names for tribe of rushing water

i made these up to

Created by dot599955 on Saturday, July 03, 2010

Echo, that sounds alone

Sun, that falls for the moon

Beetle, that crawls under log

Leaf, that lays on forest floor

Stone, that pierces flesh

Light, that banishes shadow

Shadow, that despises light

Tear, that falls with pain

Tree, that stands alone

Sky, that sits above

Cloud, that follows wind

Wind, that guides dreams

Jewl, that glitters in cave wall

Grass, that holds up others

Water, that crashes against stone

Reflection, that mimics me

Song, that flows like life

Laughter, that repeats happily

Rain, that falls loudly

Tail, that twist impatiently

Snake, that strikes frear into the weak

Eyes of snake, that blazes amber

Feathers of sparrow, that soars on wind

Whisker of brother, that awakens me

Branch, that fell long ago

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