in shock. Jackie looked up at Dally and sat up "Dally, it's a joke. Give it back," she said and everyone looked at Dally.
"Hell no!" he said in a warning tone
Jackie rolled her eyes, getting up, and snatched it back from Dallly's hands "Dude, it's a birthday party. You should be having fun, stop acting like a baby," she said, handing the book back to Andy
"A baby?!" he said, looking at Jackie like she was insane
"Yeah, Dallas Winston is acting like a baby," she looked at him in the eyes. She wasn't scared of him like everyone else was. Dally glared at her "I ain't no baby!"
"I said, acting," Jackie pointed out
"You are acting immature Dal," Johnny said quietly and everyone looked over at him. Dally looked over at Johnny and glared "What'd you say to me?!" he said "What'd you say to me you little pu--" he got cut off
"Dally!" Phaylon yelled "Don't mess with Johnny," he looked over at her and rolled his eyes "Whatever," he said, slumping down onto the floor and put his head aginst the wall. Everyone was staring at him and he looked up "Open your presents!" he said loudly and Jackie smiled, walking over to her seat again and started opening her present.

"I don't get it," Jackie said as she flipped Two-Bit's shirt over and over again "This just your old Mickey-Mouse T-shirt with the sleeve cut off"
"That you always stole from me," Two-Bit added
Jackie smiled "Your giving it to me... to keep?" she asked, pulling the shirt to her chest, hugging it. Two-Bit laughed and nodded.
"Awe!" Jackie said, hugging Two-Bit tightly "Thankies," she said and everyone looked at them confused.
"It's a shirt!" Sodapop said "A used shirt"
"It's my favorite shirt of his," Jackie said, raising up the red Mickey Mouse T-shirt "I always steal it from him when I stay the night at his house"
"And how much do you stay the night at his house?" Sandy cocked her head to the side as Sodapop looked over at Two-Bit a bit angry.
"Um..." Jackie said, tilting her head to the side a bit and put her finger to her chin, thinking "At least once a week," she said "I have to clean his house andcook forhim, God knows he won't do it," she said smiling innocently
"I'm sure that's all you do," Sandy rolled her eyes. Two-Bit and Jackie both glared at her as the whole gang watched in silence.
"Andy, here's your next problem," Jackie said, and everyone snickered "I mean present!" she said turning red. Soda winked at Jackie as Sandy glared at her again. Jackie stuck her tongue out at Sandy.
"Theres too many!" Andy laughed out jokingly. She started unwrapping a huge box that Jackie handed her "Wow, this is big"
"That's what she said," Phaylon laughed out and everyone laughed as Andy went red
"well..." Andy said, making her hair fall in her face so no one could see her blushing "It is"
She started opening the box just to find another box, she unwrapped that one to reveal another box. She sighed, and started to unwrap that box, just to come to another box. This one was small box.
"You know, that was a waist of good wrapping paper," Andy said and everyone laughed
"Just open the box," Sandy said and Andy looked up at her.
Dal took a long breath as Andy slowly opened the box "Will you just get it over with?!" he said angrily, getting up and took the box from Andy, opening it up and had those pop out fake snakes flew out attacking Dally. Everyone laughed and Sandy stood up "You ruined the joke Dal!" she yelled angrily andJackie looked over at her "You could have gaven Andy a heart attack!! You know she doesn't like being scared!"she said glaring at her
"What?" she said "You laugh at that stupid Diary joke but you don't laugh at that?" she said, pointing over at Dal who was glaring at her with that cold mean stare he has
"No!" Jackie said "Because Two-Bit actually does joke around and didn't scare anyone! and you just wanted to be cruel!"
Everyone was starring at them now and Dal grabed Jackie's shoulders pulling her back from Sandy.
"Chill," he said
Jackie spun around on her heel; "Oh, your one to talk Dallas!" she said and he looked at her "your the one who took the box from Andy in the first place because she was "too slow" God!" she said and he looked at her
"Jackie, calm down," Andy said and Jackie sighed looking over at Jackie
"This is a birthday party," Evie said
Jackie didn't say anything, just looked at everyone and glared at Sandy, storming out of the broken down house. Dally Looked at Sandy "Really?! Do you have to ruin everything?" he said running out, to find Jackie.
"Dally!" Phaylon said running after him
"Sandy!" Sodapop said "What was that about?"
"It was a joke!" she said deffending herself
"You know it was just a mean cruel joke," Ponyboy said looking at Andy who was looking down at the ground pretending she wasn't there. Johnny walked over to her
"Wanna help me find Jax?" he asked and Andy looked up suprised
"Uh-- um... sure," she said, smiling a bit
"Lets go find Jax," Sodapop said and got up, but Sandy grabbed his shoulders and hugged him from behind, not letting him leave "Your not mad at me are you?" she asked.


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