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Created by snowdragon555 on Saturday, July 03, 2010

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Result 7 : Garret

You looked up at Alex with a skeptical expression, to which she simply grinned, as you reached your hand into the bag to grab at something. You lifted up a sticky note with a simple smiley face on and showed it to the group of teenagers.

One of your good friends, Garret, grinned and stood up to sling his arm around your shoulders as he said, “Look’s like I’m your match, _____.”

You grinned back at him and agreed, “I guess so.”

He was cute, you would admit, be he was like a brother. Nothing more.

Garret led opened the closet door and extended his arm mockingly, bowing his head slightly as you walked past him. You giggled as Alex shut the door and leaned against the wall to make yourself comfortable.

“Hey, ____.” Garret said, his eyes shining in the darkness. “Wanna hang out after this?”

“Sure.” You said, smiling.

Garret suddenly caught your eyes and blushed, looking down at his hands as he pulled them out of his jeans pockets. He stuttered for a moment, continually looking up at your face before his gaze darted downwards again, “I-I- uh… I mean – You-“

You raised an eyebrow at his peculiar behavior. You’d never ever seen him act shy in your entire six years of knowing him. “Um… Garret, are you okay?”

“Fine.” He muttered, his cheeks still on fire as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

You gave him a strange look and pursed your lips as you continued to stare at him, Weirdo.

“Are you sure? Your face is really red…”

Garret gave you an annoyed look and crossed his arms over his chest, “Really, _____? Are you really that dense?”

You blinked, slumping your shoulders as he looked at you expectantly, “Um… what?”

His irritated look grew into an angry one as he glared at you before he took a long, deep breath as if he was trying to calm himself down.

“I’m calm,” he repeated this statement over and over, continuing to mutter to himself as you bit your lip.

“Why are you acting so bipolar and mean?” you asked somewhat jokingly, but you still wanted to know what his problem was. You had no idea what he was talking about…

Garret took a step towards you and you cast him a weird look as he paused before taking another step forwards. That was all it really took to reach you since the closet was so small. You began to fidget nervously as you realized exactly how close he was; right up in your face.

He looked into you eyes for a moment before his gaze flickered down to your lips. You could feel his warm breath against your face and your palms began to sweat. What was he doing?

Garett seemed to ignore your question and he asked, “What am I to you?”

“A friend,” you said, and his lips barely grazed yours which caused you to squeak in surprise. “A brother…”

“Wrong answer.” He stated surely, his expression and voice containing determination as his lips touched your again so lightly that you weren’t even sure if he had actually done it. “Are you sure about that?”

Now it was your turn to start stuttering, “I- I –uh… Er… No?”

“____?” he asked after a moment, his mouth hovering over yours again.

“Y-yes?” you squeaked, your eyes wide and glossy as you continued to stare at Garret in wonder. It almost seemed like you were in a sort of dazed trance.

“There’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.” He spoke calmly as he placed his hands on either sides of your head.

“What?” you whispered, yearning for the feeling of his lips on yours. Your mind grew blank as you completely forgot that you had considered him just a brother earlier that day.

“This.” Garret said before slamming his lips down on yours.

This immediately snapped you out of your daze and you gasped in shock, jumping slightly as his tongue slipped past your lips to caress your teeth. He moaned softly as your tongues suddenly intertwined, and you found yourself entangling your fingers through his hair as his hands slipped down to grasp your hips.

Caught up in the moment, you licked his lips as they pressed against yours again and you licked the inside of his cheeks as he massaged your sides gently. You pulled at his hair before grasping his head to deepen the kiss, your tongue brushing up against Garret’s once again.

The tips of his fingers innocently slipped into the front of your jeans only to pull your hips against his before he wrapped his arms around your slim waist again.

Garret kissed your chin and then your cheek before he carefully planted a soft kiss on your neck. He grasped your jaw with his right hand while his left held your shoulder in place as his lips explored your newly exposed skin. He sucked on a particular patch of skin rather hard before licking your flesh; as if to soften it before he began to nibble softly.

You shivered as his teeth grazed a sensitive spot directly above your pulse, and he immediately pressed his lips to it as he sucked roughly, causing you to moan and arch your back. Your hips pressed against his and he groaned against your neck; his lips parting on your warm skin.

He kissed your lips again, his tongue immediately entering your mouth as you slipped your fingers underneath his shirt, caressing his stomach softly. Garret arched his back and moaned against your lips as his left hand grasped your chin carefully.

You pulled away from his lips and he began to protest, but you took in a quick breath of air before pressing your lips against his softly and moving down to kiss his neck. You grinned as his tongue flickered against your ear, making your spine tingle delightfully.

You bit down on his now wet skin, purposely taking your time to place a trail of three hickeys across his neck as he furiously rubbed at your sides. You placed own last, wet kiss underneath his ear as he took a shaky breath

Your fingers still underneath his shirt, you crashed your lips against his again and immediately slipped your tongue into his mouth to explore every space. As you continued to taste him, Garret’s own hands slipped underneath your shirt to caress the skin barely above your naval. Still underneath his shirt, you wrapped your arms around his waist to pull him closely as you now massaged his back.

Garret pressed his tongue against yours and the two of you panted through the kiss, not wanting to pull apart but taking a deep breath every time you accidently did so. You both fought for dominance and he moaned, pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth as his fingers dug into your skin.

Your face grew warm suddenly as his hands inched higher and higher underneath your shirt until his placed both of his hands across your ribs right underneath your chest. You bit down on his lip carefully, never wanting the moment to end.

Unfortunately, you usually didn’t get everything you wanted.

The closet door suddenly burst open and you and Garret immediately jumped away from each other in shock, your eyes widening as you clutched your rapidly beating heart.

Alex, who had opened the door grinned at the door of you and gave you a thumbs up. You simply blushed and turned away, crossing your arms over your chest in embarrassment.

Garret wrapped his left arm around your shoulders and led you out of the closet to watch the rest of the game, occasionally kissing you passionately as the night progressed.

You would never, ever consider Garret as a brother again. <3

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